You know those days when you wake up in the morning and mentally go through your day, only to suddenly remember the birthday party you’re meant to be at in two hours, so you stumble bleary-eyed over to the gift cupboard and realise that you now only have gifts left for babies, blessingways and older kids, so you log in to your online banking really hoping your client has paid you, but alas, she hasn’t… so you have less than two hours to come up with a present. What do you do? I’ve mentioned before what I do – I go to Twinkl, so that’s precisely what I did today.DIY Gift Set

The six year old in question is having a vampire and werewolf birthday, so I popped ‘vampires’ into Twinkl and a whole array of Halloween and Vampire activities came up. I decided to create a DIY craft kit focused on vampires. DIY Gift Set

In the kit I used the Split Pin Vampire Activity, Balancing Bat Science Experiment, Halloween Home Learning Challenge Sheet, Spooky Story Stones, and colouring pages.

Along with that, we included a couple of split pins, some paper clips, Bostik PVA – we have plenty, thanks to our BostikBlogger affiliation – cellotape, a pair of scissors and a small pack of pencils, though I expect most families have those on hand already. If you’re printing off other activities, read through them to see what’s needed and add them to the pack. DIY Gift Set

We rolled up the paper and held it together with the closest thing I have to werewolves: these cute little foxes! oops. Never mind.

DIY Gift Set

So, a bit of printing, a well stocked stationary drawer, and a half an hour, and we have a theme-appropriate gift, and all they need to do is add stones – but they live by the beach, so that shouldn’t be a problem!

Twinkl is a subscription service. While there are some free downloads, the above all need Gold or Platinum membership. Gold membership is £29.99 a year and Platinum membership is £47.99 a year. 

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