I have been remarkably bad at taking photos of late. I’m not sure why, but I guess I just feel a little underwhelmed by daily life at the moment. Anyway, I am sharing what I have to share!

Day 251 – Fearless

My little 11 month old loves the slide. She walks over to it and I have to run to catch up with her. It’s a great stage this – she is so playful and shows glee on occasion. It’s fabulous.

Day 252 – Farewell

We’re not the only ones moving! Our friends Matt and Kate (on the left) have moved back to Australia and our friends Gloria and Chris have moved out in to the country – throw in some twins, a flat above the garage and a floopy blond and this stage of my life would feel like the final episode of Friends.

Day 253 – Face Paint

We went to the Red Barn Family Day out and Ameli had her face painted for the first time. It was really cute actually.  She sat perfectly still and seemed rather confused by the whole thing. We held up a mirror afterwards and she giggled and pointed at it. Very sweet.

Thank you for joining us for our (half) week in pictures!


Day 251 – Day 256 A Week in Pictures

  1. Ah! How cute! My little lad used to/still does climb up slides with no sense of fear what-so-ever. It frightens the living daylights out of me!

    Mine still hasn’t had any face paint yet, I think because I used to be allergic so I’m being over protective. Maybe on his next birthday 😉

    Beautiful pic of you and Kyra with her butterfly!

    Becca x

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