Jackson Reece Herbal Wipes


I really love Jackson Reece baby wipes. I don’t get to use them as often as I like since they seem hard to find in a lot of the places near me, but when I do get to buy them, I love them.

I’ve written about Jackson Reece wipes before, so I’ll do a brief recap here before sharing the competition with you.

Jackson Reece wipes contain to alcohol, parabens, SLES or SLES.  There’s added aloe – a natural healer – lavender – a natural disinfectant – and tea tree oil – also a natural disinfectant and a very useful cleaning agent.

As compared to some of the rather horrible smelling wet wipes we’ve come across, Jackson Reece smell very tea trea-ish, which is preferable over the chemical smells of especially really cheap wipes.  And again as compared to many wipes, they’ve never once caused my daughter a rash.

Jackson Reece Herbal Wet Wipes

These wipes are very moist and particularly foamy – caused by the cane sugar and coconut derivatives, rather than SLS which is usually used for foam – and they do feel quite soapy, but do not leave a residue.

The Jackson Reece wipes are bio-degradable, and they also now sell a flushable wipe, which breaks down in water within eight days.

As with all things natural and good for you, these are slightly more expensive than the major brands you might find in your local supermarket, coming in at £2 – £3 for 72 wipes. That said, I find myself using one or two wipes at a time instead of the usual three or four. Factor this into the equation and these wipes actually work out cheaper than many of the mainstream brands.

Competition Time

Jackson Reece have offered 3 Diary of a First Child readers 3 packs of Jackson Reece wipes.  That’s 3 packs of 72 wipes, valued at £6 – £9 depending on your retailer.  To qualify for the competition, leave a comment below listing one of the good qualities about Jackson Reece wipes that makes them appeal to you.

For an additional entry, you can follow Jackson Reece on Twitter, or ‘like’ Diary of a First Child on Facebook.

The competition runs till 31st May, at noon, and a winner will be drawn randomly using Random.org.

The Winners are: Kerrie, Danuta Myszor and Jo Jones

You do not have to tweet or share this competition to enter, but doing so helps ensure that I can keep bringing you giveaways! You can subscribe to Diary of a First Child by RSS or email. You can also follow us on Facebook or on Twitter. We hope to see you back again soon!

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116 thoughts on “Jackson Reece Herbal Wipes

  1. I love that they are biodegradable,I love that they have tea tree oil!
    Thank you for that

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  4. Stuart Underdown

    Natural ingredients

  5. hazel christopher

    Natural disinfectant x

  6. stephanie young

    biodegradable & flushable

  7. Hannah D

    Bio-degradable and paraben free!

  8. Leonie Sanford

    biodegradable & flushable

  9. louise howgego

    biodegradable & flushable also liked on facebook and following on twitter Xx

  10. liz denial

    biodegradable & flushable

  11. carrie brown


  12. Kunai Shah

    Trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible so like the fact that they are bio-degradable.

  13. Alice

    Safe, gentle ingredients and sensibly priced.

  14. Robert

    Natural ingedients

  15. Ekaterina

    It would be ideal for my son…love natural ingredients.

  16. Rachael G

    The Aloe, Lavender and Tea Tree properties appeal to me.

  17. ste_hall81@hotmail.co.uk

    only using water and cotton wool on my daughters bottom at the moment as she is teething would be nice to see if these natural wipes would be just as natural as would find it alot more convenient to use wipes when out and about

  18. Valerie Hartley

    Natural ingredients

  19. Nicole Constable

    I love the use of aromatherapy oils in the wipes, so much healthier than synthetic ingredients.

  20. Mel Watson

    aloe – a natural healer
    Grandson no.3 jus born at home. 2 weeks early.
    no time for hosp, all done in an hour. his would be great to give them

  21. Maya Russell

    Follow Jackson Reece on Twitter,

  22. Maya Russell

    As we are not on main drains and have a septic tank, the flushable wipes really appeal.

