From Drinking Bottles To Nursing Slings: Making Up The Perfect Nursing Baskets

There’s a huge difference between having your first baby, and having your second, third or fourth. I’ve only done it twice, but this weekend I’m going to a blessingway for a friend due her fourth baby. It’s really tough coming up with baby gift ideas for someone who already has every baby accessory they could possibly require, especially when they’ve been through it a few times already, and they know the best baby sling for nursing from the worst, or they already have the highchair that’s been perfectly fine for the first three, or they have more baby grows than their new comer will ever wear. Then it’s really only once baby’s here and you know what this child’s quirks are going to be that you can contribute.

So, since baby number 4 is an unknown entity at this point, I decided the best gift for this mama-to-be-again, is a gift for her.

My suggestion for a not-first time mama’s babyshower or blessingway gift is a nursing basket. Particularly since it’s something everyone can contribute to. Read more: From Drinking Bottles To Nursing Slings: Making Up The Perfect Nursing Baskets

Celebrating the Launch of Sousette

Love them or hate them, baby showers are on the rise in the UK. Although they’ve been a tradition in countries such as the US, South Africa and Australia for many years, here they tend to have an aura of superstition surrounding them. Many people still don’t believe they should deliberately do anything to actively prepare for their baby’s imminent arrival, just in case. However, maybe because of the influx of foreigners all over Britain, more and more people are having baby showers these days.

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