Disney Magical Bedtime Competition


I know it’s just too early to think about Christmas, really, but if you’d like to save yourself a packet, enter this competition to win a range of Disney goodies and stand a chance to put 4 presents and a Disney Magical Bedtime under the tree without spending a penny.

Bedtimes can sometimes be fraught for families, so to help encourage kids into bed with a little bit of magic, parents can now text the new Disney Magical Bedtime service to arrange for their children to receive a special goodnight call from four much-loved Disney characters including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Cinderella and Jake (the Never Land Pirate). To receive a Disney Magical Bedtime call text your chosen character name to 78000 or visit www.disney.co.uk/bedtime. Hurry, the service is only live until the end of september!

To celebrate the launch of the new ‘time for bed’ service,  I am giving  one lucky winner the chance to get their hands on the ultimate bedtime bundle, valued at £100.

The prize includes everything you need to give your little one a good night’s sleep including a Disney night light, duvet cover, soothing lullaby music CD, and Mickey Mouse soft toy.


  • Mickey Mouse soft toy (£20)
  • Philips SoftPal Mickey Night Light (£24.99)
  • Oral-B Stages Power Toothbrush (£25.75)
  • Mickey Mouse Single Duvet (£24.99)
  • Disney Magical Bedtime Collection Of Soothing Instrumental Lullabies – not available for purchase

To enter to win this competition, leave a comment below sharing your best bed time tip.

T&Cs:  Diary of a First Child is the sole promoter of this competition. The competition runs for one week, ending Tuesday 30th September at 23:59. The winner will be selected using Random.org, based on the position in the comments. Winner will be notified by email, so please make sure you add your email in the required space. Winners will have one week to respond before a new winner will be selected.  The prize cannot be exchanged for money. Promoter’s decision is final.



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224 thoughts on “Disney Magical Bedtime Competition

  1. Darren Freeman

    You need a routine, same time for for everything after dinner onwards, milk, bath, bed and read bedtime story with a slow droning voice, no picture books or excited voices, your voice gets slower with every page turned.

  2. Michaela B

    get to sleep before they do and then you wont mind when they sleep 😉
    seriously though, routine is the key, not that my children pay attention to me!

  3. mark burdon

    A routine. Regular bed times are key

  4. Anastasia Jones

    Quiet and quality time and space to get ready for bed, a bedtime story (something they know) until they get bored then change it for another favorite story. Then cuddles and kisses and say goodnight. Then its strict back to bed if they get out of bed and stick to routine. xxx

  5. Mark


  6. Jen Russon

    leave one of your items of clothing in their room, your scent will settle them x

  7. Trudie Forde

    My best trick is to first of all stick to a routine, that is crucial. Then get them a little bedlight, turn the main light off after tucking them in, and read them a book, while they have some milk and a cookie, and then off to sleep they go:)

  8. gemma brown

    try to stick to a routine. a story just before bed and a snuggle is very soothing as long as it’s not an exciting one

  9. Sarah Lewis

    Get into a night time routine and stick to it no matter what time of the year.

  10. Rebecca reynolds

    Bedtime routine, lavender bath, massage, milk, a soft bedtime story … Out like a light

  11. Alexandra McGahey

    A good set routine, at least Monday – Friday. Bath, brush teeth, then stories and bed

  12. Hutch2

    A consistent bedtime routine, involving a bedtime story and never get them to fall asleep watching a DVD

  13. Jane Middleton

    Bed time story so they are looking forward to it.

  14. tracy sinclair

    Stick to a routine, warm bath, no tv, nice bedtime story and then leave a night or dim light on x

  15. Susan Hall

    Bath then a story

  16. rebecca_john@sky.com

    A bath, soft lighting in bedroom, and a quietly read story to send them off to sleep 🙂

  17. Caroline Lyons

    a baby massage with soothing music and dimmed lights. works every time!

  18. jen louise jackson

    A nice warm bath and bedtime story

  19. C Kennedy

    Sticking to a routine is the most important thing. No matter how much they want to watch that cartoon on tele, if it’s bed time then it’s bed time in my house.

