5 Tips For Surviving Toothbrush Time

I read recently that tooth decay in children is at an all time high in the UK, with sugary drinks being among the biggest culprits – so much so that the NHS is looking to ban fizzy drinks and juices with added sugar in hospitals from some point this year, and the government is will be introducing a sugar tax from April.

We all know that sugar isn’t healthy, and can actually lead to real health complications.  One of the issues that’s causing real problems is tooth decay and tooth extraction as a result of tooth decay is the most common cause for hospitalisation of children under five.toothbrush survival

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DIY Childproof Christmas Ornaments #Bostikbloggers

I can’t really believe we’re already at the ‘Christmas crafts’ stage of the year’s Bostik Bloggers, but here we are! We don’t even have a Christmas tree yet, but we have been making ornaments using the goodies from our Bostik Bloggers craft box.

I seem to have amassed a collection of polystyrene balls and stars over the last year, and thought they might make a nice Christmas tree ornament – specially since they’re shatter proof and won’t add much weight to the Christmas ornament box.
DIY Childproof Christmas Ornaments

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12 Healthy Pregnancy Snacks Worth Trying

By the time you reach week 12, your little one is growing faster than ever – and you’re probably starting to feel a bit hungrier. While you definitely deserve some goodies, it’s important to treat yourself and your baby to the best possible nutrition. With this in mind, here are a dozen ideas for healthy, easy pregnancy snacks.

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WIN! A Box Of 9Nine Super Seeds Snacks

The end of summer, like many others in this parenting journey, is one of those where I constantly find myself reaching for sugary, sweet, quick energy foods that normally involve being covered in chocolate and pretty much both terrible for me, and not really providing long term solutions, any nutrition, or really helping with the energy problems.

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Three Reasons Nursing Is A Perfect Career Choice For Moms

Modern life doesn’t always allow for moms to stay home with our children. Whether you are hoping to pursue a career in nursing due to financial reasons or you simply want to focus on your own career achievements as well, there are several great reasons why this field is the perfect choice for moms. Not only do moms make great nurses since they have a lot of the necessary qualities such as communication skills, time management skills, the ability to plan ahead, forward-think and be prepared for the unexpected whilst also being empathetic; there are also many benefits of working as a nurse when you’re also a mom. Here are some of the top reasons why nursing is the perfect choice of career for a busy mom.Nursing Moms

Reason #1. Flexible Hours

As a mom, it can often be difficult to find a job that allows you to fit your working hours around your family life. When you have to do the school run in the morning and be there to pick your little ones up when they return home from class, a regular 9-5 office job can be out of the question, unless you are lucky enough to have a friend or relative who’s able to help you out, or you can afford to hire a child minder. As a nurse, however, you’ll be able to be more flexible with your shifts since nurses are required twenty-four hours a day – it’s certainly not your regular office job!

Reason #2. Peace of Mind

If you’ve ever worried that you wouldn’t know what to do if anything were to happen to one of your children if they were involved in an accident or suddenly taken sick, then becoming a nurse can give you peace of mind and more confidence in your parenting skills. When studying for your BSN to DNP online, you’ll gain a lot of knowledge about treating all types of different patients, therefore you can be there straight away and know exactly what to do should the worst happen with one of your little ones.

Reason #3. Work Anywhere

Family life can be unpredictable and you never know where your family is going to take you. Maybe your partner will be offered a job in a different state or your child will be offered a place at an amazing school in a different area that’s far too good to turn down. One of the best things about being a nurse is that you can always be sure that nurses are in high demand all over the globe, so whether you’re moving to a different town, state, or even out of the country, there should be no issue when it comes to finding a new job as a nurse. Along with that, there are many opportunities for progression and promotion in nursing. Online doctoral nursing programs, for example, can help you become qualified as a nurse practitioner and enjoy more opportunities for work wherever you go.

Are you a mom who’s considering becoming a nurse? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.


Benefits Of Being A Mom And A Nurse

Being a mom can help you to become a better nurse while being a nurse will make you feel more prepared for motherhood.  Maybe you finished your master of science in nursing before your little ones came into the picture or maybe your nursing career didn’t begin until you were already a mother. Each of these unique roles compliments the other.Here’s what happens when you’re both a nurse and a mother.

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Why A Career in Public Relations Is a Great Choice for Women

While living in the developed Western World, sometimes referred to as the global North, has improved significantly in terms of gender equality since the end of the Second World War, there is clearly still some way to go. For example, there is still a clear gender preference for many jobs. There are more men than women working in construction and engineering, for example, while the fields of teaching and nursing favor female applicants.

The debate over whether there are certain professions to which women or men might be inherently better suited is one that has been raging for some time and has been at the front of public consciousness recently, thanks to a controversial memo penned by an employee at Google. It seems, though, that the majority of us are in agreement that a person’s gender should not dictate the opportunities that are afforded to them. The rise in the number of women training for and working in STEM (science, engineering, technology and math) subjects, for example, is encouraging.

Public relations is one of the fields that have traditionally favored women, who comprise almost two-thirds of the profession. More importantly, women make up the majority of management level PR jobs; 59% in fact. This is significant because, generally, regardless of profession, the highest salaried positions are given over to men.

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Understanding the Different Types of Diabetes

Diabetes is a growing health condition in the United States and the  rest of the Western the world, and in many cases it is something that could be prevented.  Because of this, it’s a good idea to understand the different types of diabetes, and what causes them.

Type 1 diabetes is generally associated with young adults and children.  This type of diabetes cannot be prevented and is usually caused by genetics.  It only accounts for 5% of all diabetes cases and can be treated with insulin.

Type 2 diabetes is most common in adults.  This type of diabetes is preventable, usually being caused by obesity and food choices. Treatment for type 2 diabetes involves implementing a diet and exercise routine.  Sometimes insulin is prescribed as well.

Finally, gestational diabetes is experienced by pregnant women.  Again, this is treated with a combination of diet, exercise and insulin.  Recent studies have found it to be preventable.

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Women Must Vote And Not Because Women Died For The Right

Today is voting day in the UK. Every newspaper, Facebook, every conversation is about this election and yet I know so many women who still, half way through the day, don’t know who they will vote for, or even if they will vote.

When someone mentions the word ‘vote’ or ‘election’ I burst out with a full throated:

“So, cast off the shackles of yesterday!
Shoulder to shoulder into the fray!
Our daughters’ daughters will adore us
And they’ll sing in grateful chorus
“Well done! Well done!
Well done Sister Suffragette!”

– even if it’s just in my head, it’s full of gusto!

And like many others, I’ve been quick to say, but you must vote! Women DIED to give you a vote!

Women died 1, were exiled 2, were imprisoned 3, were tortured 4. These women, among them:


But you know what, for many of us, that kind of doesn’t matter. It doesn’t affect our lives today. That was then. So much has changed. Read more: Women Must Vote And Not Because Women Died For The Right

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