I’m so excited about this particular competition, because I’ve wanted to go to the Lollibop Festival in Regents Park for the last two years running, but for one reason or another, haven’t been able to. This year, however, we’ve been invited to Lollibop, and I’m delighted! I’m also really excited to be able to offer one of you the opportunity to come with your family too.

The Lollibop Festival is a 3-day, day only event, for children up to the age of 10. It brings to life many of the most loved TV characters and provides a wealth of events, activities and entertainment, and perfect family fun.

The line up is pretty amazing and there’s so much going on, I’m almost uncertain we’ll get it all done in a day.

Here’s a selection of the events and activities we are really looking forward to:

And that’s just some of what’ll be available on the day, and theLollibop blog is regularly updated with more acts and events too.

While you can bring snacks in for the kids, there are plenty of food and drinks stalls inside the event and it’s only on refreshments that you’ll have to spend extra money.

They recommend bringing a change of clothes for the littlies or at least an apron for the crafts areas. Also, Lollibop will go ahead rain or shine as everything is under marquees to protect from overly good or bad weather.

Tickets still available start at £25 per person per day, and under 1’s go free. That’s certainly not a cheap ticket, but if you consider that everything, including face painting, which can easily cost £5 on its own (but not food or drinks!), it’s not much more than your average theme park.

We’re certainly looking forward to it and getting very excited!



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Lollibop Festival Family Tickets Competition

  1. Freya really wants to go to this festival she wants to see everything but she is most excited to meet clifford

  2. My little one would love to see the Zingzillas, Waybuloo and Mister Maker. He’d love the dance workshops too 🙂

  3. my i know my grandsons would love the Shrek musical and i would love to see the encahnted forest , i would be so happy if i could take them to lollipop this year

  4. My son would love to see the Transformers Prime truck – he would be totally speachless (which is unheard of normally)

  5. Science Museum, dancing and face-painting!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at dino evidence, learn to move like a dino and BE a dino?! What more could a 30 year old want?…I meant 3 year old…

  6. My little dot would love Waybuloo – ‘looka mummy do yogo!’ Seeing so many ‘happy’ faces – ‘looka mummy happy’ and practising her ‘dancing with mummy’ in the disco shed! With another single mummy and little dot and the masses it would be a fabulous day! 🙂

  7. There are so many things my kids would love to see. My daughter is a huge Horrible Histories fan so I think this would be her favourite. My son loves Dick and Dom so he would think it was awesome to see them. But I really think they would enjoy everything on offer there ( and so would I !)

  8. without a doubt it is Shrek the musical, we cant go to see it because the theatre doesnt let under 4s in but my daughters love Shrek.

    Mind you there is so much else on that it will be hard to choose what to see

  9. Personally I would love to see the Gruffalo, but my daughter would make a beeline for the Piplings!

  10. They both want to see the Moshi Monster Bus and meet the moshi monsters – and they would fall over themselves with excitement to see the Zingzillas xxx

  11. My daughter is a mad Moshi Monster fan and my little boy loves the Gruffalo so we will be looking forward to those

  12. i have 4 under ten and they all like different things horrible histories,moshi monsters, the gruffelo and dick and dom are the favs x

  13. The Disco Shed would be a huge hit with my 15 month old son. He’s got some unique moves, and often looks like he’s playing air guitar, so he’d have a fab time in here!!

  14. We went last year but my nephew at 3 months old was a bit too young to enjoy it. This year he will be in his element! The zingzillas will be a hit with Zak! X

  15. Oh so much fun!! I think my son would like Dick and Dom and my daughter would love the Gruffalo, it is her all time favorate book, she knows it word for word!!

  16. What a great prize, we’d love too go and see The Gruffalo, mister Maker, Mister Mmen, Horrbel Histories, Shrek, Waybuloo, Disco Shed, Enchanted Forest, and all the rest!

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