  20. Nicola Dudson

    I find the best thing to be reading them a bedtime story it really works

  21. Stephanie Burchatt

    I have no tips as my 2 year old doesn’t sleep but I am well prepared for Baby No 2 due to make an appearance this Christmas!
    I hope you will accept this as my entry.

  22. George Worboys Wright

    Routine – bath, favourite teddy, bedtime story!

  23. Holly S

    Routine! Be as consistent as possible, even when they’re tiny babies 🙂

  24. Kim Newsome

    A routine is vital in our house. Our 2 year old is an angel at bedtime (touchwood!) because he knows when it’s coming and all the steps leading up to it.

  25. Shelley Hawkins

    we have “last call for food” in our house so we’re not hit with “oh but i’m starving” when it’s toilet and teeth time.

  26. trudy

    warm bath, story with dim lights and quiet time.

  27. wendy b

    i read a chapter before dropping off to sleep.

  28. Stephanie Tsang

    A lovely warm bubble bath followed by a good book before bedtime.

  29. Annamarie Riddiford

    get the child to look forward to bedtime by having a fun routine including reading stories.

  30. kathleen hooper

    Hot bath and story before bed! xx

  31. Alison clark

    Stick to a routine – any break in routine can put you about for weeks.

  32. lucy dady

    make it a positive experience with sories and chatter.i find out 99 percent of things abiout my boy at bedtime.xx


    Always try and stick to the same routine,A nice warm bath then a good story read by mommy or daddy usually does the trick

  34. angela sandhu

    bedtime routine

  35. Gary Topley

    My daughter likes me to read her a story.

  36. Mark Rayner

    Got to be routine routine routine.

  37. Johannah Carroll

    Babies love routine so try to stick to yours as much as possible. Get out objects they associate with bedtime early eg. pacifiers, bottles, teddy bears and sleepy blankets half an hour before and remove their ‘active’ toys so they begin to understand it’s soon time for beddy-byes 😉

  38. Jenny Harper

    A regular routine is the single most important factor in my house. That and a bedtime story!

  39. If your baby uses dummies at night, get a Sleepytot bunny to hold the dummies in its velcro paws so they don’t get lost and baby can find them when they fall out.
    Laura Cooper’s last blog post ..Fascinating times


    Always stick t a bedtime routine – bath, bedtime story and a warm gass of milk. My lil girl always has her disney nighlight on too, eases herinto sleep gradually x

  41. leanne weir

    be consistent with your routine. Deviation is badddd

  42. Caroline Porcupine

    Nice warm bath followed by quiet time cosied up under a blanket with a favourite book or two

  43. Sarah

    Try and have a routine and stick to it, our little girl now gets excited by the idea of a bath and knows it links into bedtime and a story etc

  44. connie

    Bath story and a cuddle—same thing night after night

  45. Rebecca Shelton

    a warm bath and a bedtime story routine is very important.

  46. Julie Henderson

    lullabys softly in the background

  47. Kristy Brown

    A good nightly routine – and stick to it

  48. stephanie campbell

    a solid routine, bath, supper, teeth clean, bed time story cuddles and kisses and bed!

  49. Donna Coleman

    Start a good routine from day one and stick to it no matter what!

  50. Lee Jones

    Strangely enough, I always have a coffee before bed … and before that I take my husky Malamute out for a walk, that’s enough to make anyone tired.

  51. Kat Lucas

    Stick to routines and try not to rush about and multi-task. Focus on a calm bedtime to avoid battles

  52. Megan Adams

    Keep to the same routine every night.

  53. faybelle@googlemail.com

    stay with a routine and bedtime story

  54. Jessica Low

    Never try to rush the bedtime routine – it’s always met with resistance!

  55. Rachel Savery

    A lot of people have said a good routine which is true, but it has to be a calm and tranquil atmosphere, don’t get them excited just before bed and I always give a warning as to when they are going. i.e 5 more minutes… A good story to set them off daydreaming is also a good thing.

