I had a rough week. It started with what I firmly suspect was dodgy calamari – I thought it tasted funny, but everyone else said it was fine, and then I was the only one that had a reaction to it. And by reaction I mean I was sick for two days, then couldn’t eat any red meat for a further four or my throat would swell up and I couldn’t swallow! Barring the meat thing, it was all very reminiscint of my pregnancy where I threw up for 20 weeks. Yuk!
None the less, Ameli had a good week.

Top left: I was in bed and Ameli was “helping” Linah, our cleaning lady. Linah adores Ameli and Ameli reciprocates the feeling. It all got very quiet, and I went into the kitchen to see what was going on. There was Ameli strapped to Linah in true African style, contentedly fast asleep. Got to love babywearing.  Top right: Martin bought Ameli her first Duplo set, and my him and my dad ‘helped Ameli’ play with it. She was enjoying it too. Bottom right: While he was with us, my dad put Ameli’s swing up for us. She was squeeling with delight as we pushed her between us.  Bottom left: We have a great breakfast cereal here called ProNutro, and Ameli has taken to feeding herself. I loved this little piccie: eyes shut, ready to enjoy… hmm mmmh.

Thanks for joining us for our Pic(s) of the week!


Pic Of The Week 52-04

    1. Thanks Momma Jorje. Actually, Kyra is my little girl, and Lenah is the cleaner. We only have her 1 hour a week, but her and Kyra spend that whole hour together. Last Friday Kyra was with my parents, and Lenah told me it wasn’t a nice day as there was no baby. 🙂

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