Last week I was asked if I would be interested in featuring gift website, The Handpicked Collection. I originally turned it down, but after spending a little time on their site and really liking what they had to offer, lo and behold, here I am writing about them after all.

I haven’t even looked at what they offer for ‘him’, of for ‘her’ or what their special offers are yet, but I love the range they have for children. Any company that goes beyond TV characters (in fact, I don’t think there was even one to be found) and plastic already rate highly in my book, and to really climb in my estimation, there needs to be wood and anything that encourages outdoor or imaginative play.

Well, The Handpicked Collection delivers. Their wooden toys span the ages and they have a truly fantastic range – from pop up toys for babies, to pull along toys for toddlers and a wooden flower press for older children, to my favourite item: the wooden London in a bag set.

There are outdoors game sets such as cricket, rounders, family croquet and badminton as well as a good range of craft items, including a paint your own umbrella kit, paint your own wellies kit, and a ‘things to make’ activity kit.

For the older children, there are -what I think are – pretty awesome sets and kits too: An allotment starter kit, an explorer kit and a science museum cosmic rocket or jet racer.

With plenty of gifts for under £15, there are so many stocking filler items to choose from, and for the rest their prices are really reasonable.

I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised by The Handpicked Collection, and I suspect most of my Christmas shopping will come from here. I hope it has inspired you too, and given you some unusual and refreshingly exciting gift ideas.

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The Handpicked Collection Review

  1. Luschka, thank you for your lovely post. It is always incredibly encouraging to hear good things back about the site and we appreciate it!
    all the best, Natasha

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