Like many parents, we’ve been through the gambit of baby equipment trying to find something that fits with both our lifestyle and our budget – no easy feat, I assure you.

When Ameli started weaning, we used a Bumbo seat sitting on the ground. That worked for a while, but soon we wanted her at the table with us, so we invested in a highchair. It wasn’t the one I wanted but it was one I could afford.  We paid around £70 for it, and I hated it because not only was she separate from the table, but the legs stuck out and it took up so much space – and we had to find a new place for the chair that normally went where the highchair was standing.

When we moved now, I decided it was time to say goodbye to that highchair, and spend a little more on something that would allow Ameli to sit at the table.

In the quest for family-friendly furniture that seamlessly integrates into your living space, Copper & Tweed Furniture emerges as a compelling choice. Recognizing the importance of shared moments at the dining table, Copper & Tweed offers a range of thoughtfully designed highchairs that not only provide a comfortable and secure seat for your child but also enhance the overall aesthetics of your dining area. The versatility and style of Copper & Tweed create an inviting space for family meals, fostering a sense of togetherness and making mealtime an enjoyable experience for both parents and little ones alike.

Well, what we ended up with another cost less than the original highchair. We got the Mamas & Papas Advance Booster Seat and I highly suspect we’ll just get another when Squidgy comes along, rather than faffing about with highchairs again.

The Mamas and Papas advance booster seat sits on four spherical balls, with eight adjustable heights so that it can grow with her. At the moment she’s on the highest setting so that she can reach the table easily, which is wonderful as she’ll be able to use it for a long time yet.

I love that Ameli is at the table, able to reach, feed herself, and be part of dinner time. It’s also fabulous for sitting at the table doing drawing – which I look forward to doing a lot more of soon.

The booster seat ties under the chair seat, and has ‘backrest’ which prevents collapsible seats from doing so should the child try to rock on their chair. There’s a harness to strap the child in, and you can pull the chair in as close to the table as you need.

The Mamas and Papas advance booster seat also folds up quite compactly making it a winner for travel or storage.

Mamas & Papas also specialise in maternity wear, car seats for babies, and children’s furniture, so do have a look at them if you’re in the market.


Mamas and Papas have kindly offered one Diary of a First Child reader the opportunity to win a Mamas and Papas Advance Booster Seat. To be in with a chance to win, simply head over to the description page, then come back here and tell me your favourite feature of this booster seat.

Competition ends 25 July 2011 at 23:59 and the winner will be chosen at random using

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And the winner is: Carolina J.

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Mamas & Papas Advance Booster Seat Competition

  1. The best thing for me is that is non slip as sometimes these seats slip and slide everywhere. Just behind that is the height positions so you know where ever you go, you can use the seat! ps I have Liked your page and Mamas and Papas on facebook.

  2. I just love it I think it’s brilliant particularly the fact that it’s so lightweight and portable and folds up to tidy away.This would be brilliant for taking the kids to other peoples houses as well.

  3. I love that it is lightweight and can easily be taken anywhere, we go to visit relatives a lot so would make life so much easier for us instead of chasing our son round the room with a spoonful of food!

  4. I love the fact that it’s light weight so can be taken out with us if we are going to a restaurant etc, ok I know most restaurants haver there own, but If my child is use to this seat, then all the better I think. And with 8 different height settings, I can see this booster seat getting a lot of usage.
    Brilliant invention, made me wish I’d thought of It first.

  5. Folds compactly and includes a useful storage hook.

    This is great for me as I’m often needing something for him when i visit friends/family but dont have much room in the car.

  6. Lightweight, ergonomically designed and easy to clean – it looks fantastic, nice and modern. It takes up much less space than some of the booster seats you see, very clean looking and simple. Great design!

  7. I love the fact it has a Practical carry handle for transportation. Anything that is easy to take along with you when you’re out is always a bonus!

  8. Folds compactly and includes a useful storage hook. I only have a small place so need items which incorporate clever storage ideas. x

  9. Folds compactly and includes a useful storage hook! This is so useful when visiting friends that dont have table seating for our little ones!

  10. The adjustable seat height positions is a great idea because in most high chairs they are to high or to low so at least you can adjst your child to the same level as you at eal times.

  11. Love that its so compact and easy to travel with, can think of loads of situations this would be useful to have. Love it.

  12. I love the fact that it actually has a back (easily pleased lol!) It looks much comfier than the seat we use at the moment for my son. @TPAJJA

  13. When the high chair wasn’t practical when out visiting family, we used a combination of cushions and a harness. This is a much better solution. fingers crossed we win one for our new baby

  14. Wow, this is a great idea and prize!
    I love all the features of this and it looks neat too! My fave feature is that its lightweight and has a carry handle for transportation.

    @cfryer999 (twitter)

  15. Adjustable safety harness holds your child securely in place as we had a booster seat where my little boy just kept slipping round, it was not great & had to buy a different seat!

  16. Its portable and fold to store away which is always a bonus. But what I like is the fact its not bulky and the children can sit to the table and not feel restricted in a large and bulky booster. I love the initiative design

  17. my favourite feature is the fact it Folds compactly and includes a useful storage hook

    i can be contacted via twitter @bubbalovesblog and facebook nicci jane cowdell-murray

  18. Love the adjustable safety harness feature meaning this will last for as long as we need it 🙂

  19. It’s great that it has adjustable height – this means I could use it for my 3 year old or 1 year old! Fab x

  20. Folds compactly and includes a useful storage hook.

    We eat at our parents houses twice a week so a compact booster seat we could take with us would be great to have!

