6 Creative Baby Photo Shoot Ideas

One of the joys of having a newborn in the family is that you get to see that little angel grow up right before your very eyes. But many parents secretly wish that their baby won’t grow up too fast. Well, that angelic, innocent-looking face, precious smile, and pink chubby cheeks won’t last forever, but you can capture your baby’s cutest moments and immortalize them through photos.

You don’t need to be a skilled photographer or hire a professional photographer to take adorable pictures of your little munchkin. With the help of your family, a few props, and right newborn photography gear, you can do it on your own!6 Creative Baby Photo Shoot IdeasRead more: 6 Creative Baby Photo Shoot Ideas

Mamatography Week 4: This And That

Welcome to week 4 of 2012. Is it just me, or is it really flying by? We’re in FEBRUARY folks. I haven’t even packed away all the Christmas decorations yet! (Yes… I know how bad that sounds!)

Without further ado, here’s our week four for 2012.

19/366 – Lost Day

Ah… the enduring sickness. It seems we lost a day here…

20/366 – Feed the Toddler

Sick, sick, sick sick, sick sick sick, and did I mention, sick? At least with home made yoghurt, I’m pretty sure Ameli’s getting some good stuff in too…

21/366 – Feed the Birds

My inlaws came to visit and after lunch we went for a walk along the canal. I think it’s really important for girls to have a good male influence in their lives, and I treasure that she has a good daddy, Grandpa, Oupa and uncle who love her. Sadly Oupa and Uncle Zee are far away, but daddy and Grandpa are near.

22/366 – Birth Pool Test Run

It’s getting hot in here… well, actually the temperature is dropping, and my belly is getting bigger. We have to start getting things ready for this new baby, so as a first step, we dusted off Ameli’s birthpool to make sure it’s good for round two. She’s way bigger than the day she came out of it, I’ll tell you that!

23/366 – Lego

The sickness bug just won’t leave our house, so we’ve been laying low, doing what we can to keep busy while keeping warm. Here’s Daddy and Ameli building Lego.

24/366 – Fairies and butterflies

When you can’t choose, why not be both at the same time?

25/366 –  Before and After

Trying to sort things out and make space for Squidgy’s arrival. Ameli’s room’s been a bit of a mess from my efforts to tidy, so this is the before and after once I’d sorted clothes she can still wear from clothes she can’t. And then it was back into bed, because if I don’t shake this cold… *sigh*.

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Mamatography Week 3 : In Sickness And In Health

We’ve been a flu infested family this week, and it’s been pretty low-key. Still going about our business, but with less energy, and a slightly weightier footprint.

 12/266 – Sick Day

We’ve never really been sick around here before. I mean, I’ve been sick, but I don’t think we’ve had colds, all three of us at the same time, ever before. And I don’t think Ameli’s ever been really sick before… nothing beyond the usual congestion that comes with teething. This week Martin got sick, then Amili, then me. It’s been a fun house. Let me tell you.

On the up side, she’s been relatively easily entertained this week with her stones she loves playing with, and plenty of reading. Small mercies, as I’ve had no energy.

13/366 – Baby Sittting

Ameli and I went to babysit for a friend of ours who lives about 50 miles away. It was my first taste of life with two children. Heaven have mercy. If you never hear from me again… two children did it.

14/366 – Frosty

I had an early appointment this morning (9am), and this was the scene that awaited me in the car. It was -3C when I got in. It warmed up to -2.5C by the time I managed to head off, 25 minutes later. I tried water, scraping, heating. The ice wasn’t going anywhere. No wonder I felt even worse this night!

15/366 – Tissues

I had a pile of used tissues I was going to take a picture of. My husband kindly threw them away before I got to it. I’m still sick in bed. I don’t think the 20-something minutes I spent in the car yesterday trying to defrost the windows helped at all. *cough* *splutter*

16/366 – 34 Weeks Pregnant

I love that my belly is bigger than my boobs again. A different kind of balance and a nice change.

