Being a Work from Home Mom, okay, a STAY at Home Mom, but let me tell you this is HARD WORK!, there tends to be the temptation to sleep really late on these cold, dark winter mornings. There’s little nicer than snuggling in bed with my little one till the sun, if there is one, is high up in the sky.

Unfortunately, nothing much gets done that way! So I resolved to wake earlier this year, and get the day’s chores out of the way while Ameli is still sleepy/sleeping/peaceful. At the time, I’d totally forgotten what 7am looks like.



365-4 Madman’s Resolutions!

  1. It is even darker at 6am I assure you… But you are right, snuggling in a warm bed with a small one still sticky with sleep is worth savouring. Slightly different when they are almost as tall as you and taking up so much more than the bed but still sweet.

  2. I need to make the same change. I need to be up, dressed and have breakfast ready before my four munchkins get up. I have gotten into a bad habit, but now is a good time to change.

    Good luck with your new resolution. I hope it’s one we both stick to.

  3. Got your comment on my blog… I’d LOVE to have you be a guest blogger! So far, we have posts lined up about breastfeeding and also top baby products from other bloggers. Let me know what topics you’d like to write about, and we’ll see what fits! I love your breastfeeding post, by the way. I truly hope to be able to breastfeed my newborn, and your post got me even more excited about that possibility!

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