  56. Trudi Walsh

    Routine, bath, book and bed.

  57. nicci cowdell-murray

    A good routine is the key, we have a bath read a story , bottle and bed and it seems to work well

  58. Bernie Tyrrell

    Get into a good routine as early as possible, quiet time after a bath, cuddle, story and sleep. However tired mum or dad feel, keep to the routine it works!!

  59. gemma foster

    just a story…and calmness

  60. Gill Mitchell

    Implement a good routine from being tiny. We always started with going up for bath, followed by cuddles and books and then a song to go to sleep.

  61. Sue Harrison

    Be relaxed but firm and don’t give in to pleas for 5 more minutes. Once they realise bedtime means exactly that it will become easier

  62. Heidi Brown


  63. Ailsa

    A strict routine, we build in time for stories, unwinding and chat about the day. We have a relaxing routine (for nights its needed) where my son helps his teddy go to sleep by lying teddy on his tummy, watching him move up and down with deep breaths and then cuddling him with eyes shut and quiet to help teddy sleep.

  64. helenthemadex

    with 7 kids I have found that a good routine is essential for getting kids to bed, quiet time, teeth story for the little one

  65. steph lovatt

    Routine and something that plays white noise, we have a giraffe

  66. Andrea McGlashan

    Boring as it sounds.. a routine, bath, jammies, story, snuggles… sleep

  67. Claire Scott

    Routine and warm milk and snuggles ❤️

  68. Grace Tyler

    Sticking to the same bedtime routine every night without fail.

  69. elodie ladlow

    a good routine of bath, book and bed 🙂

  70. Allan

    Don’t have toys all around the bedroom – just bed time books!

  71. Rachel Sorrentino

    Shower, pyjamas, Cuddles and story time 🙂

  72. Naomi Hutchins

    My routine is bath, bottle and bed ie, Long soak, bottle of wine and bed. Exactly like my baby except the grown up version 🙂

  73. Caroline Mortimer

    My little girl has always been a nightmare to get to sleep but things are easier now we have a soft glowing nightlight that projects shapes on the ceiling and walls. No sound though as that just makes her want to get up! 😀

  74. Rebecca May

    A warm bath, dimmed lighting, a nice story and a big kiss


    A good bedtime routine with a warm bath and a nightlight to reassure them

  76. kim plant

    (WHITE NOISE) in the old days you had to use washing machines,hoovers and evan the shower which could cost a lot of money but now in the modern days you can use the internet on your phone … youtube noises like waves,rain or evan a fan and there anythink between 8-10 hours long, works a treat for babies toddlers and evan adults …. I used this on my twins as I found it hard the first couple of weeks to have ANY sleep 🙂 please try it works a treat just experiment with different white noises x

  77. Lynsey Buchanan

    Reading a bedtime story to my daughter always works

  78. Carol Cann

    Routine and storytime, Has always worked for us, has helped whilst we have been away too

  79. Sarah Jenkins

    My nephew loves a bath, milk story and a foot rub to help him sleep! He knows how to con his aunty!

  80. Kimberley b

    Definitely a bed routine that you stick to! Ours is pyjamas then a cuddle and take him up to his room saying goodnight to the fish on our way up and saying hello to his room and kiss him goodnight 🙂

  81. Rosalind Blight

    Set a bedtime routine from an early age and stick to it as much as possible

  82. Mary Dunlop

    Keeping to the same routine every night. It does work!

  83. Jo Wakefield

    Bath, Story & cuddles, milk and then sleep

  84. emma Perry

    Chill time with mummy and daddy then some nice warm milk and bed. 🙂

  85. sian hallewell

    Got to be have a bedtime routine and stick to it. Important to include some quiet time in that routine, which has always been story time in our house.

  86. Lynda Sanderson

    Keep the routine the same, let they say what is next, make it special and based around them. Do not try to do other jobs at the same time.
    It doesn’t matter if its Mum, Dad or Auntie, Nan etc. as long as the routine is the same.
    Its a special time for the cuddles and loves, I love it.