17/366 – Wooden Bricks

I’m still sick. I can’t believe how long it’s taking me to get over this cold. I’m trying not to leave the house, so we’re doing a lot of lounge-play. By “we” I mean Ameli. I love how she loves blocks and cars. No Disney Princesses for us (so far!).

18/366 – Homebirth Meeting

Yes, I’m having a home birth. We went to a home birth meeting together, just to help us get our heads into a birthing space, together. There wasn’t much there to take photos of, so I thought I’d take a picture of the books I was returning.

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Writing a Birthplan: The Where, The Who And The Documentation

As a starting point to how to write a birth plan, I want to have a look at some of the very basics of who, where, and what to expect with it.  Before I do though, let’s recap two very important points about birth plans:

  • The benefit of a birthplan is how it guides you in planning and researching your options for childbirth.
  • It is not a script, and doesn’t mean it’s how your birth will go, especially if you are in a hospital setting.
  • With the experience of one birth behind me, this is how I’m breaking it all down in my mind. You may have different needs, experience s and outcomes.

The first question is one that impacts on many of the others:

Where will you give birth?

The location of your birth makes a big difference to how much ‘calling the shots’ you get to do. I’ve never had a hospital birth, but I know I also never want to. Others have had wonderful hospital births and would never feel comfortable in a homebirth. Neither is right or wrong, it’s a personal choice.
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Pic Of The Week – Week 34

Another week, another bunch of experiences. We returned to Opuwa, a place we lived when I was very young. It was an odd experience, returning to a place I promised myself as a child I’d come back to. I’m glad I did.

The first two pictures are in Etosha Game Reserve. If you’ve ever wanted to experience Africa and it’s wild animals, go there. It’s so dry, you see so many animals just at the waterhole. It’s amazing.

The second row are two of the ‘local’ cultures in Opuwa, and Namibia as a whole.  The Himba people and the Herero people are just two of the groups, a rich culture, also threatened by Westernisation, Aids, alcohol and poverty.

The Lilac Breaster Roller is a bird native to that part of the world, one of my favourites in the world – I was thrilled to see one so close up.

Two pictures of little miss enjoying Africa, and one of our friend Aunty Wilma, dancing with Ameli.

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Pic Of The Week – 52-13

While photographs of me are not high on my list of favourite things, I think it’s so important to have photographs of myself with Ameli. Normally I’m behind the camera, so there really aren’t that many photos of us together, and definitely not that many I like.  We went to an old friend of ours last week to have photos taken. There are over 80 beautiful pictures, but I chose these three to share with you.

Leading by exampleOur 18 months (so far) of breastfeeding have been such an incredibly beautiful experience, and has taught me so much and given me incredible confidence in myself as a woman. I wanted a beautiful photograph to capture this magic.


Since I’m normally on the other side of the camera, we have painfully few family pictures too. I love this family portrait.

I couldn’t decide which of the pictures of Ameli were my favourite, but this one had all my favourite elements.

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Pic Of The Week 52-11

This slightly stalkerish homage is actually a tribute to my sister. My younger sibling, and outside of my marriage, my best friend, we’ve been through a lot together, both good and bad. To all the mums and dads out there dealing with children who can’t stand each other, take courage, have hope: My mother once threatened to lock us in a room with two knives and not open the door till only one of us came out. She didn’t do it, of course, but we didn’t get along very well as children.

This is possibly the “thing” we’ll miss the most when we return to England: Day trips, outings and time spent with our favourite (and only) sister and aunty.

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Pic Of The Week 52-08

With my husband in Spain for work, and me laid up in bed with a cocktail of possible illnesses, having support around was incredibly helpful.

Here we have my dad taking Ameli out for a ‘jog’. She got a medal for it and evertyhing. I got to sleep in till 8, yes, that’s eight, o’clock.   Next is our cleaner, Linah, she only comes in once a week for a couple of hours, but  she adores Ameli.  When I was sick, she looked after Ameli half day all week. I was so grateful.

The final picture is a bit of a milestone. My little girl’s hair is long enough for ponytails. Melt my heart.

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