LOL Surprise Dolls Review

To my eternal chagrin, my little Aviya is a collector. She loves collecting things – it used to be rocks, then it became Shopkins, then NumNoms, and now, LOL Surprise Dolls. It’s a good thing we have a big house with plenty of room for little things.

The other thing about this particular little girl is that she loves pass the parcel. It’s her favourite party game – she loves it so much, for Christmas I wrapped 50 little collectables in a big ball for her Christmas present. She loved it.

So, LOL Surprise Dolls are totally her cup of tea!

LOL Surprise is a big ball, wrapped in seven layers, with each layer revealing a ‘surprise’. 
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Schleich Horse Club Pick Up With Horse Box {Review}

Schleich have come a long way since I was a child with a drawer full of blue smurfs! We have a decent selection of farm animals from Schleich and a lot of plastic horses from Playmobil, so I was really excited to be sent the new Horse Club Pick Up With Horse Box to review because I knew my horse loving 7 year old would be thrilled with it.Schleich Horse Club Pick Up with Horse Box

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Top Reviews For 2011

Diary of a First Child grew so much in 2011 and the support we received from brands and companies was pretty amazing. While we try to keep things as natural and environmentally friendly as possible, we also live in the ‘real world’ and I’ll admit, sometimes I too reach for the convenient, the beautiful, the luxurious and so on.

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Things To Do In Pretoria, South Africa

While this post might be irrelevant to most of my readers, I’m sure you’ll agree that experience counts for a lot and by now you know how I love to share what I’ve learned!  So… should you ever find yourself in Pretoria or Johannesburg, or the rest of South Africa, for that matter, I hope you’ll find this post useful.  If you’re simply stopping by from searching for more information on one of the places below, Welcome! Have a look around, enjoy your visit, and you’re welcome back any time!
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Hello Baby Online Shop For All Things Baby – Review and Giveaway

Regular readers will know by now that my little girl will be one in less than a month and that I have been searching high and low for items to enhance her zoo themed party. So when Trevor from Hello Baby emailed me with an offer to review and keep one a toy from his online shop, I jumped at the chance.
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Ju Ju Be – The Dad Friendly Nappy Bag

My nappy bag has replaced my handbag, these last ten months. I have gone from a big bag that could fit everything but the baby bath inside, to a Reebok yoga bag for convenience, until I tore it, and now I have myself a new nappy bag: the Ju Ju Be All Navy Berry, and for once, even my husband doesn’t mind carrying it.

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Jackson Reece – Kinder by Nature Baby Wipes

If my post on Calpol, my ritual ranting about Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or my reasons for choosing cloth nappies hadn’t made it clear enough yet, I’ll spell it out for you: I don’t like a lot of the products that come with a smiling little baby on the packaging.

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Celebrating the Launch of Sousette

Love them or hate them, baby showers are on the rise in the UK. Although they’ve been a tradition in countries such as the US, South Africa and Australia for many years, here they tend to have an aura of superstition surrounding them. Many people still don’t believe they should deliberately do anything to actively prepare for their baby’s imminent arrival, just in case. However, maybe because of the influx of foreigners all over Britain, more and more people are having baby showers these days.

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