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I have a quicky competition for you, in addition to the regular weekly competition.

While I’m a huge lover of mum owned businesses, pick your own fruit and vegetables, or organic food deliveries, and think it’s essential and preferable to support small and independent businesses, when we do a supermarket shop, we normally do it at our local Tesco. Why? Because they don’t charge us to park in their parking lot and they don’t make me scratch around the bottom of my handbag to find a pound so I can use the trolley!

What does TLC look like to you?

Tesco carried out some research and found that 90% of us are more likely to make cut backs on our own luxuries, or even necessities, than we are to take anything away from the family.  With that in mind, they’re offering one of you the opportunity to win £100 in Tesco vouchers to spend during the current Baby & Toddler event.

During this event, they have some great prices on baby ‘essentials’, that you can check out online, but the hope is that the winner will spend this £100 on something you’d love for yourself.

I have to tell you… it’s my birthday next week and if someone gave me £100 to spend on myself, I’m not entirely sure what I’d do with it! I’d like some fish for our empty fish tank, I’d love a WII for us to have family fun and games and I’m dying to get my hands on a new Canon camera for pictures of children. None of those are purely for me. I can’t even imagine what I’d buy for myself!


Leave a comment below telling me what you’d spend your £100 vouchers on?

Winners will be selected on Sunday, 25 September.

*Having had time to think about it, probably a winter maternity coat – but then that’s pregnancy related. Does it really count as for me?

And the winner is:  Maeve Medhurst – Congratulations!!


Tesco £100 Voucher Competition

  1. I would buy myself a new coat maybe as ive been wearing the same one for well over 2 years, i tend to concentrate on the kids and then never leave any money for myself. also get a little head start on the christmas shopping.

  2. i would buy my boyfriend an extravagant birthday present as he surprised me for our anniversary and i didnt get him anything and have to make it up to him, i would probably get him an up to date ipod as he is currently using my old pink ipod nano which is about the size of a brick and because it is pink he cant take it out with him

  3. Wine! and as silly as it sounds – some new cooking bits – because of a burst pipe I’ve got no kitchen at the moment so can’t wait to get cooking once I have a kitchen again! So why not have some new pots & pans to use!

  4. I’d probably spend most of it on my son for birthday/Xmas pressie’s as his birthday is just before Christmas!

  5. I believe in the simple things in life and although £100 may not be much to some people, it would be a nice treat for me and my family. what a christmas!

  6. I would buy lots of nibbles so i could set up a buffet, have my closest friends round and have a girly night before we move away due to my husbands work. I feel all close friends need to show just how much they are appreciated and id love to say a huge thank you for all their support. Of course if i have any money left over i would buy myself some face masks, tesco’s finest bubble bath and treat myself to a pamper night once the buffet is over and my tired pregnant body is ready to relax 🙂

  7. I’d treat myself and buy a foot spa which no doubt would be hijacked by my wife and daughter and put the rest towards having a good christmas, which as everyone knows is getting more expensive year on year.

  8. I would buy some lovely party food, and some nice drinks so I could have a great 21st birthday party with my family and friends 🙂

  9. I would order a big sack of bird food and then enjoy watching them feast for months to come. The poor birds have not been getting so much as the outside of the bread lately and it would guarantee us our christmas robin!

  10. i would treat myself to some aussie shampoo and hair goodies, i love this but refuse to buy it for myself as its too dear! and i would treat myself to some new coat now the weathers getting cold :))

  11. I would take the kids out for a lovely meal at wagamamas and then the cinema with popcorn for everyone (not one sharing box) and if there was anything left I would buy a candle from Jo Malone to burn while I am relaxing in the bath

  12. I’d buy myself some new clothes. My little boy is turning one next month and I still don’t feel comfortable inn myself. I’m so self conscious and I have discovered it is probably down to the fact that I wear clothes from pre-pregnancy that really don’t even fit me anymore. I’d love to go on a shopping spree, have that girly day trying on loads of outfits and choosing some that suited my shape now.

  13. Definitely a foot spa. I don’t drive, so walk EVERYWHERE and it takes it’s toll on my poor feet!! However, my daughter loves it as she gets to ride around in her buggy all day!!

