Have you ever been desperate for a massage, manicure or other pampering, but unable to make an appointment for treatments, and unable to get there or find childcare, or even make it on time if you could? Well, I may just have found the solution!

A few weeks ago I met a lovely young lady called Gintare, who owns a company called Blossom & Jasmine, a mobile health and beauty company.

By the end of our conversation, I had had a manicure and booked a massage at home.

A colleague of hers, Lijana, arrived at my house with her massage table and equipment at the arranged time, and set up while I fed my daughter and passed her to my husband to look after. Lijana gave me beautifully soft towels to cover myself with and I lay on my back as she started with my feet and legs. She administered one of the firmest and most therapeutic massages I have ever had.

Normally I find the legs are given a tertiary rub and the stomach area is entirely glossed over in a body massage, but not this day. My legs received at least fifteen minutes (though I really wasn’t watching the clock) of magnificent kneading. I’m pretty sure if I had that treatment every other day, I’d have no cellulite.blossom and jasmine

Lijana massaged my stomach and my arms, and then the back of my legs and my back, neck and shoulders, and I actually fell into a deeply relaxed semi-consciousness as I relaxed more than I thought possible in my own living room.

Lijana was quiet, reserved and exceptionally good at what she does. It was an absolute pleasure to have her there, and although I’d initially been a little concerned about it being awkward, it wasn’t at all.

Once she was ready to go, my husband let her out while I snuggled with my baby, still dressed in my nightgown and able to enjoy the state of relaxation without having to venture out in public with an oily skin, while trying to navigate traffic, transport and people in  my usual post-massage groggy state.

It was amazing, and I’d happily do it again.

Blossom and Jasmine will come to your home, workplace, party venue, PR event or wherever else you may require them, and provide you with a minimum of an hour’s relaxation.

They offer a range of treatments for both women and men, and cater for individuals or groups, and they also travel nationwide.

As an added bonus for mums, Blossom and Jasmine offer shared appointments for up to two people, which in practice, means that you can have your treatment while a friend watches your child, and then they have theirs while you watch their child.

Blossom and Jasmine are offering a 10% discount to all readers of this blog. Just quote DIARY OF A FIRST CHILD when booking at Bookings@blossomandjasmine.com or call 0845 269 5937. Click the image above for a full price list.

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A Little Bit of Heaven in your Home – Blossom & Jasmine

  1. Eeek! So excited to hear about their services – esp. in your own home and with a discount. Will def ring them! Thanks!!

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