We went to a place called Warmbaths with my parents for the weekend. It’s a resort with a natural hot spring which bubbles up and is piped to the first pool, the hot bath, which is 42 degrees Celsius.  From there it goes to the next pool, where this picture was taken, and there it remains a balmy 32 – 34 degrees.

It’s then piped to the outside pools, where the fountains, super tubes, slides, tube ride, and so on are all done in water that slowly gets cooler as the pools go.  It’s such a fun place, and Ameli loved, loved, loved being in the water all weekend.  And boy, did we all sleep well after such mineral rich water?!  Bliss.

Warmbaths, Bella Bella
I adore my PlaySport for water shots, but I didn’t have it on the best setting for night time. Even so, a pretty picture of Ameli and her daddy night swimming.


Pic Of The Week 52-03

  1. Oh, that looks like heaven! It’s snowing here in NYC — again — and just now swimming seems to me like something that happens on another planet.

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