Our Bostik Blogger box this month was just awesome! We had so much fun with it.

When a box arrives I tend to look through it to see what we can make for our #BostikBlogger posts, and then let the kids play and create with what they want for the rest.

Can you guess the theme for this box?

Bostik Blogger

If you guessed ‘weather’ you’re right! I loved all the foam shapes!

We did two projects for Bostik Bloggers: a weather clock and a door sign.

The Weather Clock

This was a project for my six year old, which we used to discuss the differences in the weather.

We used the yellow tissue paper and a yellow button to make the sun and cut a half circle out of the yellow paper for a sun hidden behind clouds.

The foam clouds, rain drop, lightning bolts and snow flakes come pre cut and sticky backed, making them easy to stick to the paper plate. For the parts that needed sticking we used Bostik Glue Dots and the Bostik Fine and Wide Glue Pen.

Of course we need something to point to the right weather, so I used a split pin fastener to attach a styrofoam square and pointer sticker to the paper plate.

Finally, I hooked a piece of string to the back pegs of the  split pin to hang it up from.

Now Ameli can check the weather and update her weather clock every day.

Weather Crafts

Wet Or Sunny Door Sign

Four year old Aviya needed a little more help with her project, but she loved the sticking parts.

The foam door handle sign is really cool – sturdy and firm and comes pre-cut, which is great.

For this project we used bright and colourful foam stickers for the ‘sun’ and a grey cloud and sparkly jewels for the ‘rain’.

The sun stickers didn’t come sticky backed (they are actually flowers, but we are using our imaginations here!), so a few well placed Bostik Glue Dots sorted that out quickly. We did use most of the rest of the packet in the sticking on of the jewels, but never mind – that’s what they were there for!

On the rain cloud I wrote ‘Rain Rain Go Away,Come Again Another Day’ and on the sun side I wrote ‘Out playing in the sun’.

While Aviya’s choices are limited to rain and sun, it’s a good introduction for her on being aware of the weather, what clothes we should be wearing in which weather (this is the child that goes to the beach in tights and out in the sub-zero rain refusing a coat, so discussing which clothes go with which picture has been rather helpful).

Weather Door Sign

As always, these goodies were provided to us by Craft Merrily as part of the #BostikBloggers program.


Weather Crafts With #BostikBloggers

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