  87. Selina Jefferies

    A Bath, a book and a good set routine

  88. sarah

    a bath and a bedtime story, bit of lavender essence on pillows.

  89. jason wills

    if you have a shelf full of childrens books with pictures in you say to them at bedtime the first one upstairs to the bed gets to pick the story,usuall y gets them racing you up the stairs.Then a soft light and cuddle up with a book with pictures in that they can see when you are reading does the trick to get them to sleep with about a 20 minute story.

  90. Danika Lloyd

    relaxing in a dimly lit room for an hour before bed

  91. hannonle (alison)

    The most important thing is to have a calm environment, which isn’t always easy with tired cranky children.

  92. Sarah Bates

    Countdown after a bath. I’m always telling my boys 1 hour till bed, 30 mins till bed, 10 mins till bed. Story. Bed. Job done. They know it’s coming and are happy to go to sleep.

  93. nice and quiet and a bedtime story does it for me

  94. jodie harvey

    stay relaxed and calm, low soothing tone and dimmed lights 🙂


    dont feel pressure of making your routine perfect , theres many mums out there that make others feel that they arnt good enough but at the end of the day gut instinct and doing what works best for u is most important for you and your child.

  96. Gemma Snell

    we have a routine that we hardly break, tea, bath, snuggles on sofa, hot milk, story and bed. with our kisses routine which goes cheek, cheek, forehead nose 🙂

  97. Kelly Brooks

    Keeping to the same routine every night and taknig 30 mins to wind down before bed works for my two.

  98. israr baig

    Don’t go to sleep over thinking things if you do your mind will be working while u want to relax and you will be turning all nite and waking up though out.

    So an hour before stop thinking and relax and THEN go to bed

  99. kirstine meredith

    A nice warm bath with bubbles and lots of fun! Followed by a bedtime story, cuddles and sweet dream wishes.

  100. Karen Lloyd

    Stick to your routine, no matter what.

  101. Rita King

    Always try to have a quite 30-60 mins before bed, preferably with stories and lots of snuggles.

  102. moota1514@gmail.com

    Bath, bottle bed story and a cuddle.

  103. claire fawkner

    bath, milk, story, bed – stick to it!

  104. Allison sullivan

    a lovely warm bath and a nice short story with warm snuggly pyjamas.nice warm bedroom with the landing light on for comfort with the door ajar and it settles the child and they look forward to bed and also to cuddle with their fave teddies

  105. lana leman

    bath, story, sleep 🙂

  106. barbara

    always go to bed calm and happy and read a little happy story a cuddle and a hug and then they feel the world is content and should sleep well mine did

  107. Deborah Munn

    Bath, milk and a story in bed. x

  108. diana bose

    reading a book,lots of cuddles and then a warm good night kiss.

  109. Anthony Harrington

    we find routine very important, keeping the same time and doing the same things leading up to bedtime. A bath, pj’s and a story.

  110. Corinne Henson

    Quiet time for a hour then bath story and bed zzzzzz

  111. amelia_avossa@hotmail.com

    a disney book before bed 🙂

  112. vic

    dont make bedtime routine too complicated a story and a cuddle and a little bedtime rhyme such as night night sleep tight. that way if your away from home you can still keep things familiar.

  113. Jessica

    My best bedtime tip is , favourite teddy, a couple of short stories , a nice warm bottle of milk and a goodnight song and kiss.

  114. Rachel M

    Cuddle and a good story just before bed always does the trick.

  115. Ghalib Khan

    Stay with the youngsters for 10 mins pat their boy, massage their heads, just let them know you are there. Comfort like a guardian. They relax and drop-off.

  116. Claire dykins

    Warm bath with lavender scented bubbles, clean pjs, snuggle up with a story read in a soothing voice xx

  117. Sonia G

    Have a clear routine and stick to it.

