I really love Jackson Reece baby wipes. I don’t get to use them as often as I like since they seem hard to find in a lot of the places near me, but when I do get to buy them, I love them.

I’ve written about Jackson Reece wipes before, so I’ll do a brief recap here before sharing the competition with you.

Jackson Reece wipes contain to alcohol, parabens, SLES or SLES.  There’s added aloe – a natural healer – lavender – a natural disinfectant – and tea tree oil – also a natural disinfectant and a very useful cleaning agent.

As compared to some of the rather horrible smelling wet wipes we’ve come across, Jackson Reece smell very tea trea-ish, which is preferable over the chemical smells of especially really cheap wipes.  And again as compared to many wipes, they’ve never once caused my daughter a rash.

Jackson Reece Herbal Wet Wipes

These wipes are very moist and particularly foamy – caused by the cane sugar and coconut derivatives, rather than SLS which is usually used for foam – and they do feel quite soapy, but do not leave a residue.

The Jackson Reece wipes are bio-degradable, and they also now sell a flushable wipe, which breaks down in water within eight days.

As with all things natural and good for you, these are slightly more expensive than the major brands you might find in your local supermarket, coming in at £2 – £3 for 72 wipes. That said, I find myself using one or two wipes at a time instead of the usual three or four. Factor this into the equation and these wipes actually work out cheaper than many of the mainstream brands.

Competition Time

Jackson Reece have offered 3 Diary of a First Child readers 3 packs of Jackson Reece wipes.  That’s 3 packs of 72 wipes, valued at £6 – £9 depending on your retailer.  To qualify for the competition, leave a comment below listing one of the good qualities about Jackson Reece wipes that makes them appeal to you.

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The competition runs till 31st May, at noon, and a winner will be drawn randomly using Random.org.

The Winners are: Kerrie, Danuta Myszor and Jo Jones

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Jackson Reece Herbal Wipes

  1. only using water and cotton wool on my daughters bottom at the moment as she is teething would be nice to see if these natural wipes would be just as natural as would find it alot more convenient to use wipes when out and about

  2. aloe – a natural healer
    Grandson no.3 jus born at home. 2 weeks early.
    no time for hosp, all done in an hour. his would be great to give them

  3. Moist and foamy, thats what i want in a wipe, something that will remove the mess my granddaughter makes around her mouth when she eats messy food. Something that I don’t need to rub hard.


  4. With tea tree and aloe you cannot go wrong. I wouldn’t put anything on my baby that I wouldn’t use on my own face!

    Liking you on facebook!

  5. the natural ingredients really appeal to me
    im following on twitter @babycrazzee
    and im following you on facebook too

  6. love the fact they are biodegradable
    i already follow you on facebook and jackson reece on twitter @twinklenicci

  7. The thought of using something with natural ingredients to clean my baby just makes sense . It seems crazy to use anything else on babys delicate skin . I wouldn’t even use a cheapy alcohol infused top brand baby wipe to take my make up off so it certainly wouldn’t go anywhere near my babys botty !

  8. For an additional entry, you can follow Jackson Reece on Twitter, or ‘like’ Diary of a First Child on Facebook – done both.

  9. Made from natural ingredients, biodegradable and some are even flushable … what more can you ask for?

  10. I like that they use tea tree oil, that they use sugar cane and coconut derivatives for foaming action rather than nasty SLS and I also like that these biodegrade in water within 8 days. How totally awesome all of that is!

  11. i love that they are SLS free! but they work and they smell nice, I was sent a trial pack when pregnant and used them on myself after my daughter was born. They were great at making me feel clean and fresh.

  12. I like that they use more natural ingredients. I am hoping to use mostly cloth wipes with my new little one when he or she arrives, but sometimes it’s nice to have disposables on hand too. It’s nice that I don’t have to use a super chemical one!

  13. I love that they are biodegradable, although I use cloth nappies, we’ve never managed to switch over to cloth wipes, this would make me feel so much better about using disposable wipes.

  14. I love that they have tea tree oil! I love straight tea tree oil for nails and skin and use a face wash and deodorant with tea tree oil – I’m kind of obsessed.

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