I have written before on my feelings on feeding covers, so I won’t dwell on it too much here. Suffice it to say this: If a mother wants to breastfeed, but is shy to do so in public, and faced with a bottle of formula or feeding cover, I would rather she went for the feeding cover.

To cover or not to cover is a surprisingly huge issue in the mother vs. mother politics of the breastfeeding world – personally, I don’t care. If it makes it easier for you to feed your baby, then go for it. If you don’t want to, don’t. No mother should be forced to cover up, nor should she be forced not to.

MamascarfI used a cover for the first while, until I was comfortable with  feeding in public, until I had a better grasp on what I was doing and until I no longer worried about the role of baby fat visible around my waist – it’s still there, I just no  longer worry about it! I also found that it was very useful in getting Ameli to sleep as she’d sometimes be so distracted by what was going on around her that popping the cover on cut her off from the world, without cutting her off from me.

So, should you wish to use a feeding cover, this is a giveaway for you: Mamascarf.

The Mamascarf is a feeding cover which can be worn as a scarf until it needs to be used, or folded neatly into a handbag or changing bag. It has a hidden pocket wherein you can store your breast pad – very useful, I might add! – and one size fits all.

The Mamascarf is machine washable at 30 degrees and is made of 100% cotton, so you won’t get the sweating you might with synthetic materials.

Keira, the mama behind Mamascarf, has kindly offered to support Diary of a First Child again this year, and has offered one of our readers the opportunity to win a scarf of your choice.

All you need to do to be in with a chance to win, is to visit the Mamascarf orders page and choose your preferred colour. Come back here and leave a comment to let me know.

The competition closes on 8 July at noon and the winner will be selected at random using Random.org.

You can follow Diary of a First Child and Mamascarf on Facebook for the latest news and competitions.


The winner is Colette – thanks everyone for entering!

You do not have to tweet or share this competition to enter, but doing so helps ensure that I can keep bringing you giveaways! You can subscribe to Diary of a First Child by RSS or email. You can also follow us on Facebook or on Twitter. We hope to see you back again soon!


Mamascarf Breastfeeding Cover Giveaway

  1. Received my scarf at the weekend – it was waiting for me when I arrived home from hospital with Chloe who was born on Friday :o) So far she’s a bit of a faff with feeding so the scarf is going to be a godsend! Thanks so much!

  2. black please if im lucky enough to win, currently breastfeeding my newborn these scarfs are ideal and just what i need as there not many feeding rooms in Newcastle these are discreet and stylish I love them

  3. I would love the black one. Would have loved to have known about you when I was breast feeding my first child! Great product.

  4. I’m a fan of the French Navy. Great invention – wish I’d known about them when I breastfed my eldest.

  5. I’d love it in black, as a bit of a wimp for feeding in public (got a very fussy baby!) this would be perfect!

  6. Thanks for the fabulous giveaway! I have shared on Facebook and on Twitter. Thank you once again xxx (Tracy Nixon MSE) (@TracyNixon).

    If I win I would love a mamascarf in french navy, please xxx

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