Cutey Bracelet Review And Competition (UK Only)


I love jewellery and always have. The more sparkle the better, and the finer and more delicate, the more I love it.

Since becoming a mother, however, I find myself wearing less and less jewellery, because having a tiny hand yank at a beautiful piece of silver and break it in two is rather heart breaking, quite frankly.

I do, however, love the bracelet I was sent by Cutey.

Cutey Bracelet Review And Competition (UK Only)Not only are these pretty, robust, strong and weighty, but they look like great quality and you wouldn’t be blamed for being surprised at the price –  they’re around £12.99 each, with a couple that are a little more, but still under £15.

The Cutey bracelets are more than just costume jewellery. Each piece has its own emotive description, with what I can only imagine is the designer’s vision and dream for each item.  The one I have, the Momus, is made up of beautiful glass beads, two star charms and a tower charm – you can choose tower or bell with this style – to signify a place of safety.

Some of the  others say things like “This rich and unusual bracelet is full of remembrance, memory and wisdom” or “this bracelet embraces the soil and foliage, the roots and the branches of life on our planet.” These are lovely inscriptions and while probably just marketing blurb, they do make it all sound magical and meaningful, which is lovely.

Quality wise, these are really nice. They’re strong, beautiful, and really strike you as being expensive pieces of jewellery.

There isn’t a massive selection, but they’re still available in a variety of colours and styles and would make lovely gifts for mums or even starter jewellery for young ladies.

Cutey Bracelet Review And Competition (UK Only)I have quite wide wrists, so I found them quite tight, but still wearable. If you have normal or delicate bones, they’ll be fine. It has an unusual clasp that opens easily with one hand, and you can, with a bit of effort, remove the beads and charms and change their order around.

Overall, these are lovely, and I’m really impressed with them!


Cutey have offered Diary of a First Child readers the chance to win a Cutey bracelet. Just pop over to their website and choose your favourite style. Come back here and let me know which one you’d like.

For an additional entry, (which is not compulsory, and is not sponsored by Facebook and which has nothing to do with Facebook or its employees) you can like Cutey, and leave a message on their wall saying I’ve sent you.

This competition finishes at 23:59 on 16 April and the winner will be randomly drawn. Winners will be announced here and on the Diary of a First Child Facebook Page. Please check these to find out who won. 

Cutey Bracelet Review And Competition (UK Only)

Please read the competition rules.

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Cutey Bracelet Review And Competition (UK Only)

90 thoughts on “Cutey Bracelet Review And Competition (UK Only)

  1. Beverley Smith

    Lovely bracelet

  2. rebecca denyer

    I love the Aether bracelet, would be gorgeous on my new grandaughter

  3. anita roberts

    they’re all fab but i really like the eros bracelet

  4. Lisa Armstrong

    I love the Eros bracelet, and it means ‘intimate love’ or ‘love in friendship, so it has a lovely meaning, and would be a wonderful gift to give my best friend for her Birthday x

  5. Carrie Nugent

    Have now liked on Facebook, love their page too! Thanks! x

  6. Jane Townson

    I like the Hemera

  7. Carrie Nugent

    I absolutely LOVE the Oneiroi bracelet! Beautiful! I shall go and say you sent me chick <3 xxx Fab page, thanks so much for the giveaway!! xxx

  8. Diane

    I really like the Momus bracelet

  9. Ann-marie Giles

    They are all lovely but my favourite is the Hemera

  10. paula stephens

    perfect present for my daughter who is expecting her first child.

  11. clare allen

    gaia – these are gorgeous

  12. Jackie Schultze

    Love them all – but I think the Aether is my favourite

  13. Kirsty Fox

    I like Cutey on Facebook and have written on their wall – Kirsty Fox

  14. claire woods

    like Cutey, and leave a message on their wall saying I’ve sent you. – done

  15. claire woods


  16. Lynsey Buchanan

    Lovely Bracelets but my fav is Hemera

  17. Lisa Smith (Ginger Princess)

    The Aether bracelet is my favourite, very cute! Liked Cutey on Facebook and commented on their wall 🙂

  18. michelle dootson

    I love the Aether bracelet

  19. sue willshee

    They’re all lovely but my favourite is the Pontus bracelet.

  20. sarah clegg

    oooh i love the Hemera bracelet 🙂

  21. suzanne.sendell

    My favourite Is Hemera

  22. Rachel Tomlinson

    Im lovin Eros one Please 🙂

  23. Karen

    What beautiful pieces! My favourite I think, is Aether


    Gosh this was so hard, I loved so many. But I would choose the Hemera bracelet.

