Easter Decorations #BostikBloggers


You may remember how I turned our bean plant from last year’s allotment into a festive twig decoration back in December? Well, when I was thinking of how to bring a bit of Easter and a bit of spring into the house and thought of my twigs nestled away for next Christmas and decided to bring them out again. Easter Decorations #BostikBloggers

Using some of the contents from this month’s Bostik Bloggers box – a pipecleaner, foam eggs and Bostik Glu Dots

Easter Decorations #BostikBloggers

Because of the entertwining of the silver and gold twigs, I was able to wedge the eggs between them, but did also add a glue dot to hold them in place. Easter Decorations #BostikBloggers

Twirl the pipe cleaner around a finger to create a next, and pop some of the eggs inside, then wedge that, with another glue dot onto the twines to create a beautiful decoration which can be popped in a vase on it’s own, or with some spring flowers, and enjoyed for the whole Easter season.
Easter Decorations #BostikBloggers

We were sent a box of goodies as part of the Bostik Bloggers program. 

Easter Decorations #BostikBloggers

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