Baby And All Nappy Bag And Sling

I’m sure you’ve been there. You’ve popped out to the shops, you have a perfectly packed nappy bag – slash hand bag – slash reusable shopping bags carrier bag slung casually over your shoulder, and baby or toddler popped in the trolley seat. You’re walking up and down the isles, and getting through the shopping when your little decides going vroom, vroom up and down the rows is no longer good enough and you now need to ‘up’.

Or you’ve taken her out for a walk with her push bike or tricycle and half way back home she decides enough is enough and now she wants to be carried.

You can fight the whole way through, of course, but for me, it’s somehow simpler to manoeuvre a child, a trolley/bike and a bag, along with the shopping, all the way home (then people wonder why I’m exhausted by bed time.)
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Kids Only! Hair Products And Lavera Sun Products Competition

I have two sets of goodies for today’s competition, both sponsored  by our lovely friends over at Husha Byebaby – do remember to check them out for their monthly special offers which give you good products at good value.

The first thing I want to tell you about today is the Kids Only! range of shampoo and conditioner from Jason.

Jason is an organic range that is not all natural, but has many natural ingredients and many less bad ingredients than most of the regular stuff on the shelves. If you have a child that doesn’t have a terrible allergies, or has a ‘normal’ skin, but you still want  to use something organic for them, Jason products are a lot cheaper than others, and they are definitely better than most off the shelf brands.
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Mamas & Papas Advance Booster Seat Competition

Like many parents, we’ve been through the gambit of baby equipment trying to find something that fits with both our lifestyle and our budget – no easy feat, I assure you.

When Ameli started weaning, we used a Bumbo seat sitting on the ground. That worked for a while, but soon we wanted her at the table with us, so we invested in a highchair. It wasn’t the one I wanted but it was one I could afford.  We paid around £70 for it, and I hated it because not only was she separate from the table, but the legs stuck out and it took up so much space – and we had to find a new place for the chair that normally went where the highchair was standing.
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Lactivist T-Shirt And Shopping Bag Giveaway

In the weeks after our home birth, I was on such a high that I would willingly tell the story to anyone that wanted to hear it – and possibly a few who mistakenly looked interested. I had a very cute little ‘born at home” onesie for Ameli, which going into winter, only saw the light of day once or twice, but the point was that I was really proud of our achievement, and of what we’d managed together and although she only wore it a couple of times (like to the Bring Back Birth March) it now lies in her memory box as something I treasure.
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Theraline Nursing and Maternity Pillows Giveaway

When I was pregnant I had a six foot pillow that became my best friend, especially as my bump grew and my pelvis took more and more strain. I had terrible PSD, and slept very little, and towards the end, even getting out of bed was painful. About the only time I slept was when I had my pillow between my knees and my bump resting on it.
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Mamascarf Breastfeeding Cover Giveaway

I have written before on my feelings on feeding covers, so I won’t dwell on it too much here. Suffice it to say this: If a mother wants to breastfeed, but is shy to do so in public, and faced with a bottle of formula or feeding cover, I would rather she went for the feeding cover.

To cover or not to cover is a surprisingly huge issue in the mother vs. mother politics of the breastfeeding world – personally, I don’t care. If it makes it easier for you to feed your baby, then go for it. If you don’t want to, don’t. No mother should be forced to cover up, nor should she be forced not to.
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Jackson Reece Herbal Wipes

I really love Jackson Reece baby wipes. I don’t get to use them as often as I like since they seem hard to find in a lot of the places near me, but when I do get to buy them, I love them.

I’ve written about Jackson Reece wipes before, so I’ll do a brief recap here before sharing the competition with you.

Jackson Reece wipes contain to alcohol, parabens, SLES or SLES.  There’s added aloe – a natural healer – lavender – a natural disinfectant – and tea tree oil – also a natural disinfectant and a very useful cleaning agent.Read more: Jackson Reece Herbal Wipes

GNappies Review and Giveaway

When  I first heard about gDiapers, I was really excited at the thought of a disposable nappy/reusable nappy hybrid. Unfortunately they weren’t available in the UK and I ended up using other brands I’ve been perfectly happy with. But, when I heard that Husha Byebaby were now importing gDiapers, rebranded for the UK as gNappies, I was really excited to try them out.
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Tidy Tray Giveaway

As a mum to be, you spend so much time worrying about all the things YOU simply have to have for your new baby. Soon, however, you realise that so much of it YOU really don’t need at all, and it’s once you stop worrying and actually just start listening to what your BABY needs that motherhood becomes so much more enjoyable, I think.

That said, however, there are sometimes things that you can get by perfectly fine without, but having just make life that little bit easier.
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