A Trolls Party On A Budget

Ameli turned five a little while back and wanted a Trolls party. There’s so much you can do with a big budget, but when you only have a tiny budget and a small party, you have to be a little creative!  Here’s a few of my favourite bits from our Trolls Party on a budget. Host a Trolls Party on a budget!

One easy way to make a Trolls party pop is by using lots of colour! The brighter the better!

Trolls Party Food:

Trolls Party

I have a dreadful oven at the moment that simply can’t bake a cake, so I bought a regular chocolate cake, and a cup of pick & mix sweets which I used to decorate the cake. I also topped it with rice paper Trolls characters. There are loads of different buying options, but I’m happy to pay a little more for ready-cut ones, not only because it saves time and effort, but because cutting rice paper can cause some to be torn! (Here’s a US link for them)

Trolls Party

The fruit wands were really just to add colour, and if the party were more seasonally appropriate, I’d have added pineapple and kiwi as well, to add more colours. I love the Pop Chef – it’s fantastic for making quick and easy shapes from many things, including fruit! (US link here)

Trolls Party

I just love meringues. They are so simple and so tasty, and so very adaptable! Here they make fantastic troll heads!

Trolls Party The Burgen Dips were such a surprise. I made two tiny jars of dips and a platter of vegetables, expecting that to be what was left on the table, but I’d risk saying that the “mashed burgens” were the hit of the food table! The two pepper dip  and black olive tapenade were definitely the winners!

Trolls Party Decoration Ideas: 
Trolls Party Decor Ideas

For party decorations, I used printed fireworks glued onto decorative paper straws, and foldable Trolls characters. I used balloons that weren’t fully inflated hung on a designated ‘troll tree’. (Partially inflated they look more like the trolls houses than fully inflated!)

I also made scrapbook designs (hearts and flowers like in the movie) for the table decorations – you can just about see them in the middle image above. Annoyingly I didn’t take direct photos of them.

Trolls Games & Goodie Bags:
Trolls Party


Our first party game was a treasure hunt. Before the party I hung Princess Poppy Necklaces we’d made all around the forest. There’s a tutorial for making your own Princess Poppy Necklaces here.

Aviya’s favourite part of a party is a game of pass the parcel, and rather than sweets in the parcel, I put erasers – themed, of course! Trolls erasers come in packs of 11 or 12 (16 in the US).

I also drew and cut out trolls hair, threaded with ribbon, for each child, but of course the mum’s had to have a photo too!

Though it was still winter and there was a splattering of rain, we had the party in the forest, which seemed like a Troll-like thing to do. This pretty much offered the children all the entertainment they needed, so the two party games were enough.

For each goodie bag, I used an A4 sheet of felt, folded in half, then cut half way on each side. Place the goodies in the middle and bring up the edges and tie them as a hair ribbon in the middle.

For the goodies, we added touchable bubbles, bendy pencils, erasers, and lollipop stick bracelets.

Trolls Party

So what did our 5 year old think of this party? Well, I’d say you just have to look at her face for an answer to that:

Trolls Birthday Girl

How To Make A Princess Poppy Necklace

When it comes to ideas, I think I do okay, but when it comes to the actual creativity, I have to look to others and build on or adapt their ideas!  I don’t know who the originator of this Trolls bunting is as I can’t find it on the Dreamworks site, yet it’s labelled as Dreamworks, so we’ll go with that till I learn otherwise. I didn’t want it as bunting though, but as necklaces, dotted around the forest for the children to find it during a treasure hunt, so we created our own Princess Poppy Necklaces.Read more: How To Make A Princess Poppy Necklace

Party Ideas For The Fantastic New Beauty And The Beast Movie

I, along with much of the rest of the world, went to see the new Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson on the weekend and I absolutely loved it. I found myself smiling through most of the movie – right up to the mass of villagers and their pitchforks descended on the castle, anyway.

YouTube Direkt

While I think Luke Evans plays dangerous vapid vanity with frighting acuity, Emma Watson absolutely stole the show, as I’m sure she was supposed to, being the lead actress and all. I could honestly not imagine a better actor for the role of Belle, a headstrong, before her time, literate girl from a French village (with an exquisite peasant wardrobe! I’d dress like that all the time, if I could!)

