In the weeks after our home birth, I was on such a high that I would willingly tell the story to anyone that wanted to hear it – and possibly a few who mistakenly looked interested. I had a very cute little ‘born at home” onesie for Ameli, which going into winter, only saw the light of day once or twice, but the point was that I was really proud of our achievement, and of what we’d managed together and although she only wore it a couple of times (like to the Bring Back Birth March) it now lies in her memory box as something I treasure.

I guess I’ve been lucky in that I’ve never experienced outright negative comments with regards to either breastfeeding, or breastfeeding in public, and to the contrary h

ave actually been helped and encouraged.

My husband says that’s because I have such a fierce look of confidence about what I’m doing that no one would dare, but I must admit, I didn’t always feel that way.  Sometimes announcing your intentions, I guess, makes people understand that there really is no room for debate. Or, alternatively, sometimes you want people to know, so that you have an open door for sharing your story.

Day four of our National Breastfeeding Week competition brings you Lactivist.

Lactivist was set up by mum Lisa Cole in 2003 after she was criticized for breastfeeding in public. Lisa designed a tiny-shirt for her son to wear that promoted breastfeeding and the negative comments stopped, and right there, Lactivist was born.

Now Lactivist sells a range of pro-breastfeeding slogans no soft organic t-shirts for age 0 – 4 years. The slogans are professionally screen-printed onto organic, eco-friendly shopping bags, cute organic baby knot hats and badges, key rings, postcards and stickers.

On Lactivist you can also find news, views and notification of breastfeeding related events.

Today Lisa has two items to give to two Diary of a First Child in honour of National Breastfeeding Week.  All you have to do to enter is head over to the product page and choose your favourite t-shirt and your favourite bag. Come back here and in two separate entries for the two separate competitions leave two comments to let me know what your choice would be.

The competition closes at noon on July 8th, and winners will be drawn randomly using

The winners are Hayley G and Galina V

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Lactivist T-Shirt And Shopping Bag Giveaway

  1. Hello, I love BREASTFED – short sleeve organic 12-18mths and NOT ALL NAPPIES ARE RUBBISH – Short handled square shopping bag

  2. MILK FROM MY MUM NOT FROM JUST ANY OLD COW – short sl 3-4 years

    This one made me laugh so much.I love this one!.


  4. I love the care instructions t-shirt!!

    Thanks for the fabulous giveaway! I have shared on Facebook and on Twitter. Thank you once again xxx (Tracy Nixon MSE) (@TracyNixon).

  5. I also love the better than any old cow bag, as it’s attractive design drags the reader in and makes you pay attention to the message.

  6. I am a big fan of Lisa’s designs, and have two little t-shirts that my baby has outgrown already. I’d love a Better than any old cow bag with long handles, and a t-shirt: I’ll wean when I am ready (as it is spot on our situation, as everyone keeps asking when I am going to stop b/f).
    Many thanks!

  7. If I were choosing a bag it would have to be the any old cow one as well cos it is such a brill slogan!!!!!!!

  8. Gotta be the “better than mill from any old cow” top for my chunky 7 mth old breastfed boy (9-12 size! My milk is THAT good lol)

  9. The “All nappies aren’t rubbish” bag is so cute! I’m a doula and would love to bring it to births with me <3

  10. I love the organic “Care Instructions” t-shirt, i used to have it in 6-12m and i would love it now in 18-23m!!

  11. I love the long sleeve t-shirt for 6-9 months with the slogan “… any old cow”. Well done to your ex boyfriend for the idea!

  12. Ooops. Just realised I left one message not two! So take this one as for the bag! Mummy milk rocks!! This is what happens when I post while nursing a wriggly little 8 month old! Xxx

  13. Ooooo I’d LOVE a ‘care instructions: breastfeeding as required’ t-shirt fir my baby girl in 6-9mths! And for the bag I’d love the ‘Mummy Milk Rocks’ bag, as I’d use it to carry my pump etc to and from work!! Hope I win!!! Fab products!! Xxx

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