Common Myths About Real Nappies

I’ve been using real nappies on my daughter since she was around 4 weeks old, and I love them, so much so that I’m a now real nappy advisor in my local area!  I often end up chatting to other mums about nappies when they hear what I do, and there are some common misconceptions that seem to crop up again and again.Read more: Common Myths About Real Nappies

Friday Favourites – Competitions And Discounts For Cloth Nappy Week

Since I shared some of my favourite cloth nappy posts with you yesterday, today I want to share some of the competitions and special offers around the web for real nappies – now is really the best time of the year to top up your supply, or to start out as there are so many discounts and specials on offer.
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All You Need To Know About Real Cloth Nappies

Mothers are an incredibly powerful force, because not only do we do what we do, say what we say, and choose what we choose with the best interest of our babies in mind, but we also take all that passion and protectiveness with us wherever we go. We also arrive at parenthood with an incredible wealth of experience behind us. Whether straight from school, or as a professional turned stay at home mother, we each bring our history, our know-how, and our knowledge to the table.

Of course, in ‘the old days’ when we sat around village fires and shared our folklore and passed on the wisdom of our mothers and their mothers and their mother’s mothers, there was a lot more information on hand albeit not necessarily the best advice, it acted as guidance. While every second person on the bus and every friend that’s had a baby or knows someone who has and has endless anecdotes of advice for us, when it comes down to the real thing – when you’re left literally holding the baby – we often find ourselves alone.

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Jackson Reece Herbal Wipes

I really love Jackson Reece baby wipes. I don’t get to use them as often as I like since they seem hard to find in a lot of the places near me, but when I do get to buy them, I love them.

I’ve written about Jackson Reece wipes before, so I’ll do a brief recap here before sharing the competition with you.

Jackson Reece wipes contain to alcohol, parabens, SLES or SLES.  There’s added aloe – a natural healer – lavender – a natural disinfectant – and tea tree oil – also a natural disinfectant and a very useful cleaning agent.Read more: Jackson Reece Herbal Wipes

Why Do We Need Real Cloth Nappy Week?

Well, it’s Real Nappy Week. I’ve heard people ask questions during other awareness weeks about why we have them. What’s the point? I’ve heard accusations about it being a good excuse to make other people feel guilty.  Which is a little sad, really.  I read a blog post the other day about why we need these awareness raising weeks. The topic was for children’s mental health, so rather more ‘serious’ than cloth nappies, but the message remains the same:
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