If an actress brings something of herself into a role, Emma Watson is the perfect person for this. Alone up there (if I recall) among the Disney films that look at love as more than a physical attraction based on a your place in society – a beautiful maiden in one or another form of distress, and a prince – and it’s one of the few that place the female lead in the heroine role, so there are many reasons to love this story, original or new.

Something I thoroughly appreciated in the new film, however, was how reminiscent, but better, it was of the original, with similar dream like sequences and choreographies. It harked back to the original so much, yet was so enhanced and just beautiful. Everything about it was beautiful. I walked out of the cinema thoroughly inspired.

I did also walk out thinking that this new adaptation of Beauty and the Beast was going to spark many a Beauty and the Beast birthday party with the crowd that may have outgrown the cartoon version some years before. I know if I was planning a party around now, I’d probably be planning Beauty and the Beast!

So here are some of the best party ideas I’ve found, but I expect there’ll be many new, fresh ideas coming out as the new Beauty and the Beast fanbase grows!

Top 10 Food Ideas

There are some incredible Beauty and the Beast Party Food ideas around, but I don’t know many mamas who have the time, skill or resource to go to the lengths some of the Pinterest mamas do, so here are some of my favourite, I-could-probably-do-that, Beauty and the Beast party food ideas.

Top Party Game & Decor Ideas

Narnia Party Decoration Ideas

Last year, before her birthday, Ameli and her dad finished reading the Narnia books, so when she asked for a Narnia party we were all very excited. We did, in the end, decide to limit it to a Lion, Witch and Wardrobe party, which she loved.

I had so many plans and ideas for this party. Everything from a horse drawn cart to take the guests from the ‘train station’ (the car park) 20 metres up the path to the manor house (the hall) and an indoor forest made of Christmas trees and a snow machine, but unfortunately in the real world, budgets prevent a lot of dreams. Story of my life.

None the less, I’m really happy with what we did manage to achieve.

Outside the hall, while we were waiting for everyone to arrive we had a thin vegetable soup, boiled potatoes, and butterless toast – war time provisions! We also had games suited to the era: pick up sticks, yo-yos, marbles. It was interesting having to teach most of the children how to play these!

Narnia Party Decorations Wartime

I didn’t have means to bring a backless wardrobe to the hall, so hung a sheet over the door, which the children revealed with great ceremony. I bought a couple of fur coats to hang in the ‘cupboard’ which was great for a walk-through experience.

Narnia Party Curtain Decorations Between WorldsRead more: Narnia Party Decoration Ideas

Beauty And The Beast Rose Table Decorations & Thank You Gifts

My head may still be spinning about the fact that my little girl turned five this weekend. I can still remember her as a newborn in my arms, the feeling of looking in her eyes the first time. Ah, the memories.

Despite my violent protestations that my girls would never be into princesses, it seems the princesses found them, even though we don’t own a single princess movie! So when Ameli asked me months ago if we could have a princess party, I had to put my personal feelings on the matter aside and decide to just let her be five. 

Our party this year was small – the smallest we’ve ever had – both because I decided she was old enough to select her own guests.

Beauty and the Beast Party Decor

One of the first things we did was to make these ‘Beauty and the beast floating rose’ table decorations – slash – thank you gifts. I must say, I am so pleased with how they turned out!

You will need:

Cut a strip of double sided tape, and stick it inside the lid of the bottle. Make sure to leave enough room to peel off the other side then fold the end of the rose – the stem – so that you have enough surface contact with the tape.

Pour a small amount – a teaspoon or so – of the gold glitter into the bottle. You want to use the fine glitter, so that it sticks to the inside of the bottle and is light and magical. Large glitter obstructs more of the rose than fine glitter does.

Gently put the rose through the opening, and close the lid. Shake the bottle around gently to spread the glitter around.

If you’re putting thank you tags on, attach them to the lid and you’re done.

I think these are gorgeous, and are a magical touch to your party decor for very little effort indeed!