  14. I’d love to buy a sewing machine. It is a bit unconventional for a guy like me to buy a sewing machine, but I found sewing rather relaxing and satisfying, especially when I’m not doing medicine. (Im a med student)

  15. £100 is the perfect amount for a few bottle of real ale, a nice big ribeye steak hung to perfection, chips, peas, onion rings, roast vine tomatoes, wild portabello mushrooms and a nice freshly made diane sauce. Whack a blu ray dvd on their and some nice australian wine for the mrs and I’d say that’s £100 quid well spent

  16. Trolley at the ready, wheels flowing free,
    How lovely to have a £100 Tesco spending spree,
    This is a real special treat for all the family,
    Pleasing everyone now thats the key ..
    Some much needed new pants and socks for my hubby,
    Mmmm … some fluffy slippers & house socks for me,
    Pyjamas for my son Connor, he’s only just turned 3,
    Colouring pens for my eldest son who’s 6,named Bradley,
    Box of chocs & flowers for their 70 year old Nanny,
    A birthday card & book for their very special Auntie,
    A bone & treats for Marmite our jack russell doggy,
    Maybe a pot plant for our kitchen windowsill so sunny,
    Then its back to the value brand baked beans & reality!!
    Squeezing in my weekly shop, bread, milk, and coffee,
    I still have to be sensible & very thrifty,
    I can but dream & wish this prize is for me

  17. I’d definitely treat myself to some winter jumpers and jeans! finally lost my baby weight and in need of a few staple items for my winter wardrobe so i can get out in the leaves and snow with the babies!

  18. Like you say, it’s difficult to spend money on yourself isn’t it? I think I may spend it on a new dress as a treat for going down a size due to diet and exercise. Not quite there yet though but it would be an extra incentive!

  19. I would buy some luxury bath stuff,some fresh cut flowers and some nice scented candles and I would also treat my mum as she is lovely.

  20. I have just found out my daughter is having a baby so I would spend half on a new camera to take lots of photos of my first grand child and I would give the other half to my daughter to buy things for the baby.

  21. I’d love a piece of heaven to home my shoes
    a place to showcase where I pick and choose
    I usually run late with not a minute to spare
    and its pot luck that I grab a matching pair
    A win with Tesco would help my dreams come true
    a gifted extra minute before I leave the house … now thats phew!


  22. I would spend it on a big traditional American Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone would enjoy it, but I’m the only one who misses the tradition like crazy! Either that, or I’d put it toward a treamill. 😉

  23. I just gave birth to my little boy this week and would love to spend the money on some new clothes (that aren’t maternity wear!) for winter. 🙂 x

  24. I would buy bbq food, drink, ipod speakers and have my friends over, have a few drinks and then go out on the town! we did this loads last summer and not once this summer! I don’t care that its cold now, I would get my mates to come back from uni and have a good night! I miss them already!

  25. After being blonde for 42 years I have been thinking of a total change. Going short and brown. If I had £100 I would take the plunge and do it – I need a life change and this would give me a kick start.

  26. well today my kiddies have been ill with tummy bugs, so I would go spending on this…
    New jeans and top, so i dont have to wear my pukey smelling ones that my kiddos kindly decorated for me, some lovely bubble bath, yummy smelling shampoo and conditioner , also to get rid of the smell of puke my kiddos have somehow sprayed in my hair 🙁
    A nice face pack,beauty kit, instead of my usual yogurt my 1 year old splats on me,
    candles, nice bottle of vino so I can sit in the tub and soak.
    Oh and so the kiddos dont pester me I will get them a dvd , and some sweeties, that will keep them busy while i relax !!

  27. I would buy a little gift for everyone(BIG FAMILY) but treat myself to some nice stuff from lush, maybe a lovely candle and some nice chocolateS – HAPPY DAYS!!!)

  28. I would spend it on a new hand bag instead of using my little ones baby bag lol and some new non stick pans would be amazing x

  29. I’d love to buy myself a digital camera, as i’ve never actually had one! It would be just in time for Christmas too to capture memories of all my lovely family!

