My kids, like most others I suppose, love to colour. And they grow like weeds. So when I was offered a Princess Colouring T-Shirt, it seemed like a no-brainer, really! What with holidays and hours to kill, this was a great way to spend an hour or so.

final shirt

The T-Shirt from Selfie Clothing Company comes in a cardboard tube which is a nice way to present it as a gift. There are three styles to choose from: princess, policeman and cowboy. We opted for the princess, which comes in size 4-6 (age). Along with the t-shirt (which I’m sure is the wrong name for it, as it has long sleeves, but I digress…) you also receive 6 branded UV ink pens, and waxy ironing paper.
Princess Colouring T-Shirt

As far as instructions go, it doesn’t take much describing really – the kids get to colour the t-shirt as they see fit, you iron over the paper to ‘set’ the ink and you’re done.  Easy peasey wearable art.

Princess Colouring T-Shirt

My kids happily share clothes at the best of times as they are roughly the same size so they were happy to each put their own touches on this creation.

Princess Colouring T-Shirt

Once they’d finished their colouring, it was a quick job to place the ironing paper over and set the ink.

Princess Colouring T-Shirt

As you can see from the smile in the top picture, the kids are pleased as punch with their self-styled t-shirt!

The shirt washes well too, keeping it’s shape. It’s lovely quality. If you haven’t ironed it the colouring will start to fade, but then they can just top it up anyway.

You can pick up the Princess Colouring T-Shirt online – this one was from Prezzy Box – for £14.99, with £3.95 delivery.

[youtube 6KDtP5v0nP8]

*Disclosure: We were sent this item free in exchange for an honest review. The links are affiliate links. You will not pay any extra by clicking on these links but I may earn a percentage on any purchases. 


Princess Colouring T-Shirt

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