We’ve had a decidedly uneventful week here. Apart from one or two good moments. Not sure what’s going round. Guess we are just waiting for spring.

Day 63 – Toys

One of Ameli’s toys is this lovely colourful octopus. She really loves it. It’s nice and colourful and has crinkly bits, a rattle and so on.

Day 64 – Grocery Shopping

So, ordinarily grocery shopping is not something I would write about or take photos of, but today I received my new Trolley-Dolly and so thrilled am I with it, that I went straight out to the shops. And that, with sorting groceries took up the majority of my day. How did I ever fit a full time job in with all this?

Day 65 – Sunshine in the Park

Ameli and I went to the park as the sun was shining. It wasn’t warm, but it was lovely to have the sun on our skins

Day 66 –Reclaiming Birth Rally

A rally for the closed Albany, and to tell the government that we need more midwives and more support for homebirths

Day 67 –Nothing

Yes, that’s right. Nothing. Not a single picture. Not a single thing happened. Nothing. A thoroughly empty day. Watermarked just so you know it’s working.

Day 68 – A day in Venice

Oh, how I wish. I read this book in 2008 and loved it, having been in Venice before. Then in September 2008, I spent more time in Venice. I so long for a holiday. It’s been almost a year since I’ve been anywhere exciting.  I’m about to lose my title as ‘avid traveller’. I thought I’d dip back in to the beauties of Venice for an afternoon.

Day 69 -Swirls

An as yet undelivered Christmas gift for a friend, the swirls on the packaging caught my eye.

Thank you so much for joining us for our week in pictures!


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