Lost Down Under

It may seem like we’ve fallen off the face of the earth, but actually, we’ve been spending a bit of time at the bottom of it. The last five or so months have been a roller coaster for our family as we decided we wanted to do some slow travelling around Europe so that we could keep working, but move our walls and explore some of our world.  A week after giving up our house, however, my husband was told that his job would be ending and then his contract was ended a month early too, so all our plans came to a disappointing and grinding halt. More so because we were set to visit Australia for my brother’s wedding, but with the loss of income we could no longer do it.

Fortunately my little brother has a big heart and he bought four tickets for our family to cross the oceans.  Aren’t I a lucky big sister ?

So, for the last 6 weeks we’ve been bumming around Perth, trying to spend as little as possible – no small feat in December, with Christmas and feeling a little bit holiday-ish.

Like many people around Christmas time, we’ve  spent a lot of time running around:

Perth beach

And a lot of time just trying to keep our heads above water:

Perth Head Above

We’ve been hiding in the shadows:

perth wedding

Watching movies late into the evening:

Perth Movies

Yep, this has been a rather more austere Christmas than we had imagined:

Perth Christmas

And we’re really looking forward to returning to the UK and leaving scenes like this behind us*

Perth beach

P.S. In case you weren’t sure, I’m trying reverse psychology on myself, psyching myself up to leaving Perth!

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Mamatography 2013: Week 6 – Life Goes On

We’re still in this infernal limbo. At least we have a date now for Dddy to come and visit… we can’t wait! Now we’re just counting down the days, spending as much time wint my mum as we can between everything and getting on with life.

Day 30/365 – Different Strokes

Every so often, while I’m getting one of the girls to sleep, my dad or brother will try get the other one to sleep – and that’s always quite a nice treat for me. Sometimes techniques  differ, of course 😉

Day 31/365 – Visas

Urgh. Visas. Passports. Paperwork. Medicals. Money. That’s overshadowed everything for us these last few months. Of course there’s other stuff too, but we could certainly do with outall that.

Day 33/365 – My First Painting

We’ve just gone 10.5 months and it’s the first time I’ve put a paintrush in Aviya’s hand. As you can see it’s gone well. Ha. Never mind. She’ll get it.

At least Ameli has progressed on the craft front. We did these crafty Valentines cards together. 

Day 34/365 – No One Tells A Story

No one tells a story like an Oupa – grandfather in Afrikaans. Things got very quiet for a while. I went in search of Ameli and found her and my dad out on the verandah with him telling her stories. It was really sweet.

Every now and then my brother will take the girls out for a couple of hours. It’s nice. And I get really excited when I see him asking for a sling or something else that makes it look at least a little like he’s open to some of the Attachment Parenting principles.

Day 36/365 – Valentine’s Trial Run

My Basil Chocolate cake for the Festival of Food this month. It’s so yum. Don’t miss out.

Day 37/365 – Play Date

We made some new friends online a few months. Marika happens to be related to my Doula in the UK. But we figured it out thanks to Facebook! We met for a cup of coffee and left about 6 hours later! It’s awesome when you find a friend you have such an instant connection with!

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Mamatography 2013, Week 2: Hot And Beautiful

It’s heating up here in this desert-like summer on the underside of the earth. Our movements are largely curtailed by the heat, and by swimming, and by laying low. We’re making friends, which is nice. And sad because I know it’s not for ever, but loving every moment of the good stuff for now.

Day 3&4 – (nothing to see here folks, keep moving on)

We’ll call these two days ‘post-holiday-doing-nothing’.

Day 5/365 – Watermelon Baby

Nothing like eating sticky red watermelon to make for perfect photo opportunities. The days are hot here in Perth, but there’s this window between about 17:00 and 19:00 where the very earth breathes a sigh of relief and the air becomes breathable again. Those are beautiful hours to be outdoors. Even the flies and mosquitoes respect the sundown hours.

Day 6/365 –  Here’s Looking At You Kid

My dad adores his grandaughters. Ameli’s been a bit offish with him of late, but Aviya lights up when he enters the room. Here she is, fascinated by her upside down Oupa.

Day 7/365 –  Subiaco Tourists

We took my mom for her Vitamin C treatment this morning, so my gran and the girls and I went to finish off our tourist walking tour of Subiaco, a fourteen-‘landmark’ tour of Subiaco designed with children in mind. We’ve done it over three stints, and this was the final day. Though not strictly part of the tour, we stopped at San Churro chocolateria for a hot chocolate and snack to celebrate the end of it. Now we just have to return to the library at some point and collect our certificates. It was fun though. I love the picture of Ameli learning about the area, and the bottom one of her and Granny Gloria hugging a huge tree. And of course, she had a celebratory choccochino herself.

