Things To Do In Pretoria, South Africa

While this post might be irrelevant to most of my readers, I’m sure you’ll agree that experience counts for a lot and by now you know how I love to share what I’ve learned!  So… should you ever find yourself in Pretoria or Johannesburg, or the rest of South Africa, for that matter, I hope you’ll find this post useful.  If you’re simply stopping by from searching for more information on one of the places below, Welcome! Have a look around, enjoy your visit, and you’re welcome back any time!
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Pic Of The Week 52-02

There’s this awesome rooftop playground at our local mall with an incredible view over the surrounding area.  For R30 per day. that’s around £2.80, children can spend the entire day racing around the ‘streets’ on foot-powered motorbikes, climb frames, trampolines, slides and so on, with plenty of shaded area for mums to sit and relax. During school holidays there are three inflated pools for different ages, a water slide and a few other water entertainments (what do you call those big balls you run around in on water?)

In the background of this picture is one of the slides – steps up to the helicopter and a slide down. It’s one of Ameli’s favourites.

This picture I took because I was really amazed.  There had been no other children on this thing, so I don’t know how she knew what to do, but she simply walked over, stepped on and started walking up.  The first day she only went half way (it gets about half her body in height) but by the second visit she was walking it like a pro.

What a clever little girl!

Thanks for joining us for our Pic of the Week!

365-126 to 365-132 A Week in Pictures

Back in shape, I’ve been taking photos again! There are quite a few of Ameli this time round, but I’m sure you don’t mind too much. You are here after all! Oh, but I cannot wait for summer.

Day 126 – Formally Fun

I went to see a solicitor about some paperwork I needed certified. We were in a very corporate part of London, with people in suits and ties and high heels. The floors were polished to a shine. Everyone spoke in hushed whispers. And then we saw this. I had to laugh.

Formally Fun

Day 127 – Standing My Ground

So proud of herself for crawling over to the chair then standing up. (All the while chewing on asparagus.)

Standing My Ground

Day 128 – Good Food Show

We won tickets to the Good Food Show from the lovely Nick at My Daddy Cooks. We watched his presentation on “Being in the Kitchen with Kids”, saw Karin from Cafe Bebe and spent the afternoon walking around sampling food, chocolates and various snacks at the different stalls. It was an unusual and utterly enjoyable afternoon out. Thanks Nick! Here’s Nick and his gorgeous son Archie behind him. Next to them is Ameli eating ‘droeworse’ a South African dried sausage. Good girl!

Good Food Show

Day 129 – Spoils of the Good Food Show

I made South African Vetkoek for lunch and we devoured it with the preserves and mustard bought at the Good Food Show yesterday…

Vetkoek Fillings

Day 130 – Setting Sail

Having spent Sunday indoors, we really had to get out. The weather was at least trying to look like spring, so we headed to the park. I love this picture. Look, it’s a big business, steering a ship. She had to concentrate.

At the wheel

Day 131 – Walking the Plank

We are blessed in London to have quite a few really nice parks around us. When the weather is good it is a great cheap way to kill the 40 minutes + travel time betweenwaking from the afternoon nap and dinner and a bath!

Crawl the Plank

Day 132 – Annabel Karmel

We were invited to the launch of Annabel Karmel’s latest book, Top 100 Pasta Dishes. It was held in the form of a cooking class which was great fun. Here’s Annabel showing us how to make ravioli, before letting us loose to try ourselves. Ameli really enjoyed Annabel’s tasters too! I’ll tell you more about the book and the session another day though.

Annabel Karmel making ravioli
Thanks for joining us for our week in pictures!

365-84 to 365-90 A Week in Pictures

This is definitely the Spring Edition of A Week in Pictures. We have had some mild temperatures, but a lot of rain still. I’ve been trying to get out of the house a bit more, so we’ve been out and about most days this week.

Day 84 – Bonnie girl

We’ve spent a lot of time this week walking, so Ameli has been in her sling a lot. I love this picture of her close to me wearing the bonnet my granny knitted for her.

bonnie girk in sling

Day 85 -Spring is Sprung

In her subdued glory, while the trees are still barren, Spring is making sure we know she’s here.

pink flower closeup

Day 86 -Rainy Day Watercolour

On its own this is a rubbish bin quality photo, all blurry and rather pointless, but I really liked it. I was at a mother’s group and I had this sudden overwhelming urge to get out of there as fast as I could. I thought, for no particular reason, that I was going to start screaming manically if I had to discus one more baby related issue. (I don’t always feel that way, just that particular day). I went to a nearby park and walked in the rain, holding tightly to my warmly wrapped up daughter and letting the rain wash away whatever it was that had made me feel so panic stricken. I think that’s why I love this picture. It’s like that scene in Mary Poppins where the rain washes away Bert’s chalk drawings leaving a clean slate, ready to start again.

Unedited walk in the rain

Day 87 -  Water birds

The three of us went to Brockwell Park late one afternoon when the rain subsided and a clear sky and sunshine emerged. It was still quite nippy, but it was good to be out the house as a family, and just spend the time walking and talking.


Day 88 – A Tapestry of Colour

Beautiful gardens of flowers are showing up all over my little corner of London

Colour of Spring

Day 89 -  Playground

Not much to say really. Ameli and I escaped the confines of home by going for a walk in Myatt’s field park. I was really surprised by this playground. It’s not a very wealthy area, but the playground was fantastic. Really modern, new and in great condition. I look forward to bringing Ameli here as she gets older.

Playground in Mayatt's field park

Day 90 – Sensory Room

The Sensory Room at Battersea Park 1 o’clock club has these lovely light / bubble things that change colour and give little babies a lot of entertainment! The room is decked out in padded cushions, UV light makes the carpet look sparkly and lights twinkle and reflect off different surfaces all meant to entertain the very young.

Battersea Park 1o'clock club Sensory Room

Thank you for sharing our week with us!