I write for other websites from time to time – some regularly, others not so much. Here is list of articles written and who for.  You can read more by clicking on the links.
To request a guest post or article swap, please email me at diaryofafirstchild (at) gmail.com

Articles on Money Saving

How to save money quickly – Baby Budgeting
How Natural Parenting Can Save You Money – And then all i thought about was you

Articles on Cloth Nappies /Diapers

Why Reusables? A Mother Makes The Choice – Among the Mess

Articles on Parenting

Parenting Naturally, But Why? – Me, The Man, and The Baby

Articles on Travel with Children

Tips for Traveling with a Baby – HoboMama

Articles on my family and me

The Fairy Tale Spanning Two Continents – Dutch Being Me (The story of US. How me met, and so on.)
Things to appreciate about being single – Sweet Indiscreet

Articles on Stories in the News

The Internet: Killing or Saving Families? – PlayPennies
Iron And Folic Acid In Pregnancy Make Smarter Babies – PlayPennies
Should Happy Meal Toys Be Banned From McDonalds?
– PlayPennies
Global One-Child Policy To Save The Planet
– PlayPennies
Can One Facebook Avatar Change The World?
– PlayPennies
UK Dads Ripped Off On Paternity Leave
– PlayPennies
BPA Now Banned By The EU
– PlayPennies
Will TSA Rules For USA Travel Affect Your Plans?
– PlayPennies
Court Case Continues For Man Accused Of Torturing Baby – PlayPennies
Early Learning Centre: Making A Pig’s Ear Of Political Correctness – PlayPennies
Painkillers In Pregnancy Can Lead To Reproductive Disorders – PlayPennies
Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Electric Breast Pump Review – PlayPennies
Prison For Negligent Parents Or Parenting Classes For Children? – PlayPennies
Remember Remember… To Protect Your Kids’ Ears This 5th of November – PlayPennies
English Schools Failing In 3Rs Education – PlayPennies

Reviews on other sites

Medela Calma Review – PlayPennies
Little Bird Told Me Review – PlayPennies
Ju Ju Be Nappy Bag Review
– PlayPennies
Build A Bear Toys Review– PlayPennies
Build A Border Room Decor Review- PlayPennies
Stylish and Eco Friendly Shopping Bags – The Green Familia
Green Philanthropy for Families – The Green Familia
Maclaren Grand Tour LX Pushchair Review – PlayPennies
LittleLife Toddler Day Pack Review – PlayPennies
Kodak Playsport Pocket Camera Review
– PlayPennies
Becopotty Eco Potty Review
– PlayPennies
ZPM Trolley-Dolly Review – PlayPennies
Tots Bots Nappy Review
– PlayPennies
Brio Toys Review– PlayPennies
Forever Natural Eco Products Reviews – PlayPennies
Tommee Tippee Explora Roll ‘n’ Go Bib Review – PlayPennies
Hippychick Hipseat Review – PlayPennies
Green People Nappy Cream Baby Balm Review – PlayPennies

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