Tips For Choosing The Best Children’s Products

Whether shopping for new clothing, supplies for the nursery or safety products for the car as a new parent you want to know you are buying the very best products for your children. With this being said, manufacturers/companies are going to try to sell you on anything and tell you it is the ‘best product on the market’ even though this might not be the case. Before you buy consider a few of these tips to ensure you do buy the very best product for your kids.

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4 Tips For Preparing For A New Baby

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and challenging experiences in a woman’s life. And it can also be one of the busiest as well. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that certain important things are bound to fall through the cracks from time to time. Indeed, it’s just about impossible to prepare for everything you’ll need to know both during and after pregnancy. Fortunately, you can at least take steps to cover some typically overlooked ground. So if you’re expecting, make sure to consider these four oft-overlooked matters –– your future self will thank you!Read more: 4 Tips For Preparing For A New Baby

Fun Activities to Keep the Kids Entertained

We’re having our first decently warm day in absolutely months, and I’ve already enjoyed a walk on the cliffs and a cycle today. Bring on the warm days of summer! If we’re lucky, it won’t be a terribly rainy one, and we won’t have to resort to “hey kids! let’s do some [more] arts and crafts!” On the likely chance, however that rainy days do abound, here are some fun, creative ideas to keep the children entertained indoors and away from their screens and devices. 

Printing and Stencils

A great idea for creative endeavours is to use printing stamps and stencils to create something amazing. One idea is to create a DIY family tree with all of your family members on it. All you need to do is draw the tree using pens or a stencil and then ask all your family members to stamp their finger on the branches in different shades of green. It will then look like leaves, and you can put the name of the relative by their fingerprint. If you are especially clever, you can have each branch for a different family. You can even create a variety of stamps using a potato to make cute artwork together.  


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4 Common Concerns For First-Time Mothers

It’s natural to feel a good deal of nerves during your first pregnancy. After all, there’s no definitive guide to motherhood –– and without experiencing it for yourself there’s only so much you can do to prepare yourself for raising a child. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to better position yourself in the meantime. Indeed, identifying problems you can address before your baby is born can save you quite a few headaches down the line. 

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Using Online Resources to Get Creative With Kids

Giving a child some paper and something to draw with has been a parenting standby for hundreds of years, whether it’s to keep them busy when you’re visiting relatives, to while away a rainy day, or to occupy them when they’re stuck in bed unwell. Over time this activity has evolved into a retail industry that offers assorted products designed to achieve the same effect – colouring books, magic painting, dot to dot, sticker books, all variations on a theme. Now that so much entertainment is provided via the Internet and electronic devices, is there still a place for the humble paper and pencil?Using Online Resources to Get Creative With KidsRead more: Using Online Resources to Get Creative With Kids

Fairtrade Educational Resources And Free Lapbook Printable

We are halfway through Fairtrade Fortnight in the UK – with World Fairtrade Day being in May – and the kids and I have been talking about Fairtrade and what it’s purpose and value is.  There’s a wealth of information around Fairtrade online, so I’ve worked through it and pulled out the bits that my children would respond well to.

I also wanted to do a little lapbook for a Fairtrade study unit because Ameli responded so well to our Mexico lapbook, but I couldn’t find anything suitable ready made – so I made one. It took me all weekend, and it’s not very big or complicated! But I’m happy with it.

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Getting the Garden Play Ready for Spring

It may not seem like it now, but we are in the last dregs of winter and spring is just around the corner. Soon we will not have to worry about scraping ice off the car in the morning, and neither will we have to wear layer on layer of clothing to avoid shivering all day long.

As the weather begins to improve, children will be eager to get outside and play – and rightfully so. While we may live in an age where games consoles, smartphones and tablets are king, nothing compares to getting outside.

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5 Tips For Surviving Toothbrush Time

I read recently that tooth decay in children is at an all time high in the UK, with sugary drinks being among the biggest culprits – so much so that the NHS is looking to ban fizzy drinks and juices with added sugar in hospitals from some point this year, and the government is will be introducing a sugar tax from April.

We all know that sugar isn’t healthy, and can actually lead to real health complications.  One of the issues that’s causing real problems is tooth decay and tooth extraction as a result of tooth decay is the most common cause for hospitalisation of children under five.toothbrush survival

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DIY Childproof Christmas Ornaments #Bostikbloggers

I can’t really believe we’re already at the ‘Christmas crafts’ stage of the year’s Bostik Bloggers, but here we are! We don’t even have a Christmas tree yet, but we have been making ornaments using the goodies from our Bostik Bloggers craft box.

I seem to have amassed a collection of polystyrene balls and stars over the last year, and thought they might make a nice Christmas tree ornament – specially since they’re shatter proof and won’t add much weight to the Christmas ornament box.
DIY Childproof Christmas Ornaments

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12 Healthy Pregnancy Snacks Worth Trying

By the time you reach week 12, your little one is growing faster than ever – and you’re probably starting to feel a bit hungrier. While you definitely deserve some goodies, it’s important to treat yourself and your baby to the best possible nutrition. With this in mind, here are a dozen ideas for healthy, easy pregnancy snacks.

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