Ameli met her god-parents for the first time this week.

Abbi and I were at school together, and her husband Des was in our youth group. They have been married for 10 years this year (I think!)  and have two children of their own.  They are a beautiful family, and the people closest to my heart and furthest from my person – they immigrated to Australia a few years back.

Amazingly, Abbi fell pregnant with Alice about a week before I did with Ameli, so our girls are literaly days apart.

Funny story – my husband is a journalist and a few years back, he was writing a tutorial for a magazine on one or another photo editing software. He went onto my computer and grabbed a picture from our weekend. A few days later Abbi called me to say the strangest thing had happened: she’d taken her car in to the garage that morning and the guy had looked at her very oddly. That evening Des went to pick up the car and the guy pointed at the magazine saying, “Is that you? ” Martin had taken a picture of them from my computer! Well, that was their 15 minutes of fame 🙂

I can’t be happier with our choice of god-parents, even if we’re so very far apart.  Here’s Ameli and her god-sister, Alice.

(Love you guys.)

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