It’s National Breastfeeding Awareness week this week, and you know I couldn’t let it pass by silently.

I have three breastfeeding related competitions for you today, all from companies I’ve featured here before.

First up there’s BoobieMilk, who sells beautiful, functional and practical maternity and breastfeeding underwear. The reason I love BoobieMilk is because Karen, who owns the business, will come to your house (selected regions) to do a proper brafitting for you. With my first I never thought that was an essential part of having a baby. It was really only after my first ever decently fitted bra that I realised the difference it could make to your appearance, your self-image and most of all your comfort!

You can read the full BoobieMilk review here, and enter to win a £20 voucher below.

Second, we have BabyBeadsUK, who make lovely breastfeeding necklaces and reminder bracelets, and sell breast pads, feeding pillows and booby boosters as well as a range of other baby products. Jo has worked with me every NBAW since I started Diary of a First Child, and I’m happy to support her again as her business grows. Breastfeeding necklaces are a god-send when you have grabby babies with razor like nails, and again later when they start tweaking your nipples and again still later, when baby is a playful toddler with hands that need occupying so as not to pinch you! (Oh, and I’ve also found a breastfeeding necklace to be a great tool for distracting a young baby – sort of like a mobile!) BabyBeadsUK necklaces have been safety tested and conform to BS EN71 (1995) + A1 +AC1 Part 3, EN71 (2005) A9 Part 1 & EN71 (2005) Part 1 standards. They are intended for adult wear, and babies can play with them under supervision.

Read more about BabyBeadsUK and you can enter to win a breastfeeding necklace from BabyBeadsUK below.

The third competition for you this National Breastfeeding Awareness Week is from Mama Jewels, who focus solely on breastfeeding jewellery. Breastfeeding bracelets are especially helpful for first time mums, or mums nursing again after a break, who need help remembering which side to feed from in the early weeks. Thereafter it’s just nice to have something to play with, something to entertain with and something pretty on your arm. Most importantly, Mama Jewels are toddler proof, so you can still wear jewellery despite motherhood.

You can read the full Mama Jewels review here, and enter to win a breastfeeding reminder bracelet below.


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Breastfeeding Week Competitions

  1. I’m excited to have found Jo with her ever so gorgeous and bespoke necklaces whilst breast feeding my second daughter and being able to include her big sister!what I haven’t found-yet again-a comfortable breast feeding bra or top as now time is even more limited and anything on the high street is only an illfitting temporary solution.really hoping to be in luck with Karen and to be in her catchment area!!

  2. My favorite thing was just being able to cuddle up and relax with my baby, was so peaceful. He’s stopped breastfeeding now but bump is due in 2 weeks and i’m looking forward to starting it all again.

    The other great thing about breastfeeding was when your baby woke up in the middle of the night I could just lift him out his basket, feed him and put him back to sleep all without getting out of bed and messing around with making bottles

  3. My favourite feed was the first one in the morning which I always did in bed – both sleepy and just looking at each other and stroking her hair – what a lovely way to wake up!

  4. I am 7 months pregnant and most looking forward to bonding in a really meaningful way through breastfeeding 🙂

  5. My first baby is due in September and I’m really looking forward to bonding with baby through breastfeeding and helping baby grow big and strong.

  6. its handy and conveinient also i love the closeness and the bond that grows between yourself and the baby!

  7. The best thing about Breast feeding is the quality time we have together and the big grin she gives me at the end of every feed 😀

  8. My favourite thing about breastfeeding is the amount of special time it gives me with my baby.Just me and him snuggled together.

  9. My favorite is the bond between me and my LO and knowing im giving her sonething no one else can.

    My second is when someone else is holding her and I know shes not liking it, getting over stimulated, or they aren’t supporting her good enough I can just say its feeding time and off I can go with her to another room without being rude.

  10. I’m most looking forward to the bonding between baby and I. Can’t wait to start breastfeeding, baby due in 3 weeks!

  11. My favourite thing was and will be i am sure when bump arrives is the special time you get to spend together and the closeness you feel. Its great to know that you are providing all the goodness they need to grow and flourish 🙂

  12. My favourite thing was and i am looking forward to again is that special time you get to spend together and the closeness you feel its so magical and i cant wait 🙂

  13. My favourite thing about breast feeding is that really full smile your baby gives you after they have had plenty!

  14. Breastfeeding is what is natural, normal, safe and 100% PERFECT for my babies – That is what I love. I love that Mother Nature has given us everything we need to nurture and grow our babies and I trust that the benefits and protection breastfeeding provides is simply perfect.

  15. What I loved most about breast feeding, was knowing it was something only I could provide and was specail between the two of us. may sound selfish but its how I felt.

  16. My favourite thing about breastfeeding and what first attracted me was it is free. That was my main motivation. Once I actually started breastfeeding I realised it was more than feeding it was a magical time between me and my little one. Just hope I get to spend half as much time with new baby as I did with my now 3 year old daughter!

  17. My favourite thing about breastfeeding is the comfort it gives to my baby.
    Whether she is hungry , tired , poorly or just wants affection then boobies are the answer!!!

  18. I love it how milk can solve anything – teething, a bang to the head, nighttime wakings. Oh and if Mummy needs a sit down too.

  19. I love the bonding time breastfeeding allows me. Sometimes I need to remind myself to take a slower pace, & looking into Pickle’s big blues certainly help!

  20. My favourite thing is cuddling up at night time to feed. I have her on one side and hubby on the other, both holding me. Nothing is better.

  21. Without doubt, my favourite thing about breastfeeding is the bonding. Watching that cheeky little face light up whilst he’s feeding and watching me watching him. It makes any day sunnier, and I get the satisfaction of knowing I’m giving him the best start that I can in life 🙂

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