  30. After some deliberation i think the only thing i would spend it on is new clothes, after being made redundant and 3 months after giving birth (5 and a half weeks early) to my beautiful daughter, i have not acquired any new clothes for some time.x

  31. I’ve been cutting back on ‘non essentials’ for the last two years and if I won this voucher would love to be some nice underwear and something frivolous like perfume 🙂

  32. I’d buy a bottle of Pinky vodka, some Finest food, a DVD, a new pair of PJs and some nice bath smellies for an indulgent evening.

  33. Im struggling too to spend £100 on just me! being a mummy of 3 you dont get chance to spend that much on yourself. Think I would buy an e-reader so I can enjoy my “me” time without worrying that the kids might have pinched my booked and coloured in it!

  34. I would treat myself to some matching undies as have never had any and all of the items i do have are rather threadbare with stringy bits coming out of the elastic!! Having been recently made single, who knows when i may need some nice undies? 😉

  35. I would buy bubble bath, a fabulous girly book, champers & a box of choccies. I would also buy a football for my boys & send them to the park with Daddy so I can enjoy a relaxing soak in the bath. xxx

  36. An eye test and some funky, designer glasses..I’ve been putting this off for months, as, kids ‘essentials’ have always come first! ( now, my eyesight is so bad I can barely see my little Angels LOL)…and, it will stop the crows feet from getting worse with all that squinting like a mole!!!

  37. I would treat myself to some matching undies as none of mine match and are getting rather threadbare with stringy bits coming from the elastic! Am recently single again and who knows when i may need to impress? 😉

  38. I’d update my wardrobe. I was looking at their new range of autumn and winter clothes today and drooling over a dress and a lovely jacket. Can’t afford to treat myself at the moment though so this prize would be very gratefully received. x

  39. If I were lucky enough to win the £100, I would get my eyebrows waxed, a pedicure, a bottle of champagne, some chocolates, and a new thick duvet!!

  40. Hi to be completly honest I would give to my Mum. She has been amazing to me and had to help me alot lately so I really would like her to treat herself.x

  41. If I had £100 to spend on luxury things, I would buy myself some gorgeous bubble bath and candles, my husband a good book, my youngest son a football game for the Wii and my eldest son a book on science type things. Then they would all be happy, and if they’re happy they won’t disturb me having my bubble bath.

  42. I’d get us some new bedding – been married 2 years now so it’s time we had something without holes in! A bottle of wine to toast it would go down well too!

  43. I would blow the 100 pounds on toys and snacks for my daughter and her friends, then Id be pampered with peace perfect peace 🙂

  44. I’d absolutely love to spend the £100 on some Fitness equipment. Having been self employed for the last 3 years and working from home sitting on the laptop for hours I’m really not doing as much exercise as I should. Something like the One Body cross trainer (208-5579) would do me so much good and help me feel good about myself.

  45. I really want to get fitter and have wanted a bike for so long yet never had the spare money to justify buying one. Sooo if I won I would buy myself a bike and happily cycle to work and round the local reservoir in peace!

  46. i would splash out on new duvet/pillows & bedding & have it all ready for when i get home from the hospital after my op so i can snuggle up & rest :O)

  47. I’d buy one of the Finest meal deals, some Kopparberg pear cider, a ‘My Name Is Earl’ box set, some sexy undies and hope some of the more ‘personal’ items in the pharmacy section were on BOGOF 🙂

  48. I’d spend it on a good quality handbag – my current one was a freebie with a a magazine and doesn’t keep out the rain, nor does it zip up! So a nice bag that zipped up would be wonderful!

  49. I would spend the money on getting myself some nice new clothes as i love Florence and Fred! At the mo i’m on a shoppig ban, so this would be a dream come true! lol x

  50. I’d buy myself some new jimjams (mine are just awful!), some hair products, bath products and a big box of chocolates!

  51. I haven’t been very well recently so I’d treat myself to some lovely fresh fruit and vegetables, plenty of soup and fruit juices and still have enough to treat my nephews x

  52. OOoooohhh some new slippers, big box chocs, dvds, socks, big piece of lamb for our sunday dinner,new boots, vodka and diet tonic. AWESOME, even if i don’t win, its nice to dream…

  53. As it my birthday very soon I would treat my self to some nice bubble bath, bath robe,body lotion and nice book to relax with in the morning. Also some yummy food, dvd and snacks to share with the family in the evening. I’m relaxed just thinking about it.

