I will always reach for ‘natural medicine’ long before I’ll reach for anything else, and I’ve come to believe that a good plaster is the most natural medicine of them all! I know that sounds a little bit crazy, but my little girl can overcome almost anything when given a plaster!

And I mean anything. Last year we had a day out at the zoo when she rolled off the play gym and fell a few feet to the ground. I didn’t see the fall, so I gave her a bit of comfort and we popped a plaster on and she was fine and smiling and quite herself for the rest of the day. That night however, after she went to bed she kept stirring and moaning and waking up crying in her sleep. It became so that I called our local non-emergency line and asked for their advice, upon which we ended up heading to the emergency room in the middle of the night! It turned out she’d broken two of the bones in her wrist! How guilty can a mama feel about an injury she couldn’t see? Very, I assure you! Frozen Elastoplast
Frozen ElastoplastBut it goes to show the power a simple plaster can hold!

Another thing that is absolutely true about plasters is that the cute, character ones hold more healing powers than do the normal plain ones. You can tell this by how a child will instinctively reach for the Elsa one over the beige one. Unfortunately children also seem more accident prone when they know that there are character plasters in the house – I’m not sure how or why this works, but the need for plasters is greatly heightened when they know there are Frozen plasters, for example, in the house. I have actual statistics to back this up: When we have only plain plasters in the house, we can have easily six months of injury free days. As soon as I get cute ones, though? We can have as many as 3 – 4 plaster requiring cuts and scrapes on any given day. Lucky that they come in boxes of 16 then,  isn’t it!

Frozen ElastoplastObviously – in case it’s not clear – I’m being facetious. These Frozen Elastoplast plasters (around £2.60 in supermarkets and pharmacies) are really sweet and cute though and they stick well and hold their own against the wiles of toddlerhood. And while the placebo effect of the plaster may not do much for the injury, the awareness of care and attention, and the accompanying cuddles and kisses will go a long way to bring healing!

We were given a free box of plasters to try out. Opinions are our own!

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