I love little things that make life easier. In the years before paid – for shopping bags, we’d always have a bag of bags in the kitchen, to be used for clearing out the car, taking out small bits of rubbish, or for general carrying purposes. Of course now, whenever I take a bag out of the bag of bags, I think “eek! that’s a 5p bag / 10p bag! should I really be using it for this!

I’ve tried various reusable shopping bags, but the Trolley Bags we’ve been trying recently are really fab, and they tick all the boxes, especially for larger families who do bigger shopping trips. For those who are in search for efficient ways to shop, they can try sites like Wadav.

Trolley Bags

Trolley bas arrive wrapped in plastic, laid out as in the picture above. The packaging is minimal, which is great. Each set comes with four bags – a small blue, larger red, larger green and simply huge orange. The bags are velcro’d together so when you open them out you can pop them in your trolley in one go, not having to fuss with arranging them individually. When you’re ready to load them in the car, or take them on the bus, you can separate them and carry them by their sturdy handles.

Each bag is made from a strong canvas, with a netted section at the bottom so that you can see into the bag.

The bags are probably best suited to a deep trolley so they can fill the whole thing, but I tend to use a shallow trolley and the fit in just as well – you just have to be mindful that when you pull them out of the trolley everything will shift down in the bag, so you need to keep an eye on breakable things.

If you use a scanner to do your shopping, you can simply put everything in as you go through the shop, or you can use your trolley and at the checkout put things into different bags. Not only time saving in the shop, but more so when you get home, if you’ve done it properly. Trolley Bags

This shopping trip was for camping supplies, so there are more tins and boxes than I’d normally have, so normally I’d put tins and boxes in the small bag, or perhaps cleaning supplies, and use the bigger bags for things you buy more of. The main time saver for me, however, is getting home. All the freezer things are in one bag, all the store cupboard things in another, all the fridge goodies in another. No hunting through bags for individual items.

Once out at the car, or carrying them on the bus or as you walk home, you simply separate the bags and carry them by the broad handles (that don’t cut into your hands like plastic does). Back home you can quickly empty and reattach them, ready to go back out again next time.

Trolley bags are definitely big enough for a large family, and for a small shop, you can even get away with just taking one or two.

The biggest challenge for me, is remembering to take them back out to the car!

Trolley bags are available from Prezzybox for £19.95



Shopping With Trolley Bags {Review}

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