A few weeks ago I shared a review of Num Noms from Series 1, which my little ones loved – so we were thrilled to be sent some of the characters from series 2.  If you don’t know about Num Noms, here’s a brief recap:

  • Num Noms are small, plastic collectibles.
  • They are quite large, making them suitable for younger collectors
  • There are Nums, and there are Noms. The Noms are motorised rodent looking things and the Nums are the ‘covers’ that you can put over them – and they are scented too. You can read more about Num Noms here.

Num Noms Series 2

Series 2 Num Noms include the Diner, Freezie and Brunch sets, a Pizza party and Freezie Pops that are all sparkly and pretty. We received the Diner Set from series two for review, as well as a couple of the blind bag mystery packs, which include 1 Num, 1 lip-gloss or stamper Nom, and 1 collector’s menu.

Num Noms Series 2

The Diner set (£15) comes with two Noms – Ketchup Go-Go and Cheesy Go-Go – and five Nums and a secret Num too.

Noms in the set were Hammy Burger, Haley Hot Dog, Frenchie Fries, Lemony Cola and PBNJ and Suki Saki with a ginger scent from the Mystery Pack.

These are scented, and I’d suggest you give them space to ‘breathe’ a little straight out the pack as they don’t smell so pleasant at first! After a few hours though, the scents are discernible from each other and they are very realistic, though I do prefer the sweet scents, personally.

The Num Noms mystery packs contain either lipgloss or stamps, and my two girls were thrilled to find Cotton Candy Gloss-Up and Bubbly Gloss-Up Noms with Sugar Puffs and Annie Apple Nums to match.

Num Noms Series 2

Aside from the Motorized and Lip Gloss Noms there are also stamp (Stamp-It) or erasers to collect.

Num Noms Series 2

Well, once again, the kids love these, and would be quite pleased to collect the whole series!

The Nums and Noms from series one and two are interchangeable and can be used together.

Num Noms Series 2

Num Noms are available at most toy retailers, or you can find them online at The Entertain/The Toyshop and Amazon, among others. The Num Noms website offers a wealth of information on each Num and Nom and it’s associations, as well as a printable list of all the Num Noms you can collect in the series.

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Num Noms Series 2 – Diner {Review}

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