  23. phyllis ellett

    Following @JacksonReece on twitter with @phyllgerry

  24. phyllis ellett

    Moist and foamy, thats what i want in a wipe, something that will remove the mess my granddaughter makes around her mouth when she eats messy food. Something that I don’t need to rub hard.


  25. Wayne Gunn

    I “like” Diary of A FIrst Mum on Facebook

  26. Wayne Gunn

    Being biodegradable is definately their biggest appeal

  27. Alison T

    Love the fact that they are biodegradable I think thats so important nowadays. 🙂

  28. Hannah Beadle

    The natural ingrediants are great for baby and that they are biodegradable is great for environment too

  29. Jenifer-Mary Pettitt

    The natural ingredients would suit a sensible skin

  30. Helen Garner

    The mixture of aloe, lavender and tea tree oil appeals to me.

  31. Julie Harris

    Gentle but strong ! fabbity fab !

  32. Paul Witney

    I like the natural ingredients.

  33. Rebecca Hanford

    Lovely smell

  34. Cheryl M

    I love the fact that they aren’t just natural, they’re so gentle too.

  35. d mullooly


  36. danuta myszor

    following on twitter too as @danuska66

    • @danuta myszor, Congratulations on winning 3 packs of Jackson Reece Wipes! Please get in touch with your address! Thanks!

  37. danuta myszor

    natural ingredients 🙂

  38. Laura F

    I m liking you on facebook

  39. Laura F

    I love the fact they use aloe and lavender and not horrible synthetic ingredients.

  40. beverley kirwin

    natural ingrediants

  41. Esther

    I love all the natural ingredients 🙂

  42. Kerrie

    following in twitter for extra entry @kemo_2002

    • @Kerrie, Congratulations on being the second winner. Please let me have your address so I can have these sent out to you ASAP. Thanks 🙂

  43. Kerrie

    the smell, i love tea tree!

  44. Sean

    definately the natura ingredients

  45. vicky haddock

    love the tea tree smell, fresh and clean

  46. Following Jackson Reece on Twitter and like your Facebook page

  47. The natural ingredients would be ideal for my son who has eczema

  48. Donna Bailey

    With tea tree and aloe you cannot go wrong. I wouldn’t put anything on my baby that I wouldn’t use on my own face!

    Liking you on facebook!

  49. Lucy Carter

    No SLS, natural ingredients

  50. Christina Massue

    They are bio-degradable, good for the environment always a plus.

  51. Frankie Light

    I like the idea of a flushable, biodegrable wipe

  52. Christina

    So much better than the old type wipes

  53. helena haddock

    love the fact they are biodegradable and natural ingredients

  54. Heather Shaw

    i aready liked on twitter/ facebook @kiki_725

  55. Heather Shaw

    natural ingredients appeal to me

  56. Vera Pope

    Kind to my baby’s skin and kind to nature – it is a winner for me.

  57. babycrazzee

    the natural ingredients really appeal to me
    im following on twitter @babycrazzee
    and im following you on facebook too

  58. nicci cowdell-murray

    love the fact they are biodegradable
    i already follow you on facebook and jackson reece on twitter @twinklenicci

  59. Chettina masters

    The thought of using something with natural ingredients to clean my baby just makes sense . It seems crazy to use anything else on babys delicate skin . I wouldn’t even use a cheapy alcohol infused top brand baby wipe to take my make up off so it certainly wouldn’t go anywhere near my babys botty !

  60. Claire Constable

    Like the tea tree smell

  61. Solange

    Natural ingredients

  62. gemma henshaw

    the natural ingredients appeal to me

  63. Nancy Bradford

    Love the natural ingredients

  64. Dominika Oliver

    I like the fact that they contain mo alcohol, parabens, SLES or SLES.

  65. kim B

    follow on twitter @baile1kim1

  66. kim B

    these are ideal and more companys should def follow suit it –

    these are bio-degradable

  67. Sarah Anguish

    I follow on Twitter


  68. Sarah Anguish

    flushable wipe

  69. Karen

    I really like that they contain aloe, lavender and tea tree instead of the usual nasties

  70. Phil D

    I’ve heard that Jackson Reece tests each pack personally – to make my skin soft – now thats commitment.

