Just back from six months abroad, we felt it was time for a holiday – well, actually, we decided the inlaws really needed a visit, or they’d not recognise Ameli when they saw her again. So, off we went to Somerset for two weeks. Ameli and I did a lot of foraging, exploring and visiting and one of our day trips saw us go to Longleat Safari Park. There’s simply so much to do there, we actually did it over a couple of days – superbly useful with a season pass.

There’s an absolutely fantastic indoor playarea (among the long list of other fantastic things at Longleat) and here’s a picture of Ameli crawling through the tunnel. I love this little face, so full of expectation and joy.

Thanks for joining us for our Pic of the Week


Pic Of The Week 52-16

  1. Lovely picture!
    I have just seen your thread on the bloggered forum re breastfeeding carnival.Sent you an e-mail but it’s bouncing back.I would love to join in.

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