I know you’ve heard it all, had it totally jammed down your throat, and quite frankly, couldn’t care less, but I have to share with someone why I thank God for my breasts.

feedingOf course, I’m talking about feeding my baby here, rather than their other, more commonly appreciated function (I don’t have to spell it out, do I?)

I’m going to totally ignore the doctors/midwives/old wives and their reasons why ‘breast is best’, and tell you what I love about it. Here goes.

1) I love the fact that I am personally nourishing my baby. Sometimes I feel like a big pool of love is flowing from just above my belly button right through that there nipple and in to her. Sound strange? Sorry ’bout that.

2) I love her 4am feed. I can see her little face peering up at me in the moonlight/general light that bounces off the clouds in London. During those feeds she stares up at me, her eyes not budging from mine and it’s as if the whole world, my whole life, her whole future passes between us in those moments. Precious special moments between just me and my little girl.

3) My sister lavishes Ameli in attention. My husband can get the biggest smiles from her. Friends spoil her with gifts and clothes. In fact, even friends of friends spoil her. Strangers in shops stop to comment on how small/cute/beautiful she is. I can do all the above, but my doing so is diluted in it having been done by others. I alone can give her this. This is my gift to her.

4) I can sit on the sofa for a few hours every day, and burn up to 500 calories without lifting a finger. I’ve spent entire days of my life in the gym, weeks on diets, years thinking about both. Never have I burned 500 calories by sitting. I can’t complain.

5) I am so totally disorganised. I say I’m going out for an hour, and come back five hours later. I say I’m going to one shop, and end up traipsing around a city. If I had to carry bottles, my poor child would starve. I love that I can feed her whenever, wherever. I love that I don’t have to carry bottles. Big nappy bags drive me crazy.

6) I am fascinated by the ‘power’ of breast milk. I have used it to cure Ameli’s ear infection in under 12 hours, her congestion in 20 minutes, and an eye infection in about the same length of time. Of course, she thought I’d gone blind, what with putting milk in her eyes, ears and nose all in a 24 hour period. Poor little girl. She scratched her face with her nails, and the milk even cleared those up in less than a day.

7) More on the miracle of breast milk – I am awed by the fact that it naturally thickens in cold weather, thins in hot weather. I don’t know any other food that does that!

8 ) My breasts seem to know when my baby is hungry. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. Last night I was sitting on the sofa quitely burning calories, and I said to my sister that Ameli would wake soon. I knew because my breasts were aching. Not 15 seconds passed, and she woke up very hungry. My breasts knew, and told me. Love it.

9) No matter what has upset her, whether she’s been hurt, is tired, is hungry, or is feeling unwell, a few moments at the breast and she’s happy again.

10) When Ameli is really really hungry, she’ll attack the boob with ferocity, have a few sips and pull away long enough to flash me a smile, before focusing all her attention back on lunch. It is simply too cute. That in addition to having developed a habit of holding on to the breast as if to say ‘MINE! ALL MINE!’… well, it melts me.

Nope, I am sure there are many who wont agree, and there are as many who would love to agree, but for some reason just couldn’t, but for me breastfeeding has been one of the most unexpected beauties of parenting.


For the Love of Breasts

  1. I love it all, especially number eight. So true. It’s amazing how in tune our bodies become with our little ones.

  2. Oh, so sweet. They really are magical, aren’t they?

    Right now when my little guy is sick with a stomach bug and nursing is all he can take, I love knowing I’m pouring something even better than medicine into him. He knows he needs it, because he’ll just sit and nurse all day when he’s ill. I was thinking about something I read the breastfeeding in mammals probably started as a way to transfer antibodies rather than calories, which I thought was really interesting!

    Is it weird that I still get weepy thinking about weaning? And my guy’s almost 3! 🙂 So glad to have these special moments with him while I can.
    .-= Lauren @ Hobo Mama´s last blog ..Breastmilk as an acne treatment =-.

  3. So true! I used to pity bottle fed babes, but now I am a breastfeeding mom I pity the mothers also, those who unwittingly didn’t keep it up long enough to enjoy the splendor we have!

  4. Yes to each and every one of those reasons! I miss nursing – it was such a great bonding time/experience. And what?! to #6 – I didn’t even know that was possible!!!

    …and on a complete side note – I must apologize for never commenting on your blog. I thought I had added you to my reader, but apparently I didn’t get you in there. You are now, though!

  5. Numbers 3 and 5 on your list are the main ones for me now that Bombi is not so boob-dependent these days.

    I am DREADING the day that I stop breastfeeding. I sometimes worry she is trying to self-wean. This evening, for example, she wasn’t interested in the boob at all. Fingers crossed she’ll be back on it in the morning, she goes through phases!

  6. I loved feeding both of mine and mourned when Princess weaned early but she wanted to run after her brother :sigh:

    Wait until they’re old enough to argue about whose breasts they are. 😆

  7. I am so glad that you have found the joys of your breasts… and appreciate them! My oldest daughter is brestfeeding her 6 month old daughter and has said nearly the exact same things you did about her experience.
    She is working in a medical office and has been having other medical professionals in the office give her a hard time about taking time during her breaks to pump. She was shocked and disappointed in the disapproval from other mothers, and more so because they are medical people who know all reasons why this is a good thing to do. But she refuses to let others dictate her life.
    Been there done that… years from now you will look at your child and remember those sweet & tender 4am feedings and wish for that intimacy again… like when she is a Mom with a 6 month old who is experiencing the joys of being a mother too…

  8. I loved nursing babies. It was so precious and I would go back in time if I could. Now that mine are 16, 13, and 10 it holds such a special place in my heart. It is one of the best parts of being a new mommy!!!

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