Week 14, and the sun has finally returned to these British Isles. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that. Now we just need the sun to warm up a little.

Day 89: Injury Prone. Aviya is so injury prone at the moment. Every time I turn my head she’s bashed her face on something, fallen off something else, or tripped over her own feet. It’s frustrating! Poor child.

Day 90: A Year Ago. This pictures was taken a year ago today. Our final supper in Perth. We left the next morning. Feels like a lifetime ago.

Day 91: Why We Bother With Toys? I bought the girls a teepee. So they spent the afternoon playing with the box! Typical.

Day 92: Of Beans And Children. I find growing things as fascinating as children. You can give them the same soil, the same light, the same water, but some with grow quickly and some slowly, each at their own pace. Isn’t that something?

Day 93: Starbucks. My happy place, this particular Starbucks. My mom and I used to go there while we were waiting, waiting, waiting for Aviya to join Earthside.

Day 95: Little Explorers. We went to the Natural History Museum where they had little explorer packs for the children. They weren’t perfect for this age group, but they looked cute anyway.


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