I’ve never been a normal girl. No really. I can prove it in one sentence. Here it is: I don’t like shoe shopping. I know. Shock, horror.

Its not my fault though. I blame it on my clumpy feet. They’re wide and big. Perhaps if I had tiny little size 4 feet I’d always find shoes and shopping wouldn’t be such a mission, but in my clumpy size 7 or 8, I can never find the size I need in the shoe I want. It’s an exercise in frustration. Why would I pay for that?

And I love being barefoot anyway.

Of course, now my daughter comes along and I want to be careful not to impart my prejudices on her. I know that might sound strange, but I really don’t want her to dread shoe or clothes shopping the way I do.

My sister bought Ameli some very cute shoes recently, but we had a really rough time trying to figure out what the right size is for her. Not even the salesman knew how baby shoe sizes relate to their ages.

I’m also aware that just because shoes are cute doesn’t mean they’re going to be good for her feet. I know we have a little time yet, as she’s just starting to crawl, but I like to be prepared.

I came across this video which shows you how to measure feet properly.  The company that did the video actually also have a really informative website, where you can do the foot measurement and then calculate using their converter to a shoe size, meaning anything you buy should fit really well.

Which will be a lot easier than getting a squirming baby to try on shoes, perched on a counter top in the middle of a busy shop fifteen minutes before closing. You know. When the shop attendant is at his most patient.

Take my word for it.

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If the Shoe Fits

  1. Baby shoe sizes don’t relate to age at all but any shop will measure them up free of charge. I got Bombi’s feet measured then buy her secondhand shoes that are hardly worn so that the shape of them hasn’t been moulded too much to another baby’s feet. Kids outgrow shoes so quickly at this young age that you can easily find ones in near-perfect condition on ebay and in charity shops. I just cannot believe how much kids’ shoes cost. Yet another way for kids’ shops to suck loads of money out of you!!!
    .-= Lorraine´s last blog ..Bombi is ‘The King’ =-.

  2. I buy shoes at garage sales? Oh (and shock) I despise purses too. Bring on the flip flops and a backpack. My poor sister has three girls. I get hives thinking of all the hours in a dressing room. 🙂

  3. I wear a 9 1/2 so I agree that a 7 or 8 would be great. I’m annoyed with shoe shopping for kids because the brands are all sized differently. US kids shoes are mostly really wide and my daughter has narrow feet. Sketchers are really narrow, but we like to have a variety. And her feet grow so fast – she doesn’t mind because she loves shoes.
    .-= Joey @ Big Teeth & Clouds´s last blog ..My legs aren’t ready =-.

  4. We should shoe shop together – you try one side of the shop, I’ll try the other and hopefully we’ll find something we both can wear!
    .-= Vic´s last blog ..Blue =-.

  5. 1) You really think a 7 or 8 is clunky? Lol. I wear an 11. Actually, I wear a 10 1/2 but no one in the US makes that size, so I have to get an 11.

    2) I’m going to bookmark this page for next time I’ve got to buy shoes for M. What a great resource! 🙂
    .-= Maya´s last blog ..Breastfeeding Questions Answered =-.

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