Day 8/365 – Hot, hot, hot

It was so hot today that we couldn’t stay in the house. It was just too much since the aircon doesn’t work. We went to a local playcentre which has an aircon and huge fans and at 2pm they shut because the aircon couldn’t cope with the heat! Madness. Sheer madness. And a cute picture of my Squidgeling, able to sit up on a ridealong toy. She’s growing way too fast.

Day 9/365 – Mama Blessing

My beautiful friend Kitty. I haven’t known her very long, but her and her family have become so special to me. I was honoured to be able to host Kitty’s Mama Blessing (Blessingway), as her new tribe – she’s just moved to Perth herself – welcomed her baby, blessed her birth experience, and honoured her new journey into motherhood, times 2.

I’m always so blessed and touched by the way ‘natural parenting’ mama’s – or at least the ones I’ve met – respect each other, love each other and model acceptance and care to our children, even if we don’t have the same approaches on everything. I love my tribe.

Mamatography Week 52: The End Of The Year

Continuing on our travels, and having Christmas at home. It’s been a busy December.

355/366 – Little Girls Who Lunch

We’ve been seeing more of the area lately and one of the perks is lunch on the road. If you’ve ever met me, you’ll know my favourite pass time is Hazelnut Late’s while people watching. I could do it all day. This apple, my dears, hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

357/366 – Goodnight, Sweet Heart

Ameli is growing up so fast. Recently she’s been making comments about wanting her own room, her own bed and so on. We were in a hotel in Augusta and she spotted this area in the cupboard and decided it was her bed. Sweet child.

358/366 – Day At Margaret River

If I could pack my bags and move to Margaret River tomorrow morning, I would. I need my hubby and my girls, and a job wouldn’t hurt, and I could live in Margaret River, teach baby massage, drink coffee at Yahava, eat gorgeous food, and spend my Saturdays sampling  the local wineries, chocolate factories, cheese factories and everything in between. I love Margaret River. Maybe one day it can be my home. 

359/366 – ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas…

… and we finally put up a little tree and made our gingerbread house.

360/366 – Aviya’s First Christmas

I have loads of photos from Christmas, but they’re on my mom’s memory card. In the meantime, here’s Aviya in her Christmas dress. The girls get a new dress each on Christmas Eve, which they then wear on Christmas day and New Year’s day. That’s one of our traditions.

Aviya’s two top teach also popped out to greet her on Christmas day.

361/366 – Hospital Baby

Over the last couple of days Aviya has been terribly moany. She’s cried a lot and just been generally unhappy. It’s been worse whenever we’ve picked her up, so I took her to A&E to have her checked out because it just wasn’t getting better.  I thought it was the teething, but it turned out she had a broken scapula. Poor baby. I felt so bad for not knowing sooner. Fortunately babies heal quickly and she was already on the mend.

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Mamatography Week 51: Making Memories

We’ve been in a weird sort of limbo of late. My mother is having regular Vitamin C intravenous treatment and while it may not be doing anything for the cancer itself, as far as we know, she has more energy than most of us, and you wouldn’t know she was sick if you didn’t know. We’ve taken advantage of that, and done a bit of travelling. My mom’s wanted to show us around Western Australia for a long time, and now she’s getting the chance.

348/366 – A Beachy Day

We’ve been resting for much of this week. Today we spent between the pool and the beach. Ameli is getting better at taking photos, and my girls are enjoying the beach. I love Aviya’s toes pointing as she squeals in glee.

349/366 – A Snow Globe Down Under

There was a city centre festival for Christmas. The girls and I went to enjoy the evening out and I just loved the idea behind this snow globe. So did the rest of Perth and we queued for over an hour for our 90 seconds inside!

350/366 – Faulkner Volcano Park

What a fab park is Faulkner Volcano Park?! Top left is a ‘Volcano’ that ‘steams’ every few minutes (water spray, I think!). Top right is Ameli with our new friend Sammy playing on toadstools at the foot of the volcano, and bottom right she’s ‘digging’ with one of the diggers for playing with. Aviya’s been awake a lot more in the last few months, though you would’t know it from how well she slept in the park!

351/366 – Family Photo Shoot

We had a family shoot together, the first in many years. Here’s my mother and father waiting for the photographer to get his camera ready for the next shot.

352/366 – Dalwallinu

On the road again, we headed up north, into the outback. Our first stop was a town called Dalwallinu. You know those one horse towns in the middle of nowhere? Well, this was one, about a hundred years ago. Till the horse died. The people were friendly though, and we pushed the bed together for the girls, my sister and I to have the biggest family bed ever.

354/366 – Desert and Sea

This is the outback, folks. It’s gorgeous. Dry. Hot. A lot of flies, but beautiful.

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