Sometimes when something you love is threatened, it’s easy to stand up and fight for it. It’s easy to march for it, it’s easy to protest or demonstrate. But sometimes the hardest thing for many of us – especially mothers – to do, is simply sit back and enjoy.

I’ve joined marches, sat outside government buildings, and flash mobbed public places, all in the name of breastfeeding, but this year I didn’t want it to be a fight. I just wanted to relish in the gift that I am able to give my girls, and celebrate the beauty of our breastfeeding relationship.

So, I invited a few of my friends to join me in a Celebratory Breastfeeding Picnic. They invited some of their friends and soon we had a lovely group of mothers, ready to celebrate breastfeeding, whether they are currently breastfeeding or not.

I loved the afternoon. It was evidence, to anyone who wanted to stop and look, that breastfeeding mothers don’t have to militant, mean or condescending. In fact, we are just like everyone else.

We aren’t unnecessarily exhibitionist

We have fun and are friendly

We’re lovingly attached to our babies…

but we leave them to explore their boundaries too.

These are just mothers, plainly, simply, going about their lives, feeding their babies.  After all, if I didn’t tell you this was a breastfeeding picnic, would you be able to tell the difference?

Thanks to Fee, Emily, Paula, Juliet, Ellie, Heather, Maria, Michelle, Suz, Sarah, Amanda & Dean for coming out today to join us for a picnic! Thanks for letting me use your photos too!

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