  54. My 39th birthday is on Wednesday and since my husband is gravely concerned about being married to someone who is almost 40, I think I would treat myself to some top of the range skin care products!

  55. I would splurge out on some fancy choccy cakes and some posh fragrances for my Wife, since being made redundant at the beginning of the year, there have been no little treats in this household, so it would be fab to have a free spend-up!

  56. With money being tight for everyone, it would be nice have all the family round for a roast dinner with all the trimmings. Its great having everyone together around the table and with what money is left over I would buy baking ingredients. The family love home baking and my daughters are always looking to make cakes and cookies, while I am very partial to a fruit scone and home made pizza.

  57. i would buy some nice bath products a good book and a lock for the bathroom door so i could escape from the mayhem i call home!

  58. £100… I would buy a bottle of champagne (I love bubbles), some new makeup (I need a new look), chocolate (to go with the champagne) and definatley a nice hair dye (my hair is a very funny colour right now)!! With whats left I would buy some new clothes – I will be a new woman!

  59. I would treat my family and friends to an end-of-summer barbeque through the purchase of Tesco’s best British meat (burgers, sausages etc).

  60. I’d spend it on ME!!! I’m going to be 39 next week & have spent my last 14 years of parenting telling them not to bother about me & basically having a non excistent Birthdays, well sod that I say 🙂 I want a Birthday this year, cake & all 😛 cos next years Birthday doesn’t excist again.. Boo hooo to 40. Hehehe….

  61. I always stick to my shopping list and it would be so nice to throw away the shopping list for once! and get those extra special treats for the family that we seldom have.

    Thank you.


  63. its my sons birthday next saturday so i would spend it on a little party for him. as i cant aford to have 1 for him at the moment.

  64. I had a baby 7 weeks ago and I still have no clothes, out of maternity clothes finally but still carrying an extra 7lbs so thats what I would buy

  65. I would buy the Tesco Finest versions of all the more basic foods that I usually buy and treat the family to Finest food until the £100 runs out.

  66. I think I would have to look at the clothes and treat myself and family. But a nice bottle of red wine would be in the basket too x

  67. I would buy a good bottle of wine,
    Get a good film in , then I would order a takeaway.
    Any money left I would give to charity as this would
    make me feel great about myself.

  68. I would use the £100 and spoil myself with an indian head massage and a new hair cut. If there was any change i would indulge in a big cream cake and a cup of tea.x

  69. I am just entering my 3rd trimester of pregnancy so I think it is about time I indulged in a little selfish ‘me time’!! So I would spend the money on some skin care products, bath time luxuries, some good magazines (to read in the bath) and some good chocolate and if I was feeling a little too selfish I would make sure I brought my hubbie and my son a little treat. i may even buy some lovely ingredients to make a meal for me and hubbie to have some ‘us time’!

  70. with christmas and my sons birthday coming up, id get myself some bath smellies and chocolates and lock myself in the bathroom to relax. and obviously treat the kids too, maybe some dvds for the cold winter days.

  71. I would treat myself to some yummy festive food once we get into December and some ponsiettas to decorate the whole house! My little indulgence would be a nice bottle of champers though, I am hoping to have my baby (who is due just after Christmas) at home so the idea of having a Christmassy decked out house and champers chilling on the coffee table for once we bring our new addition into the world is my dream!! 🙂 xx

  72. I would love to have the spare cash to book some train tickets to visit an old school friend in Birmingham for a girlie weekend! With the money left over I would like to treat us to nice bottle of wine or two to gossip over!

  73. I’d use the voucher to have pampering items sent to my Grandmother, she lives on her own and gets quite lonely, would be nice to cheer up her day

  74. i would buy myself some books that i have wanted for ages, a nice bottle of wine, some chocolates and bubble bath. i would then lock myself away for the night and have some overdue me time.