  118. Liz Price

    A night light worked wonders for us and telling her that it was lit by the pixie hollow fairies that were watching over her.

  119. Samantha Bowler

    A warm bath, a story then cuddles and kisses always works!


    Quiet time – about half hour before bed time we have quiet time – bath, stories and cuddles on the sofa – fave time of day 🙂

  121. karen ross

    For me it’s routine, bath, books, bottle, cuddle and cot

  122. Mrs Rachel Heap

    Have a good bedtime routine and do what you feel is best as a parent

  123. Denise

    Nice cosy bubbly bath, then a nightly story to wind down with lots of cuddles.

  124. lindsay chadburn

    a nice routine, bath, supper, hot drink and a story!!! always works in my house

  125. sharon

    sticking to a routine works. Bathtime, story and cuddles.

  126. Vikki Sanderson

    Work out the routine and stick to it – personally I’ve found this works – dinner, half hour/an hour crazy play to tire them out, then some TV time, then have a wash/shower/bath and into pjs, cup of warm milk, teeth brushed, into bed and tucked in, followed by story time, a kiss and hug and then lights out.

  127. Catherine McAlinden

    Routines are fantastic, but be prepared to make adjustments. Watching out for signs of tiredness and bringing bed time forward. Or skipping the bath if they just need to sleep.

  128. lyn burgess

    Try to keep to a routine, and keep everything calm and relaxed. A bath followed by pyjamas, milk, a book, teeth cleaning, cuddle and snuggle down in bed with some soft music.

  129. tommy

    a nice bath, a calming story then a swift knock on the head with a mallet. Tends to put them out cold

  130. pm liu

    nice warm bath, milk and then dim the lights for a bedtime story, my little one loves the colourful ones and she loves it when put on silly animated voices

  131. kris

    bedtime story

  132. Emma Hutton

    Definitely getting a routine is key – a good half an hour without games to calm everyone down and a couple of stories usually works

  133. leigh boyle

    bath then 30 min tickle and getting rid of extra energy then quite story time and snuggles in bed =)

  134. Pauline Hill

    10 mins story

  135. Eleanor Mcgarry

    Me and my 6 month old have a routine of bath, fed and ready for bed by 7 followed by a Disney story and cuddles before sleep!

  136. Kerry

    After dinner I have playtime with my baby till 7pm when I give my baby a bath turn the telly down and the light off and lie on the sofa with him and read him a story as he drinks his bottle of milk and he falls asleep then I put him in his cot,(my baby won’t go in his cot until he’s asleep).

  137. Sarahann Tonner

    No TV, games or anything to get them excited at least half an hour before bed. Bathtime, then a story and then lights out.

  138. Joanne Baldwin

    Make everything very cosy and cuddly Read a story and make time to chat about your day.

  139. sandra b

    have a routine, bath, bottle, bed 🙂

  140. Keshia Esgate

    Regular bedtime!

  141. Routine is key – and if you’re calm, hopefully the little people will be too!

  142. sarah evans

    set a routine from a young age

  143. toniquandt@googlemail.com

    I have a set routine which we dare not stray from, Bath,milk,story teeth then bed, we use a blackout blind and a dim nightlight which all help her fall asleep within minutes.

  144. Clare B.

    Don’t use being sent to bed as a threat for punishing bad behaviour. If bed time is a punishment then children won’t want to go to bed. No one likes to be punished.

  145. Shona Fleming

    We have the same routine every night, bath, some hot milk and then upstairs to be for a story, works wonders and both my boys sleep for 12 hours every night.

  146. abigail edkins

    no tv at least an hour before bed and a non cluttered room

  147. Jemma Taylor

    Routine is key

  148. Lorraine Tinsley

    A good routine, we do bottle, dinner, bath, cuddle and a story then bed. I have to remind my husband not to wind them both up and get them all excited though!!

  149. Michelle Carlin

    A playful bathtime and teeth brushed. Followed by milk and cuddles and a bedtime story.

