There’s a huge difference between having your first baby, and having your second, third or fourth. I’ve only done it twice, but this weekend I’m going to a blessingway for a friend due her fourth baby. It’s really tough coming up with baby gift ideas for someone who already has every baby accessory they could possibly require, especially when they’ve been through it a few times already, and they know the best baby sling for nursing from the worst, or they already have the highchair that’s been perfectly fine for the first three, or they have more baby grows than their new comer will ever wear. Then it’s really only once baby’s here and you know what this child’s quirks are going to be that you can contribute.

So, since baby number 4 is an unknown entity at this point, I decided the best gift for this mama-to-be-again, is a gift for her.

My suggestion for a not-first time mama’s babyshower or blessingway gift is a nursing basket. Particularly since it’s something everyone can contribute to. 

With your first baby, it’s really easy to make up a simple nursing basket, which makes a wonderful new mama gift. Mine included water, a snack, a book, a notebook and pen for all those ideas for things to write about. There was a Kindle to read blogs, and research things like baby led weaning and the best organic nappy rash cream. That was then. By the time I was doing the same basket for baby number two, a few things had changed. Well, one thing, really. I had toddler number 1 running around, tearing strips off the place. Neither the book or the notebook was touched for weeks, and the Kindle certainly wasn’t used for research anymore!

I can’t even begin to imagine what it might be like for baby number 4!

One thing I’m pretty sure about is that having a decent sling is a must. One child or four, you need your hands free as much as possible, so a decent sling and quickly mastering a back carry will make a huge difference to her day.

But even the busiest mama is going to find herself on the sofa at some point in the middle of the night with a nursling attached, which is what makes a nursing basket such a great idea.

One thing every breastfeeding mama needs is breast pads, especially in the early days. There are disposable pads, and reusable ones. Over 8 years of breastfeeding, the best breast pads I discovered were silk lined ones. There’s something about the cooling, soothing silk that is simply amazing in those early days!Families have different rules around screen time, so check that it’s okay first, but something like a Netflix Gift Card could be a useful way of taking the pressure off for short intervals of the day. If the family aren’t keen on screen time, and you have some time on your hands you could prepare busy bags that the nursing mama can do with the smaller members of the family one handed.  In fact these could be a really good idea for those “we don’t need anything” babyshower gifts – everyone bring something to keep small people busy in the early days.

A beautiful smelling organic massage oil  will be a lovely addition for sore arms and backs, while a mixture of some natural calming remedies probably won’t go amiss either – chamomile and lavender oils, or some Bach Rescue Remedy drops or chewies could really help a stressed mama.

I’d like to say you should add snacks to the basket, but with other kids in the house… well, I’m not sure how long they’d last. You could always add things like nuts, which they might not be as excited about. A good book would be a nice touch, but let’s be realistic here! When last did a mama of more than one actually have a leisurely read of a book!

A bonus of a nursing basket is that it can be a good place to put the TV remote and your phone, if you don’t keep it on you, so that once you’re settled and baby’s latched, you don’t have to perform Houdini style tricks to try to get to the remote without unlatching the baby!

I have a few days still before I have to deliver this nursing basket, so if you have any other ideas of things I could include for a mama of more than one, let me know!

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