  71. isabelle smith

    there really gentle on my skin

  72. spadna

    It has a natural disinfectant and is biodegradable.

  73. Caroline

    They are biodegradable

  74. jackie curran

    I love the tea tree oil in them, great antiseptic and healing properties.

  75. janice taylor

    Love the fact they are bio-degradable.

  76. Hazel

    I follow on TWitter as @beachrambler

  77. Hazel

    I love that they contain tea tree as the antibacterial rather than something nasty!

  78. No nasty parabens.natural ingredients, would love to try these

  79. Sarah Laycock

    The combination of aloe and tea tree oil is vastly appealing to me, they sound excellent quality

  80. Laura Pritchard

    I’m a huge fan of tea tree oil as it was the only thing that cleared up my acne as a teenager.

  81. I love the idea of all biodegradable wipes, love the clean fresh tea tree smell

  82. Jo Jones

    No nasty parabens is what I love about them

    • @Jo Jones, Congratulations on winning the 3rd set of wipes! Please email me your address so I can have it sent out to you!

  83. Laura Barker

    They sound really kind to skin.

  84. Fiona Martin

    I’ve liked on facebook and already follow on twitter.


  85. Fiona Martin

    I love the fact that they are bio-degradable.

  86. marcus

    l love that they are for senstive skin

  87. Angela Walker


  88. Martina

    I love that they are bio-degradable.

  89. Hayley Sanderson

    i love that they are natural and bio-degradable

  90. Alice Hindley

    I love that they are moist and particularly foamy

    I am following on Facebook and Twitter @aesop57

  91. Karis Boone

    I love that the wipes are biodegradable btw.

  92. Paul Wilson

    The best thing for me has to be that they’re biodegradable.

  93. katherine grieve

    I follow on twitter and like on FB


  94. katherine grieve


  95. Anne Bostwick

    Jackson Reece wipes away all competition because their product is safe, clean and green.

  96. Lisa Day

    I like the fact they are parabens free and for sensitive skin.

  97. Ashleigh

    i follow jackson reece on twitter as @ashlallan

  98. Ashleigh

    i love that they sound natural and that they don’t cause rashes – so many wipes do! They sound fab!

  99. claire woods

    For an additional entry, you can follow Jackson Reece on Twitter, or ‘like’ Diary of a First Child on Facebook – done both.

  100. claire woods

    I love that they are natural as I have a child with sensitive skin.

  101. Amelia Royle

    Made from natural ingredients, biodegradable and some are even flushable … what more can you ask for?

  102. Zoe Williams

    I like the fact that they contain no nasties like parabens or SLS.
    Zoe Williams’s last blog post ..Tots Bots Easyfit V2 Review

  103. carole

    following and tweeted

  104. carole

    more natural ingredients

  105. Rebekah

    I like that they use tea tree oil, that they use sugar cane and coconut derivatives for foaming action rather than nasty SLS and I also like that these biodegrade in water within 8 days. How totally awesome all of that is!

  106. Suzi R

    i love that they are SLS free! but they work and they smell nice, I was sent a trial pack when pregnant and used them on myself after my daughter was born. They were great at making me feel clean and fresh.

  107. Marzena

    I already follow Jackson Reece on Twitter as @marzutek

  108. Marzena

    They are bio-degradable

  109. Tina

    I like that they use more natural ingredients. I am hoping to use mostly cloth wipes with my new little one when he or she arrives, but sometimes it’s nice to have disposables on hand too. It’s nice that I don’t have to use a super chemical one!

  110. Dorothee Archambault

    I love that they sound all natural. And no paraben is a must!

  111. I love that they are biodegradable, although I use cloth nappies, we’ve never managed to switch over to cloth wipes, this would make me feel so much better about using disposable wipes.
    vicki’s last blog post ..real nappy week –

  112. I love that they have tea tree oil! I love straight tea tree oil for nails and skin and use a face wash and deodorant with tea tree oil – I’m kind of obsessed.

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