  25. Beth Norfolk

    I would love love love the Typhon design, it’s beautiful 🙂

  26. Sheila Reeves

    I love the look of PHILOTES, but love the look of all of them

  27. cecelia Allen

    My favourite is the pink Philotes but they are all lovely,. I told Cutey I came from here too.

  28. i love the oizys bracelet would go with anything i wear 🙂

  29. Carly

    I really like the Hypnos design!

  30. iain maciver

    love the aether

  31. m knight

    i like the Philotes style

  32. Lisa Collins

    I love the Eros style, it’s beautiful!

  33. Rachel Blackburn

    It’s a toughie, but i love the eros bracelet 🙂

  34. andrea miles

    I love Philotes

  35. Gemma Turner

    I like the Hypnos Bracelet- it’s gorgeous xxx

  36. kayleigh dudley

    typhon is very pretty

  37. helena haddock

    love the Hemera bracelet

  38. Hilda Hazel Wright

    Thanks for the competition, I like the one called Oizys!

  39. Jennifer Guertin

    Oizys is my favourite! I would LOVE to win this!!

  40. Joanna Coleshill

    My favourite is the Aether – so pretty!

  41. Samantha Wesley

    I’ve liked Cutey on Facebook and said that you sent me to say hi! – SJ Wesley

  42. Samantha Wesley

    I love the Hypnos bracelet, it’s lovely!

  43. Jo Boyd

    So difficult to choose, but I think my favourite has to be Oizys 🙂

  44. Michelle Bosomworth

    I love the Hemera bracelet – it’s fab

  45. valerie mccarthy

    I love the Oneiroi

  46. Deborah Dixon

    I love the Hemera bracelet – it’s so cute

  47. Hannah Smith

    I really like the ‘Momus’ bracelet.


    I like the Oizys bracelet.

  49. nicola white

    i really like the hemera charm braclet it is lovely xx

  50. Melissa B

    I like the Hypnos bracelet; it’s nice that all the bracelets have a little story behind them too.

  51. Zoe G

    I like the Hypnos Bracelet, I need one of these, I don’t get enough sleep

  52. FionaLynne Edwards

    I’ve liked Cutey on FB and written on their wall – I’m Fee Lynne Edwards

  53. victoria

    Love the gaia cutey bracelet, what a great blog by the way, I’m on my second (and last!) child!

    • Thank you! I’m on my second (and probably last) too, but not in a rush to change the blog name 😉

  54. FionaLynne Edwards

    They are all lovely but I think my fave is Typhon – I love the colours, very spring like!

  55. Julie Davies

    They are all gorgeous, but my favourite is Philotes

  56. JoC

    The ‘Gala’ Bracelet is beautiful…a mix of greens and browns – very earthy and perfect to wear to those Summer music festivals in a couple of months! All my friends will be soooo jealous if I won it 🙂

  57. Bernie

    Oizys is so lovely I could wear it every day

  58. Catherine Woodley

    I really like them all but Pontus would be my pick 🙂

  59. kristie

    i love the Oneiroi one! looks lovely (as do all of them)


    I love the GAIA best I think its lovely

  61. Marta P

    The Aether Cutey bracelet xx

  62. Zoe Payne

    I would really love to win the Hemera bracelet loving the cute key

  63. Emma

    I really like the Momus – just my colours!

  64. Angie Allen

    I’m loving the Hemera

  65. Trish

    I like the Oizys bracelet best, I think

  66. jennie jackson

    i love the hemera – all of them are nice and unique

  67. Rhonda

    Pontus is lovely.

  68. Emily Hallett

    I love the Aether Cutey bracelet, but they are all lovely.

  69. Eleanor

    These are lovely, I like the Henera best! 🙂

  70. Tracy Hanley

    Liked Cutey on facebook and left a meassage saying you sent me
    Tracy M Hanley

  71. Tracy Hanley

    Love the Philotes One

  72. Victoria Wilkinson

    I have liked and commented on facebook @OneCheshireMum

  73. Victoria Wilkinson

    I love the Hemera, Brilliant Competition Thank You x

  74. emma cella

    I have liked Cutey on FB and posted on their wall


    liked on fb and said you sent me (Helen E Harris) 😀


    I LOVE them all, Lovely bracelets, if I had to pick one it would be the Hemera Charm Bracelet

  77. Susanne Temlett

    I like the Hemera Charm Bracelet.
    I told Cutey you sent me.

  78. Tracy K Nixon

    I have liked Cutey on FB and posted on their wall!

  79. Just found your site and think it’s magnificent. And love these bracelets! I think my favourite is the Hemera. 🙂
    Katie Vyktoriah (SnuggleBubby)’s last blog post ..Imagination

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