  75. Would have to buy a new jacket, dont have a warm one for winter yet, and I love the scarves in Tesco so probably a tonne of them too. With any money left over RAPPING PAPER!!

  76. Have re-read this and have decided my previous post was far too selfless 😉

    £100 to pamper myself would be… A nice bottle of bubbly, candles, chocolate, some luxury bubble baths and then some dvds to watch

  77. I’ve got two kids and no time so that’s what I’d spend it on. I would bribe my mother to look after them for a couple of hours with a big bunch of flowers and I’d spend the rest on a really big box of chocolates, a DVD of something weepy and some hot chocolate and then I’d just sit in front of the TV. Then I’d probably fall asleep. Not very exciting but then I’ve been up since 4am!

  78. I would treat myself to a snuggly dressing gown a bottle of red wine, a face-pack, a good dvd and a mountain of goodies… bliss!

  79. Im currently 33 weeks pregnant and my roots need doing BADLY! so i would buy myself some hair dye,some comfy shoes cos none of mine are comfy at the moment! and the rest i would spend on pampering my newborn when he arrives 🙂

  80. I’d either get a coffee machine for myself, because I love coffee and stay up until the early hours doing my artwork, and anything that helps me stay awake is a bonus.

    Or more likely I’d use them to get something nice for my parents, because they help me out a lot while I’m still a student and I often feel guilty about it, and that I can’t do more to say thank you. Come to think of it, who needs a coffee machine anyway? 😉

  81. Stocking up for the winter on luxurious candles, cosy pj’s, scrumcious wine & indulgent face & body products to protect from the harsh winter weather.

  82. I would buy the best steak, the best wine, the best vegetables and a yummy scrummy pudding and treat my little family to a slap up meal 🙂

  83. I would buy myself some bubble bath, some choccies and a snuggly bathrobe. with anything that was left i would buy the kids something to keep them quiet in order to enjoy the bath & choccies!……

  84. If i was lucky enough to win £100 tesco voucher i would use it to fill up my cupboards & fridge freezer with some treats that id only usually buy at christmas or extra special times!!

  85. I would put it towards Christmas on presents for the kids and used the cash I saved on this for a nice meal out for me and my other half 🙂

  86. I would buy a couple of dvds, popcorn, a bottle of wine and some gu chocolate melts, invite my friends over and have an indulgent girls night in.

  87. I’d seize the chance and do some early Christmas shopping – the odd Christmas pud or 2, stuffing, biscuits etc. A tin of luxury hot chocolate would somehow wield its way into my basket – all mine I tell you!

  88. I would spend it on Christmas Presents for my four but would keep a little bag for a bottle of wine & some nice choccies just for me 🙂

  89. My hubby was on a work trip on my birthday so I would buy the French lemon tart for pudding and lovley ingedients such as steaks and a bottle of wine o enjoy together. With the rest of the money I would buy myself trainers (mum always on the move), gloves (always go missing but necessary in the autumn), MP3 player and some music.The kids have these but I don’t ;( YET!!

  90. About 3 months ago i badly broke my leg in three places following a bike accident and only now i’m i starting the long process of walking again. I do not want to spend the vouchers on myself but on pampering my wife who has had to look after both me and our two young children.

  91. I would treat the whole family, we deserve a little us time after working and schooling so hard! 100% attendance from all of us, really pleased xx

  92. If I won £100 Tesco vouchers I would go on a mini mission and see how many little gift ideas I could buy for £100 to make up little beauty hampers for christmas

  93. I would spend £100 on some relaxing bubble bath to have a lovely long soak in and a cd to help me chill out , I would then purchase a lovely new dress and some shoes , and of course a tasty bottle of rose wine to get me in the mood for a lovely night out with my husband for our wedding anniversary .

  94. Although it’s not for me as such, I think my mum needs more pampering than I do… I’d use the voucher to surprise her by doing some of the Christmas shopping! Toys for the kiddies, wine, chocs and Christmas comforts, then surprise her with the lot in December!

  95. I would spend it on our favourite finest pizzas, a bottle of something fizzy, a nice pud, some Lego to keep him in the shed and the kids happy and some nice bubble bath so I could have a nice soak

  96. I would spend it on a dog bed for my pup because he chewed through his old one and would buy hair clippers for my partner. If there was anything left I’d buy some new tea towels.

