With my husband in Spain for work, and me laid up in bed with a cocktail of possible illnesses, having support around was incredibly helpful.

Here we have my dad taking Ameli out for a ‘jog’. She got a medal for it and evertyhing. I got to sleep in till 8, yes, that’s eight, o’clock.   Next is our cleaner, Linah, she only comes in once a week for a couple of hours, but  she adores Ameli.  When I was sick, she looked after Ameli half day all week. I was so grateful.

The final picture is a bit of a milestone. My little girl’s hair is long enough for ponytails. Melt my heart.

Thanks for joining us for our pics of the week!


Pic Of The Week 52-08

  1. Okay, the pigtails got me too! I have 2 boys and, well, I would love to put some hair into pigtails. We may not be done having babies yet! 🙂

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