  150. Tina Hewitt

    Get into a routine and be consistent

  151. Kevin Bloomfield

    Bedtime means bedtime! No fiddling about for half an hour. Otherwise the fiddling about will get longer and longer as the child gets older!

  152. simone lee


  153. Charlotte

    Calm everything down an hour before bed. Get into a routine, bath, bedtime story, lights out. Relax!

  154. Alana Walker

    Get them into a routine from a very young age. It makes things a lot easier.x

  155. karbar53@hotmail.com

    Bath Book Bed

  156. Hilda Hazel Wright

    Calming everything right down, over-excited children don’t want to sleep! Bath time or reading is great, nice quiet time!

  157. Elizabeth Johnson

    White noise works brilliantly for babies, we leave the radio on in the baby’s bedroom playing white noise static – it blocks out any outside noise from our other kids and is similar to the sounds the baby would have heard in the womb.

  158. k dunn

    read a book and just chill and keep to the routine!

  159. Chris Toulson

    Slowly dim the lights in all rooms to get the atmosphere ready

  160. Kathleen marsden

    Wherever you are let it always be you who puts them to bed . Have the Same routine and let them know that you love them by being the last one to kiss them goodnight

  161. Kelly L

    Keep a routine of going to bed at the same time each night and always snuggle up with a bedtime story.

  162. fern blackmore

    make sure the child knows bed is for sleeping! if they see their bed as somewhere to play then they wont be ready to sleep when they go in it, during the day they can read quietly in bed but not playing with active toys and jumping around. and as everyone else has said routine & stick to it as much as possible, but DONT stress about bedtime! it will make the kid play up more! keep it light & easy so little ones are relaxed and not tense. my 3 year old sleeps 7pm until 8.30am and has done from a year old 😀


    a good bedtime routine, and blackout blinds!

  164. Dean Willoughby

    Routine, early to bed on school nights and a bed time story. Still working 10 years on.

  165. STOP making a fuss!!!

  166. Rachael Marsden

    Stick to a routine from very early on, make bedtime a nice thing that we look forward to

  167. Kelly Hooper

    Make a routine and stick to it

  168. Sallyanne Gooch

    Routine. Bath, bottle and bed.

  169. Tom Baines

    routine bath, hot milk, bed read for 15 minutes normally together, prayers and sleep

  170. Natasha M

    An hour before bed start the ‘quiet time’ then we bath, read & bed. If they dont have this wind down time, bedtimes are harder

  171. Mrs Kerry Valla

    A warm bath, bed time story, cuddles and night light.

  172. siobhan davis

    No tv, bath, bedtime story and cuddles always say you love your children before bed

  173. Lauren Hamilton

    Keep the routine for bedtime the same every night, my little girl is only 8 months old but she knows that once she has had a bath, bottle and a bedtime story that it is time to sleep and she goes to bed no problem every night 🙂 x

  174. claire

    don’t have toys in the bedroom. try to make it as neutral and calm as possible

  175. ragan bennett

    Routine is the key and perseverance 🙂

  176. Lay the baby down gently (dropping them now would be a big mistake) with a gentle shhhh, (resist the urge to scream please go to sleep, please, I haven’t sleep all week). Next tiptoe out of the room (mind that creaking floorboard that ruined last night’s best attempts)and then carefully close that door. Mission accomplished – go pour yourself a nice, big glass of wine – you deserve it.
    lisa’s last blog post ..Sponsored Video: Baby Days Do Pass, I Realise

  177. Anna

    I have always stayed with my children and read to them. When they were babies I read whatever book I was reading out loud and the sound of my voice and my presence calmed them. A warm Lavender bath helped one of my children.

  178. Rebecca Miller

    Absolutely could not live without a blackout blind!

  179. Helen Allan

    Stick to the same nightly routine of bath, feed, cuddles and bed. Keep everything relaxed and soothing. Dim lighting helps too. The main thing is to make sure night time if very different to day and they soon get the idea.