  97. it is my birthday on 1st October so l would spend voucher on food, drink and nice table setting so l could have a dinner party for me and my husband and our best friends, that would be a treat

  98. Probably save it and buy food/christmas gifts! It’s hard being a student sometimes – and I’m fairly certain I could make £100 in Tesco last about four or five weeks worth of food shopping if I tried hard. Either that or I’d treat myself to some new clothes and shoes x

  99. I’d spend it on a spray tan and a new pair of hair straighteners with maybe some nice conditioner if I had any money to spare.

  100. It’s my Birthday in a couple of weeks so it’d could go on yummy foodie treats for me and my family to enjoy and of course a nice glass of pink zinfadel

  101. It would help to buy some goodies to put away for christmas and birthdays as money is very tight! Every little helps 🙂 xx

  102. I would buy a new dress and some jewellery and then some really nice Tesco finest food and wine and enjoy a romantic night in with hubby x

  103. Starting from the bottom – I’d love some new fluffy socks that feel delightful when you first put them on. A pair of jazzy wellies ready for kicking up the autumn leaves and going on frosty winter walks. My unmentionables are… unmentionable! So new undies would be fab. Topped off with a box of liquors, a couple of good books, some nice wine – and I would be one very Happy Bunny!

  104. I’d buy a nice dress and pair of shoes, and some of Tesco’s finest products to make dinner with, and finally some bubble bath and a good book…perfect night in:)

  105. I would spend it on some great ingredients for my husband to cook. He has just started an asian cookery course, and I so look forward to him trying out his newly learnt skills. With the rest I would love a new warm coat as I’m starting to freeze on the walk to and from school each day.

  106. I would love a bit of ‘me’ time so I would have to update my make-up, indulge in some bubble bath, a new hair dye, an outfit plus I would spend the rest on wine, chocs and a meal to surprise my husband and show him I’m still the girl he married!

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  107. I’d love a new winter coat and boots. Then some perfume as it always seems like such an extravagance to buy it for myself!

  108. I would have to think really hard about what I would spend it on because like most mums amd grandparents we always put ourselves last, being first would be quite difficult, but I think I would love to give it to my husband and let him take me somewhere nice as a surprise, then it would be twice as nice !!

  109. I would splash out on a sunday picnic for my local charity volunteer group who spend endless hours making sure the local environment is clean, safe and a joy for everyone to live in.

  110. My baby boy is due in 3 weeks so I’d have to treat him to a little something, I love the caps they do in Tesco, they’re gorgeous, little old man hats. I’d probably buy a load of nappies & then treat myself to some normal clothes instead of big stretchy ones 😀

  111. Hmm, so much to choose from.

    I think I’d probably buy a hairdryer so that I can actually run out of the house without having to freeze from having wet hair (only going to get worse now that winter is round the corner!)

    Or, I’d buy the biggest chicken in the store, loads of veg, an unbelievable pudding and have the entire family round for a great big roast. I’d really go crazy. Would be like a practice run for Xmas day!

  112. I would spend it on some champagne, a delicious easy to cook meal and a decadent rich desert and spend a romantic night in with my husband! Topped off with some luxury bubbles and a nice long soak in the bath before curling up and watching a film together. If there was any money left I may even treat myself to a new dress to WOW him!

  113. would defo have to be christmas presents!! i need to start making a list otherwise its gonna be a last minute rush again.

  114. A Dvd, Some Red WIne and attempt to make the Chicken Pilaf with mussels and saffron rice I just saw on the recipe section on Tescos.com.

  115. lots of hair products, cos i love pampering my hair! books and chocolates and perhaps a small bottle of wine! and if i had any left may be a new iron to overindulge myself in my love of ironing!

  116. Maybe a box of chocolates, a good bottle of wine,a DVD I want to watch ( for a change!)and a foot spa,that I can soothe my feet in after my usual hectic day!To sum it up,some ME ME ME time,lovely!!

  117. I would use it to but a new Wi-fi printer. My current printer is past its best, and I am getting too old to wind it up each time lol.

