Owl Bat Bat Owl is a really unique concept in books because, unlike what normally makes up a book, this one has no written story. The whole story unfolds in pictures, making it a story tellers dream! It’s the perfect book for children who don’t read but like to make up the story as they go along, and it’s a fantastic book for getting imaginations going.

OBBO Cover

While the story isn’t expressly ‘told’ there’s a definite flow to the images and a beautiful, very important message hidden in the pages. Or at least, I think so. Since there are no words, your interpretation might be different. Here’s mine though:

The story takes place on a branch of a tree, where the Owl family are trying to get some sleep. Suddenly a bat family arrive cling to the same branch! The Owl family are very put out, and shift along the branch so that they aren’t near the Bat family. The two smallest members of the families clearly want to play, but Daddy bat and Daddy Owl are none-to-keen and give them a bit of the eye. Suddenly a great wind comes along – nothing like a natural disaster to bring people together – and blows both families right off the branch.Owl Bat Bat Owl

The two daddies come back to the branch to look for their families, but find no one there! The fly around with fright clearly visible, and each brings their littlest one back to the branch. Then the mommies come and the babies huddle with them, before the daddies return with the older ones. And so, through shared experience and adversity, realising that though they may be different creatures, with different features, one might sit and one might hang, but they have some very important things in common too: the need to care for their families, the ability to love, and the need to sleep in the day!Owl Bat Bat Owl

(Interestingly, as I was about to publish this I read the Amazon description, which talks about the Mother – owl & bat with their three children each, so you can see, it’s all in the interpretation!)Owl Bat Bat Owl

The beautiful final image sees the daddies on the branch, protecting home, I suppose, and the mommies and babies flying around the moon.

It really is a beautiful lesson on diversity, with simple, elegant illustrations and a deep and powerful message about how we are all different, and yet where it matters, the same.

  • Hardcover: 32 pages
  • Age Range: 18 months and up
  • Publisher: Walker Books; 01 edition (6 Oct. 2016)

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