There’s this awesome rooftop playground at our local mall with an incredible view over the surrounding area.  For R30 per day. that’s around £2.80, children can spend the entire day racing around the ‘streets’ on foot-powered motorbikes, climb frames, trampolines, slides and so on, with plenty of shaded area for mums to sit and relax. During school holidays there are three inflated pools for different ages, a water slide and a few other water entertainments (what do you call those big balls you run around in on water?)

In the background of this picture is one of the slides – steps up to the helicopter and a slide down. It’s one of Ameli’s favourites.

This picture I took because I was really amazed.  There had been no other children on this thing, so I don’t know how she knew what to do, but she simply walked over, stepped on and started walking up.  The first day she only went half way (it gets about half her body in height) but by the second visit she was walking it like a pro.

What a clever little girl!

Thanks for joining us for our Pic of the Week!


Pic Of The Week 52-02

  1. Your both comments made me laugh! 🙂 She is a clever girl and it only proves the power of breast milk! 🙂

  2. Hmmm……. my thoughts exactly. Must be steroids in that breast milk she is still gulping down. Yesterday I noted with amazement that, using the designated handles, she was able to pull the Tupperware toy open to release the shaped bits from within AND she holds a glass between her finger tips like a little lady No clamping down with her whole hand. Her approach towards a cat doesn’t leave the cat blazing a trail to get away whilst leaving Kyra with a clump of fur in her hand but rather cat is sitting waiting for the gentle caress. It’s awesome watching her grow up!!!!

  3. Please would you speak to your daughter about growing up so damn fast! You’re going to be bringing back a teenager at this rate! Cant believe how much she is changing! Miss you both!

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