I’ve called this collage of pictures ‘Moments’ because that’s what each of them  represents to me: the moments where my family see, love and treasure Ameli. Those ‘last’ moments. The ‘goodbye’ moments. Bittersweet, but beautiful.


Top Left: Ameli gives (my) Granny a cuddle Top Right: Ameli and my dad at t Bikini Beach in Gordon’s Bay Centre Left: Ameli drives a London Bus in the games arcade – one of her favourite things to do in Pretoria Centre Left: Ameli and Deshaine, my sister, at the playground in Menlyn. Precious moments, building memories  Bottom Left: Back at the games arcade (about £4.50 for a good half an hour’s fun… love it) with my sister and mother, Nanna. Great fun. Bottom Right: Ameli with aunty D again (Deshaine) colouring in… lovely.

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