  118. I’d spend £100 FROM Tesco on an Autumn family feast – nothing better than hearing the sound of laughter as families get together lovely to all the generations happy. xxx

  119. I have two children who both have their birthday (same day) in december so an expensive month. So would probably save the money for that.

  120. I would book a relaxing spa treatment as i could use the tesco vouchers to pay for my shopping and would then have £100 to spend on a spa treatment xxx

  121. I would buy myself a good book, box of chocolates and perhaps some wine for the evening. The remaining money would be given to my husband and kids for a really long day out.I would then spend a comfy day on the sofa doing all the things I love without interuption (or sharing, of course)

  122. i Would buy some really nice food, a bottle of wine, something nice for dessert, a dvd and some snacks to eat while watching and have a really nice relaxing night with my boyfriend!

  123. I would buy a printer.Ours no longer prints anything black and our school child and college student are having to print out their work in blue.( the youngest favours pink !)
    Then I would buy some bubble bath , a good book and some new Pj’s for me !

  124. I would love a new dress to wear for the Christmas/New Year parties – with shoes and bag to match of course.

    At Tesco I think it would be possible to get all those for £100. xxx

  125. I would have to force myself not to spend it on the littlies. I’m not very good at treating myself so it would be a real luxury. I think I would buy a new soft fluffy gown, some soft towels and bubble baths, body lotions, candles, to have a relaxing, reviving bath.

  126. Toys for Christmas presents, Tesco usually have fab offers on toys. My wee boy fell in love with an Iggle Piggle toy on our last visit. With any money left over I’d get myself a lovely warm coat.

  127. I’d buy our family the ‘finest’ ingredients for a good slap-up meal with a bottle or two of wine – it would make a real change from the ‘value’ food we have to buy at present. I’d follow this with a family DVD so we could all sit around for a wonderful evening together.

  128. The one treat I regularly buy for others for birthdays or to cheer them up, but never buy for myself as it seems too frivolous, are fresh flowers. £100 would keep me in fresh flowers for several weeks – lovely!

  129. I would buy myself a new waterproof jacket and the rest would go on wellies to keep me going through the winter as I wear them out so quick walking the dog every day, boring I know, but my most needed items 😀

  130. if i won £100 vouchers i would spend it all on myself for a change. i’d get myself a complete new outfit including underwear. then with whats left i’d choose a dvd and a bottle of wine, and then some munchy type food. i’d put the kids to bed early jump in the bath get dressed up and settle down to watch my new film. not very interesting but would make me feel relaxed and happy

  131. Luxuries I’d never otherwise be able to afford … a spa treatment, a shopping spree and Champagne and chocolates 🙂

  132. I would spend it on a new bed which I’ve seen on the Tesco website – its a gas pressured bed which lifts to reveal storage under the bed which is fab for hiding Christmas presents…..!!!! Been looking at it for a while but am trying to justify the spend – £100 towards it would tip the balance xx

  133. If I have to buy something for myself it should be a waterproof coat, as I’m the only one in the family without one, and the poor kids have to put up with grumpy, soggy mummy when it rains. The change of course would be invested…in chocolate.

  134. 100 would go a long way for me i would definetly buy myself some new perfume and some new clothes as really dont spend anything on myself as kids are always needing something would be nice to spend without having to worry about it.

  135. I would spend them on a nice bottle of wine, bubble bath, face masks, a new DVD, snuggly dressing gown and a box of chocolates so i could have a pampering night in all by myself as i seem to go to bed when the children do and never have 5 minutes to myself.

  136. I have been looking at their cashemire line but never dreamt I could afford it, so…. a lovely, huge, soft jumper. And some bubble bath that for once would not be from the value range.

  137. ooh it would have to be a new luxury quilt and pillows and a electric blanket so that no matter how many times you have to get uo to your little ones in the night your bed will still be lovely and cosy for you.

  138. I would buy a crisp, dry white, a baguette, a selection of cheeses and a jar of olives. For once the diet can take a back seat! (I’d buy the same again next week with the change!).

