Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that it’s a big year for Roald Dahl this year. Not only is it the 100th Anniversary of the birth of the well-loved author (13th September 1916), but there’s also the new BFG movie that’s recently opened in cinemas. While the movie ends a little differently that the book, it’s still a lovely movie, and a great update on the old movie.

We love Roald Dahl and have done a lot of activities for Roald Dahl Day over the years, and I’m sure we’ll celebrate his birthday quite happily again this year – but to coincide with the new film, we’ll probably focus on The BFG this year!

Here’s a bit of a round up from around the world wide web – and from our own experience – of activities to do around The Big Friendly Giant.Big Friendly Giant


If you want a whole book of ideas, there’s the Roald Dahl Revolting Recipes Book but here are some you can try straight away:



11 Fizzpopping places to follow in Dahl’s Big Friendly Footsteps

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  • Only loosely connected, but enough to get the kids involved, is the Big Friendly Read summer reading challenge running around UK libraries this summer (2016). Choose 6 books to read over the course of the summer, and you receive scratch and sniff cards and a medal at the end of the challenge.

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10+ Fun Resources For Big Friendly Giant Fans

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