  180. Michelle Evans

    I used to lie with my youngest on the bed with a night light and gently sing, as nights went on i moved further along bed and eventually on to a chair until eventually I was out of the room, taking my singing quietly to a humming and eventually nothing, left night light on for a couple of nights and never had problem since,

  181. Rebecca

    Bath,Milk & Disney Film To Fall Asleep to 🙂

  182. Michelle Ptak

    A strict routine of bath, bed time story and musical light to soothe them.

  183. SHAZZ

    Don’t feed them any sugary snacks before bedtime- gets them too hyper

  184. Cathy O

    Bath and lots of loving!

  185. kate andrews

    A nice bubbly bath and a couple of chapters of a book

  186. Kay Adams

    Bath, bottle bed story and a cuddle.

  187. Sarah Dunscombe

    Routine, lots of warm cuddles whilst reading a bedtime story and a goodnight kiss, nightlight on and Tigger to cuddle.

  188. FionaLynne Edwards

    A warm bath, cuddles and low lighting in the bedroom.

  189. sallyann johnston

    Routine, bath, Quiet time,cuddles,warm milk & a nice story! Also a must is a dark room so maybe a black out blind for light nights & mornings helps a lot x

  190. Jennifer Stokes

    A bath, a biscuit and some warm milk, followed by a snuggle and story time

  191. Marc Chivers

    Start the process early

  192. Catharine Amaro

    Go to bed early

  193. Chris L

    Lavender baby bath story night light on

  194. tracey ryder

    get into a routine, bath and a story and stick to it

  195. Tracy Nixon

    A routine of bath, bottle, bed, story, night light on and a kiss goodnight 🙂

  196. Michelle Best

    A bedtime story and a cuddle

  197. Jen Schofield

    Always have a routine

  198. Adele

    I think just be calm yourself at bed time and dont stress about it and your child will pick up on it and relax also and you will find it is a lot easier once the tension has gone first.

  199. Rena Plumridge

    Bath, bottle bed, works evrtime.

  200. Bryony

    Calm half hour before bed, a bath and then a story. Tuck them in and kiss them goodnight. The trick is then not to go back …

  201. Ann

    Best advice is to stick to a routine, bath, story time and milk x

  202. Isabell Stewart

    Sticking to a bedtime routine is good. I always have a small snack and a warm drink at bedtime. Then some quiet time with a short story while their in bed.

  203. David Reeves

    Always leave them to g to sleep with a kiss and a happy thought.

  204. jodie chambers

    Bath time, milk, kiss and then down to sleep with his comforter!


    Stick to a consistent time and routine, a story before bed is always good

  206. barbara hewitt

    Routine is everything 🙂

  207. pauline black

    routine as early on as possible. A bath, story, warm milk and cuddle time. We had no problems with our grandson as he always knew when it was bed time and as long as we stuck to the routine there was never any fuss.

  208. Grant Barrett

    same routine always hour wind down followed by a hot chocolate,story time then bed

  209. Kate Loader

    Have the same routine every night, so the chid knows when its about to be bedtime. At the same time, make it enjoyable and spend quality time including interacting with a bedtime story.

  210. NICOLA

    A nice bubble bath, a bedtime story, a comfy bed, reassuring night light and plenty of cuddles makes for a good nights sleep x

  211. Tammy Stevenson

    Warm milk 🙂

  212. Isabelle Smith

    soothing music

  213. Fleur JJ webb

    Stick to a routine to make a child feel secure, have a quiet time before bed time and slowly wind a child down, end the routine with a story a tuck in and a kiss. My kids just see bed time as a normal thing as its just part of a normal routine with tight boundaries and there is never a struggle.

  214. Kirsten Todd

    Having a good bedtime routine is my best tip. I always follow the same routine with my two boys. Bath, followed by some warm milk and a light snack then I give them a story, then it’s upstairs to brush their teeth then bed. It works a treat every night.

  215. Andy W

    Get a routine; the sooner you have a routine the better, the LO will get used to it and expect bed time and know it’s bed time. And ALWAYS read a story.

  216. Rebecca I

    Routine is key!

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