Another week, another bunch of experiences. We returned to Opuwa, a place we lived when I was very young. It was an odd experience, returning to a place I promised myself as a child I’d come back to. I’m glad I did.

The first two pictures are in Etosha Game Reserve. If you’ve ever wanted to experience Africa and it’s wild animals, go there. It’s so dry, you see so many animals just at the waterhole. It’s amazing.

The second row are two of the ‘local’ cultures in Opuwa, and Namibia as a whole.  The Himba people and the Herero people are just two of the groups, a rich culture, also threatened by Westernisation, Aids, alcohol and poverty.

The Lilac Breaster Roller is a bird native to that part of the world, one of my favourites in the world – I was thrilled to see one so close up.

Two pictures of little miss enjoying Africa, and one of our friend Aunty Wilma, dancing with Ameli.

Thanks for joining us or our pic of the week!

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