If your kids love their Disney characters,  you can get them make a phone call to your child, telling them it’s time for bed. This service is available only for this week – it ends at the end of September, and is such a sweet thing.

My 4 year old Ameli is Princess obsessed at the moment, and when I got Cinderella to call her as she lay in bed a few weeks ago, her little face lit up. It was really cute. I was worried it might send her into a tail-spin instead of dreamland, but no – she went to bed with a smile on her face, and all for the price of a text message.


How does it work? 

Well, to get a beloved character to call you, all you have to do is text either:

  • Mickey
  • Minnie
  • Cinderella
  • Jake

to 78000

A few seconds later you will receive a call with a message telling you to hand the phone to your child.

10 seconds will pass, and an automated message will start playing, telling the children to brush their teeth, and snuggle up in bed, and then the special moment:  a message from ‘a special friend of ours’ starts playing.

It’s really sweet and the girls have loved it.

I’m quite sad that the service is ending, rather than expanding!

Give it a try – you can hear the messages on the website here, choose your favourite, and send the text when your child is ready.

And while you’re at it, enter the competition to win a hamper of Disney goodies!


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Disney Bedtime Magic – Get A Disney Character To Phone Your Child

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