Ameli is four years old right now, so while I think it’s valuable and important to introduce a discussion on our bodies, this won’t be a very academic week (not that they ever are, but what I mean is that it won’t be deep biology or anything). We’re also having a shorter ‘themed’ week this week, because it’s Aviya’s second birthday, if you’ll believe that.  I want to incorporate two things in the ‘My Body’ theme this week: how the body works, yes, but also bodily autonomy – a brief discussion on no being no, and on respecting your body and expecting the same respect from others. I’m not entirely sure how yet, but I will let the conversation flow, I guess. Below are some of the ideas we’ll try out this week, but below that is my Pinterest board with plenty more ideas for you to peruse.


Book Recommendations:


I think it’s really important to mention here that this isn’t meant to be about ‘stranger danger’ (for us, anyway). Not least because I don’t really agree with the concept of stranger danger. Rather than teaching children to be afraid of strangers, I will be teaching mine to set their comfort limits, listen to the voice inside them, and how to act when something feels wrong. I believe those are lessons that will carry them through teenage years and into womanhood better served than ‘stranger danger’. Here’s our Pinterest board for “My Body”, feel free to follow along! Follow Luschka van Onselen’s board {PlayLearning} My Body on Pinterest.


Body Integrity And Anatomy For Toddlers {PlayLearning}

  1. This is awesome. The last couple of weeks my 3 year old has been on a “how does my body” work kick and I was having trouble find age appropriate material. The links are great and will make for some learning. Thank you for sharing.

    1. My pleasure! I’m so pleased 🙂 We’ve done some fun experiments this week – I’ll write them up soon as I have a chance. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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