Tips For Choosing The Best Children’s Products

Whether shopping for new clothing, supplies for the nursery or safety products for the car as a new parent you want to know you are buying the very best products for your children. With this being said, manufacturers/companies are going to try to sell you on anything and tell you it is the ‘best product on the market’ even though this might not be the case. Before you buy consider a few of these tips to ensure you do buy the very best product for your kids.

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4 Tips For Preparing For A New Baby

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and challenging experiences in a woman’s life. And it can also be one of the busiest as well. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that certain important things are bound to fall through the cracks from time to time. Indeed, it’s just about impossible to prepare for everything you’ll need to know both during and after pregnancy. Fortunately, you can at least take steps to cover some typically overlooked ground. So if you’re expecting, make sure to consider these four oft-overlooked matters –– your future self will thank you!Read more: 4 Tips For Preparing For A New Baby

My Story Suffragette {Book Review}

I’m a strong believe that the things we fill our minds with, inform who we become. So if you fill your mind with rubbish, rubbish is what your mind is full of. If you fill it with good stuff, good stuff is what it is full of. This belief steers my parenting decisions a lot of the time, so that I really try to provide positive and uplifting resources along with the stories and make-believe and games in my girls’ lives. It’s because of this that I was quite excited to find a children’s story for the Suffragettes, especially with this year being the 100th anniversary of (some) women’s right to vote. When 8 year old Ameli started reading My Story Suffragette I was really thrilled that she read it because she wanted to, rather than because it was something I’d ‘set’ for her to read.

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Moj Moj Collectables Review

The latest in the world of collectables are Moj Moj from MGA – the same people who brought us NumNoms and LOL Surprise. Moj Moj are cute, squishy, animal themed little toys that come in blind bags perfect for fans of unboxing. The first series of Moj Moj is named 😀 – that’s right… a smiley emoji. They’ve broken away from numbered series and will be using different emojis instead. Moj Moj Collectables

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Spruce Up Your Spring Picnic {With Bostik Bloggers}

I don’t want to say it too loudly, in case I frighten it away, but this week, for a moment, I was pretty sure spring was finally here! We’ve been making flower crafts for our Bostik Bloggers box this month and wanted to show them off in the sunshine with a spring picnic. In true British style, it was still really cold, and windy, but we had a good go at it anyway!

Spring Picnic

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Lol Surprise – Pearl Surprise Review

It’s always happy post for us when the post includes collectible toys, and especially when the package contains a LOL Surprise , and doubly so when there’s two LOL Surprises!  This time round I didn’t tell the kids what was in the package, so they didn’t know a thing, which was extra fun!

They were very excited to open the postage bag and find the biggest LOL Surprise e.v.e.r! (Watch the video below. The excitement is real, folks!) Read more: Lol Surprise – Pearl Surprise Review

Where’s The Easter Bunny? {Book Review}

If you’re looking for something that’s a little Easter themed, but not exclusive to the season of chocolate Eggs, there’s a fab new book out that fans of Where’s Waldo style books will just love. Where’s The Easter Bunny? – Around the World by  Louis Shea is a superb ‘around the world’ themed book with over 500 things to spot.Where's the Easter Bunny

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4 Common Concerns For First-Time Mothers

It’s natural to feel a good deal of nerves during your first pregnancy. After all, there’s no definitive guide to motherhood –– and without experiencing it for yourself there’s only so much you can do to prepare yourself for raising a child. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to better position yourself in the meantime. Indeed, identifying problems you can address before your baby is born can save you quite a few headaches down the line. 

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Gazillion’s Bubble Pong Game Review

A few weeks ago we were sent a fun new game, perfect for spring, to review – unfortunately spring hasn’t bothered to show thus far, so instead of popping the kids out in field of wildflowers with a bubble game to enjoy, we had to put a sheet down in the kitchen and get them to play Gazillion’s Bubble Pong Game there! It was fun, anyway, but I might have been smarter about this and left the sheet out – the kitchen floor would have had a deep clean out of it!

Gazillion bubble pong

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Using Online Resources to Get Creative With Kids

Giving a child some paper and something to draw with has been a parenting standby for hundreds of years, whether it’s to keep them busy when you’re visiting relatives, to while away a rainy day, or to occupy them when they’re stuck in bed unwell. Over time this activity has evolved into a retail industry that offers assorted products designed to achieve the same effect – colouring books, magic painting, dot to dot, sticker books, all variations on a theme. Now that so much entertainment is provided via the Internet and electronic devices, is there still a place for the humble paper and pencil?Using Online Resources to Get Creative With KidsRead more: Using Online Resources to Get Creative With Kids