  21. Adjustable safety harness holds your child securely in place
    – seen some of the cloth variety seats in action and they just don’t interest me at all. This one interests me a lot!! xx

  22. The fact that it is portable & can be adjusted to various height levels make this Mamas and Papas Advance Booster Seat a winner!

  23. I love that it folds compactly and includes a useful storage hook as we live in a very small flat and storage is ALWAYS a problem!

  24. i love the fact it folds up easily. i’ve actuall been after one of these. my 16 month old is trying to escape his high chjair. i think he wants to sit with us

  25. “Folds compactly and includes a useful storage hook”. Fab – means I can hide it away when not in use!

  26. My best friends son’s booster seat slipped off the chair and he cut his head. The non slip rubber seals seem like a great way to prevent this happening again! They always seem so rickety and non safe!

  27. I love the Non-slip rubber spheres because all the other booster seats I used with my previous children were either too short or too tall but with this I could get it just right.

  28. I think that the fact that this is portable is a great feature, i also think taht it has different heights is an amazing feature for a booster seat.

  29. Lightweight, ergonomically designed and easy to clean


  30. I love the fact it folds compactly as space is tight in our house. Also the height adjustments a big factor for me to as I find some boosters make my daughter to high at the table and others too low so she cant reach the table. It also looks really trendy.

  31. I like that it has a practical carry handle for transportation – fab when goign out for the day or visting relatives, I think its very important that youngsters are eating at teh table with family as soon as possible as it helps develop essential socials skills – this really is an excellent product.

  32. I love the fact that it is suitable from 18 months,giving my child the chance to sit up at the table like a big girl,giving her alittle more independance as she will be at the table with the family and not eating from her highchair tray.xx

  33. “Folds compactly and includes a useful storage hook” which would be great for storing away when I’m not using it.

  34. I love the rubber spheres – eight different heights means it will be great for both my kids and can be used when they visit their grandparents too.

  35. The height adjust-ability is a big selling point for me. It means you can keep using it as your baby/toddler grows and can use it with different height tables/chairs.

  36. Practical carry handle for transportation

    To be fair all features are good, but why would you ever get a chair that was stupidly hard to clean, or didn’t fold up (I admit some do fold up smaller than others) The absolute winner for me is the fact it’s easy to transport, we do a lot of travelling to visit family all over the country, so this would be amazing!

  37. I like the fact that it has eight adjustable height positions, so can use it for a long time. That its easy to clean is a bonus.

  38. Non-slip rubber spheres can be adjusted to eight different seat height positions. This is a good feature as it will keep with my growing child

  39. Folds compactly as we live in a small house with little space for storage! This would be a perfect solution for us 🙂

  40. Like that this booster seat can sit nicely under the table and can be brought closer to the table, all the boosters I’ve used never sit close to the table as they are so bulky

  41. I think my favourite feature is the eight adjustable heights so it grows with your child rather than just being a one size fits all solution. Of course….easy to clean is a close runner up!

  42. Safety is the best feature so it’s got to be the adjustable safety harness holds your child securely in place.

  43. I love the fact that it folds compactly as we dont have much storage so will be easy to hide away. Will also be easy to take in the car when we go away.

  44. I like the fact that it folds compactly, the one we have at the moment is so bulky that you can’t tuck the chair under the table, and when we take it off we struggle to find storage for it!this one sounds perfect, wouldn’t take up to much space in the boot when traveling either!

  45. Lightweight, which makes it much more transportable either on the bottom of the pram or in the car when visiting.
    Also, love the design!

  46. The rubber balls allowing grip and height adjustment are genius! Perfect for my little girl who has had her highchair passed on to her baby brother! She’s now joining us at the table but has to perch on various cushions if i dont want her dinner all down her lap!

  47. Favourite features has to be the overall design – ergonomically friendly, portable and easily washable, it has the extra advantage of persuading a child that they really would love to get strapped into the spacecraft seat…..!

  48. I love the fact it be folded up and stored away so easily – great for people with limited space like me

  49. I love the fact that it Folds compactly and includes a useful storage hook. ths is great for travelling.
    Great giveaway thanks

  50. My favourite feature is that it is easy to clean but also is perfect for storing away. A genius invention! Sarah

  51. My favourite feature is that it folds compactly and includes a useful storage hook. I wish more products thought about the practicalities of storage!

  52. The different positions are a winner for me! Thanks for the giveaway, I’ve included in my weekly round up! @superluckydi

  53. I gotta say that this is one cool looking chair! I really like the storage hook feature, they really thought that one out

  54. I love ‘Non-slip rubber spheres can be adjusted to eight different seat height positions’ makes this suitable for different ages


  55. I’ve been over to Mamas and Papas on Facebook (I follow them already) and left a message on their wall saying that you sent me. (@pandcands)

  56. Lots of useful features- a useful storage hook, for example. The look of it is good too- like something from the space! (@pandcands)

  57. I think the best feature would have to be that it folds compactly which would make it great for travelling. A lot of these booster seats are big and clumsy and when your child has outgrown a highchair but can’t quite reach the table when you go out this would be great to take with you. Love the design – it looks fab.

    Will share and tweet @glitterbaby40

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