Sponsored Video: Baby Days Do Pass, I Realise


Earlier this week I was sent a video title #VoiceofMums with a group of mums and babies singing about pretty much what life with a new baby can be like sometimes. It made me smile, watching these new mums try to juggle their babies while singing on camera – pretty much what most of my days are like, without the singing or the camera… but constantly juggling.

It also made me think about those baby days, and I realised a little whistfully that while I’m so sad that they are over, I’m also a little bit relieved. It’s not that it’s all plain sailing now – on the contrary, the tantrums, claims to ownership, discovering that you do indeed have a will of your own, and learning to share, explore and try out independence (we woke up on Sunday morning to find that our four year old wasn’t in the house. She’ had in fact woken early and gone to the neighbours for a play with their daughter! If we weren’t moving I’d be putting a bolt on the door, following that experience!) are all unique, different and come with their own challenges.

But the challenges are different now and those all consuming baby days, were in fact incredibly short lived – even more so the second time around. I know when you’re in it, it feels like they’ll never end, but I have to join the chorus of mothers now, who say ‘Enjoy it! It just ends so very, very soon’. Sorry. But it turns out they were right, and now there’s not much I can do about it!Well, Mum & Me on behalf of Cussons filmed this little video, inviting real mothers to their studio,by way of trying to promote the Baby Bath to Comfort Snuffles, a blend which contains a menthol fragrance to help relieve snuffly little noses.

I hope it makes you smile too, and as you go about your day, humming to the tune of “If you’re happy and you know it”, it’ll fill your mind with happy memories of the baby days too.

This post has been sponsored by Cusson’s, but all thoughts are my own

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3 thoughts on “Sponsored Video: Baby Days Do Pass, I Realise

  1. It really makes me happy whenever I see a baby whether in a good mood or bad. It feels like free from stress and all you want to do is play with them. I miss having a baby on our house. Thanks for sharing this video. I had fun watching it. Great post!
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