  139. I would spend £100 on the friends and colleagues at the First Step Trust, where I work voluntary, to thank them for supporting me through some tough times.

  140. If I won I’d go shopping with my mum, I don’t have much money and my mum is 75. It’s coming up to Autumn/winter to treat her to some nice warm clothes and some new slippers as hers are minging! If there was anything left I’d get myself either some nice food for the cupboard or new socks and underwear.

  141. i go to a spa for the day and then get my eyebrows waxed and shaped. these pleasures seem to have gone out the window with the cost of living!! pluckin my own eyebrows isnt fun. lol

  142. I was going to be ‘boring’ and say a mixture of books and DVDs – it would be nice to have a pile of money to spend on these whenever I wanted. But to be honest I’d probably keep on putting off spending the money, saving it for something more important.

    Then I remembered clothes… I went shopping for a dress for my brother’s wedding a few weeks ago. For various reasons I ended up returning the dress I bought, and wearing an old one. But the experience of clothes shopping came back to me. I used to do this all the time, but I’ve bought very little in several years. I particularly need cosy long sleeved tops for the winter.

  143. Oh tough one, my first thoughts would be ‘Oh I’ll get Chloe that toy I’ve been looking at’, or ‘OH could do with a winter jacket’. But thinking about for me? Well actually we are in need of a mixer, our last one died a few months ago and I resigned myself to the fact that the replacement would probably have to be my Christmas present! I’ve been doing lots of baking with Chloe recently and despite the good that hand beating everything does for my upper arms, I could do with a break!!

    So yes a new mixer would be lovely and then maybe I could spend some time thinking on what I’d actually like for Christmas!!

    michelle xx @Fluffy_Mummy

  144. it’s nice to spend time with my family having a picnic while kids are playing ..maybe i make a plan for next week..thanks for the ideas..

  145. Yes, I’d love a new camera too, DSLR one, so I’d put it towards the cost of it. You , Luschka, would probaby really do with a nice winter coat. Did you hear- they predicted a really cold early winter with the possible snow in October already??

  146. A new ipod! I took mine to the apple store when it stopped working and they said it was beyond repair. Apparently the headphone socket had moisture inside which had broken it.
    Baby dribble I think!! 🙁

  147. A new wardrobe – I need trainers, traousers, tops, cardis everything really. Only ever seem to buy clothes for the kids. And we literally need a new wardrobe as ours is falling apart – not sure if that’d be for 100 quid though

  148. Teddy bears/babies picnic ! mmmmm I’d spend it all on organic food and cook up a feast for my antinatal group , we all met when we were pregnant and our babies are now 1 and loving their food ! All the mummys have become great friends now and a picnic courtesy of tescos would be lovely ! X

  149. Hi,

    It took a moment or two but then I remembered that I would dearly love a laptop. I would have to pay a substantial amount towards it of course but £100 would really help out. This pc is struggling to work at all and, having recently added to the family and not intending to move for two or three years then a laptop would be preferable in the space saving dept, as well as keeping me connected to the outside world-we have foregone the television, and helping maintain sanity and social connection during all these hours when I have my baby at my breast, when he is sleeping and my movemments are restricted to being quiet around the house-or simply..when I find some ME time 🙂

  150. I have no idea what I would buy. A good few books, some blurays and some lovely face creams & beauty stuff since I normally buy cheap stuff. Maybe. Or I might buy new clothes since I have no idea when I last did that!! 🙂

  151. Wow, £100, ok… Some really nice bubble bath, some new soft fluffy towels, a new CD to listen to while I lie in the bath relaxing and a box of chocolates to use to get into my parents good books before I ask them to look after the little ones for a couple of hours. 🙂 and some new teaspoons – ours keep disappearing. A nice book, some photo frames and some new socks – £100 goes pretty far in Tesco.

  152. I’d love a new camera. I love to take photos and my current Fuji is really quite rubbish. Not being able to take decent photos makes me sad so a brand new camera would be wonderful and make me very happy.

  153. I am useless at buying stuff for ME. If I had a £100 to spend on me, I would buy a sexy dress, some even sexier lingerie, then I wouldn’t feel so selfish as my hubby would also get a lot of pleasure from it!!

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